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She didn't know where to go. There weren't many places for her to go. Not many places were open to her. She could succumb to the Brain, but that would be pitiful. While weighing her options she quickly thought of there. Yes, that one place where she felt safe. As she ran the forest barefoot, having lost her shoes earlier in the chase, she could only think about that one place. She knew once that one place was in her mind she wouldn't be able to get it out. The feelings that arise, the sense of warmth and comfort, that love, like her own castle or a blanket wrapped around her.

Her head turns in search of her pursuers as she snaps out of her comfortable stupor. She dodges the bullets that zoom past her. Too many things at once and she trips over a branch that sends her falling to her knees. She gets up looking over her shoulder noticing they had advanced during her fall.

She kept running and saw the arrows zooming toward her. She stopped, dead in her tracks, when she realized they weren't meant for her she continued running so she would find the bow wielding the arrows that helped her. That and her pursuers may not be through with just yet.

She hears the thump of their bodies fall to the floor. She closes her eyes and feels the tears of fear escape her eyes.


She hates crying, but she can't believe it's over. Seeing the two chasing her she was sure she was a goner. She clenches her fists in remorse for the tears she let escape but uses the strength of her fists to help propel her forward. She seems to have a new meaning to run; for hope, for freedom.

She runs into something she affiliates as a brick wall. Her eyes open, stunned. She looks up, now fully sobbing and straight into the eyes of her castle.

She is soothed by what she sees. She can see through the white mask easily and straight toward the green orbs hiding behind it. He grips her wrist to catch her from her fall and seems to pull her closer to him. She leans on his chest unbelieving. She looks up at his face once more to reassure herself that it isn't a dream. A few seconds ago she was hoping, yearning of this believing it was the end for her. Thinking she would never feel this warmth again. She feels his hands go to her back and waist. This is her blanket, her castle, her warmth. The only place she can call home.

Staring into his eyes, through his mask, she whispers, "Speedy?"

He smiles, "Red Arrow."

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