"That's the place you ruined you fool…"

Phineas looked back at the woman's tears "I d-didn't do this..! You-!"

"I know this is my fault to!"

"Mostly yours!"

"Phineas! …we can't change it now…whoever's fault it was…its gone now…"

Phineas gazed up at the night sky smoke starting to slowly fill the air dimming out the stars "I-…"

I can't do this…

Peter fretted behind the curtain with Agent T next to him as he put a claw like paw on his shoulder "Yes you can" he smiled reassuring his panda comrade.

"There are so many people! I can't believe that the Major would expect us to go into a job where we are hidden from the public away from people's eyes and now being shoved in their faces in front of hundreds!" he slumped sighing.

"Peter you're the best out of the rest of us. We all know how much effort you put into every performance."

The panda smiled weakly "I'm just making sure it counts…"

The turtle stood beside him suddenly "Oop speak of the devil" the large man walked past his hair whiter than before a cane now staying by his side beside him a young man with flowing green hair and a thin pencil moustache of the same colour.

"Ferb, how are the numbers for tonight's performance?" the Major asked looking at his assistant engineer

"Good sir" he said pushing his reading glasses up his nose "and there is quite the hype for next week"

"Yes I hope that will be Coney Isle's greatest triumph" smiled Monogram walking over to the rest of the chorus starting to rehearse with them the Turtle and Panda staying in the wings "what's next week" Peter asked but the turtle simply shrugged

"Didn't you hear?"

"Agent P?"

Pinky walked up to them his tail wagging after a long rehearsal "He's coming back as part of the show for the opening of the new hotel our inventor built"

"Ferb built another hotel?"

"Perry's coming here?"

Peter sat down out of the way as Pinky continued "No the other inventor built this one. I don't really like it…its too weird for my tastes"

"We hardly ever see the other inventor…"

"I can't believe Agent P the best agent in the business is coming to Coney though" smiled Agent T scratching his chin "I haven't really seen him since he got laid off and that was at least 10 years ago. Why did he get laid off anyway?"

"No need for him anymore" Peter remarked staring down at the floor a little "He wasn't required at the agency anymore. That's why it kinda turned into this. T-this charade is all cos of him…" Peter walked off stage as the other two agents looked at him softly wondering what the heck just happened.

"P! T! Centre!" Monogram barked as they rushed over and joined the group

Ferb staring off into space a little and his partner noticed "Ferb? What's wrong?"

The green haired man looked at him weakly before going back to his work "Nothing sir…"

29th August 2013

"Perry the Platypus, stop running so I can capture you!" the evil scientist hollered after the sprinting agent. Perry ran faster dodging the shots made by the -inator electric lightning bolts striking left right and centre.

Doofenshmirtz dived under his desk shooting more bolts of lightning at the semi-aquatic mammal "get back here!"

Perry suddenly skidded meeting his nemesis face to face trapped "I got you now Perry the Platypus!" the doctor sneered pointing the gun right in front of the agents beak ready to fire.

Click! ...click click click!

"Oh come on!" Doofenshmirtz huffed whacking the inator annoyed "work work work!" the inator suddenly shot two beams one out of one window into the tri state area and another towards a closed window which bounced off of it and went hurtling straight into Doofenshmirtz's control panel. The buttons sparked and lights flickered madly smoking and spitting. Before you could say 'curse you Perry the Platypus' the panel exploded in a large blast throwing the two of them backwards into the wall? Fire started spreading the walls of DEI making the foundation crumble around them. Walls came crashing down, all of Doofenshmirtz's electrical appliances spat sparks and made the fire grow and a huge girder fell on top of Perry's leg making the platypus scream in pain.

"Perry the Platypus!" Doofenshmirtz heard the agent's cries and raced towards him but the fire grew large scorching the doctor's skin blocking him from his nemesis. The building kept coming down on them smoke shrouding the remaining air. Doofenshmirtz wheezed now forced to crawl rubble and bricks pushing him down "P-Perry…!"

The agent was now limping towards his nemesis reaching his paw out to him, the evil doctor reaching back in return "Perry…! I-…I c-can't…!" the smoke was now clouding his view but he could see the flames almost eating Doofenshmirtz alive which brought the agent to almost tears.

His watch beeped his boss hearing the situation "Agent P you need to get out of there now or your going to get yourself killed! Go! Now!" his boss barked worried about his best agent. Perry was torn from his own life and Doofenshmirtz's his hand aching as he reached further.

"Go…" he choked, Doofenshmirtz's voice drowning in the smoke "Perry go…!"

Perry's hand slowly recoiled back watching Doofenshmirtz weakly smile the fire flickering by his face making it look twisted in the light 'I'm sorry…' the agent managed to escape the burning building his fur dusty with foundation and tears streaming from his dark eyes. This wasn't supposed to happen...

When Perry got home he ran straight into Phineas' arms who hugged him unconventionally

"P-Perry? What's wrong boy? You look like you've been crying…I didn't even think platypuses could cry…"

Perry thought long and hard in his owner's arms, he had no more nemesis to fight no reason to hide his secret agent persona anymore he couldn't be a secret agent with no nemesis to fight…

He slowly stood up on Phineas' lap and put on his hat.


That entire night the two spent talking and became closer that night than ever before. This time Phineas knew everything about Perry's relation to Dr D. Well almost everything.