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The sound of her heels clicking against the marble floor echoed through the hallway. Her long white skirt swirled around her ankles. Her hair bounced with each step, and an expression of boredom and slight annoyance coloured her beautiful face.

"Why hello there sister" I smiled, as she entered my room

She rolled her eyes and my smile turned into a smirk "You're going to Earth." It was more of a statement than a question; it was obvious she didn't want to be there.

"That is the plan" I nodded, moving from my desk to an armchair near the fire. She came over but didn't sit down.

"Why?" She asked, crossing her arms.

"You obviously don't want to be here." I stated looking up at her with an expression of mirth.

"Answer the question." She glared.

"So why are you?" I asked, and chuckled as she huffed in annoyance.

"The council convened and after a vote it was decided that I should be the one to talk you out of going to Earth," She answered staring into my eyes in an attempt to intimidate me.

I laughed and she scowled, "In answer to your question. I'm going to Earth because you lot don't have a sense of humour. Although the fact that they sent you to talk to me begs to differ" I chuckled again.

"Sense of humour?" She seethed, "You're a menace!"

"So I play a little joke every now and again" I shrugged

"You put a baby kraken in my bath tub!" She all but screamed.

I laughed loudly "Now that" I pointed, "Was actually kinda funny", I shook my head in amusement.

"Isabella!" She glared.

"Look Aphrodite, I'm going. And even if the entire council comes in here. None of you can change my mind. Or stop me" I winked. "So how about you just go back to brushing your hair or whatever it is that you do"

"Fine! You're impossible! They can't say I didn't try." She threw her hands up in defeat "Good day sister" and with that she turned on her heals, her long skirt flying out and walked gracefully out of my room and down the hall she had come.