Perry blinked awake, his head swimming and drowsy. He glanced around to see it was dark and he half forgot where he was. It couldn't still be night and this wasn't his room. Perry got out of the bed he had slept on that night stretching his muscles starting to remember the events of last night.

His finger pointed at the staircase and progressed across the room almost making a run for it before a shadow stopped him "there was a man…" his finger met a dark figure slumped over a piano littered with candles and parchments. He was lightly snoring, his mask lightly tipped on one side by the arm he was sleeping on.

Perry wandered towards him silently watching him in his slumber "who was that man in the shadows…?" he stroked the slightly tipped mask the polymer feeling soft against his fur "who's is the face in the mask?"

The phantom stirred in his sleep turning into Perry's hand nestling his head into it. Perry blushed stroking the man's face but found his fingers curling around the mask lightly peeling it off. His eyes suddenly snapped awake as the mask was torn from his face revealing what lay underneath "Perry!"

The agent stumbled backwards in pure horror and realisation gripping onto the mask tight in his grasp, tripping over his own feet onto the cave floor.

"Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon!" the man scowled staring Perry straight in the eye who shut his eyes tight blocking out the truth "is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! You little demon! Now you'll never be free!" the phantom's voice had changed from a deep dark smooth voice to a crackly high voice that Perry was all too familiar with "damn you! …CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!"

Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz held his face where his mask should've been scowling at Perry, pure hate and ultimate heart breaking sadness in his eyes. Perry's lip quivered in return his eyes wide and fear stricken, that face…the fire…what had he done…?

Doofenshmirtz ripped his hand away from his face his darkened eye still looking at his old nemesis, the scars and deformity on that side of his face twitched with his sneer. This was him at his most evil, the infection twisted as much as the man as himself.

"Doofenshmirtz…" Perry managed to say, even though it was filled with fear.

"Perry…long time; no see…"

Perry curled into a ball for safety as Doofenshmirtz bent down to Perry's height "my voice changed by the technology I used from the yodel-inator I installed it in the mask so you and the rest of them couldn't recognise my high squeaky voice…now if you don't mind?" he snatched his mask back placing it back onto his face stroking it like a security blanket

Perry placed a hand on his nemesis unchanged face caressing it with his thumb and Doofenshmirtz couldn't help but blush and lean into it like before

"…I thought you were dead…" Perry managed to say

"I'm not…" Doofenshmirtz held his hand looking in his eyes "I escaped…barely…but the timing was perfect (!) I've missed you so much…"

Perry looked down moving a little closer to him holding his hand now like an old friend.

"Perry…do you…still love me…?"
Perry suddenly retracted his hand and got up holding himself Doofenshmirtz standing up with him "Don't deny it! You can't! That night proved it all too well. You love me more than anything. You've missed me too. I can see it in your eyes. You remember that night all too well…don't you deny it."

23rd July 2013

Perry sighed longingly thinking of someone that late night. He couldn't stay away from him for even a second. He saw him even more than he saw his own owners. He even had his keys. He had been feeling this longing for a while and wasn't too sure what it was. He just felt like he needed to be with him and if he didn't he felt like neither of them could survive. Perry shook his head and finally decided to hop off Phineas' bed and snuck out into the night.

DEI usually shone in the moonlight whenever Perry had a night mission but tonight the moon was dark and not visible leaving the building and the city in a shroud of darkness. Perry buzzed himself in as it struck midnight and the person he was falling for suddenly stirred unable to see anything in the pitch black bedroom.

"Who is it? I'm trying to get my beauty sleep" he crawled out of bed and bumped into a small lump which turned out to be Perry.

"P-Perry?" Dr Doofenshmirtz bent down to the small creature "I-is that you..?" he felt around feeling Perry's soft yet course fur making him purr uncontrollably. This made the doctor jump. "Perry? A-are you…purring?" he did it even more this time in more controlled strokes which drove Perry insane curling into his hand. He had never shown this side of him to his nemesis. He had sometimes but usually only when he was in dire peril. Doofenshmirtz scratched under the platypus' chin and kissed him on the forehead gently taking a chance. Perry suddenly blushed the only thing visible in the night and held the doctors hand stroking it back in affection.

Dr D shook his head pulling away suddenly him now suddenly blushing too "N-no what are we doing? W-we can't do this I-ill get in trouble and lord knows what they do to you at the agency I can't..! I c-c-can't love you…"

Perry's eyes widened, he felt this too? Had they just been hiding from each other…? The doctor sat on the bed sighing looking down and Perry jumped up there with him.

Neither of them could see each other but they could both feel each others presence. They shyly held each other hands finding them and holding them close Perry's other hand gracing Doofenshmirtz's leg. He shyed away but gently ran a hand through Perry's fur both giving each other shivers doing this more and more getting even closer. Their bodies touched and pressed against each other as they gently laid on the bed not needing to see their eyes to know that they were looking into them. Their lips suddenly met in passion and need as they gently laid on the bed in each others arms touching a caressing each other deeply.

"We s-shouldn't…I-I….c-c-cant…" Doofenshmirtz thought to himself but despite his hardest efforts couldn't help but succumb to his nemesis gently touch his fur gracing in the most intimate places of his body his PJs now beside the bed.

His love.

It drove him crazy.

He couldn't take it.

He needed him…now.

Doofenshmirtz gripped the sheets as his now lover drove him insane, his hands coursing his body, his fur making his skin tingle, his lips making his heart pound as even he had never dreamed of it ever feeling this good. They did this over and over until light could be seen in that heated room once more.

"And then you ran away…" Perry looked at him weakly fire in his eyes

Doofenshmirtz looked down not facing him anymore "I had to…you know why I had to…"

Perry walked up towards him and turned his head back towards him gently. He then slapped it abruptly "I thought you were dead you asshole!"

Doofenshmirtz face fell and grabbed Perry's wrist pulling him back "Come we must return. They'll be missing you I'm sure of it..."