The next morning I woke up and pulled on my silk robe over my nightgown. I looked out the window and into the forest with a smile on my face. Another beautiful dreary day on earth. I walked bare foot outside and dug my toes into the slightly wet grass and that was when I notice it. There on my little front lawn were two big, massively ugly stone gargoyles. There was a note attached to one of them, I angrily snatched it up.

I sent you these to protect you and your new home. Have fun.Zeus.

I angrily scrunched up the note. "I don't need protection," I mumbled, "And besides!" I looked up to the sky "They're horribly ugly and don't go with my cottage at all," I ranted. I sighed and waited for any type of reply. I tapped my foot impatiently and decided that he wasn't going to reply. "Fine, but I swear if you send any other things to 'protect' me, I'll bewitch them and set them on Aphrodite and you don't need her pissed" I warned and walked back inside to get dressed.

After I was ready I went back to my front lawn to put the gargoyles in place. I went out the front and sighed while looking at them. They were horrible, but not worth a huge argument. I flicked my hand and they moved themselves on either side of my door. I then addressed them "If someone means me harm, do not let them enter this home" I ordered. The pair looked at me blinked and nodded slightly before raising their wings and becoming statues once again.

I transported to the forests near the school I walked onto the school grounds as the warning bell rang. I walked quickly to my English class and sat next to Emmett as usual. I smiled in greeting he simply nodded. I frowned in annoyance. I had thought Emmett and I were becoming friends of sorts and now he's just as cold and distant as his other coven members.

In American History I didn't even bother to interact with the blonde vampire. He simply sat there, glancing at me every now and again. I felt like setting my gargoyles on them, they were infuriating. At lunch they were whispering and glancing at me, they obviously suspected something. I drove one of their members out of town, and in my experience, the extra abilities of vampires normally didn't work on me. So that wasn't helping my cover.

The bell rang and I walked to biology not looking forward to sitting next to the copper haired vampire. When I got there, Edward was already in his seat; I sighed and sat next to him. "Hello," I heard a velvet voice said a few moments after I sat down, "You must be Bella?" He asked,

"Yeah," I nodded, I looked at him and for the first time I notice his strong jaw line and that slightly familiar smile. I cleared my throat "and you're Edward," I stated

"Yeah, I am," he grinned. "I'm sorry I was so rude the other day," he continued.

"Its fine," I shrugged,

"Okay!" the teacher grinned "Today we will be doing a lab. Sort the slides in front of you into stages of mitosis, and the first couple to finish wins the golden onion," he continue "Go, go." He waved his arms dramatically.

I put the first slide onto the microscope, "Prophase." I said after a moment of looking at the slide.

"Mind if I check?" He asked,

I scoffed "Go for it." I said, pushing him the microscope.

"It's prophase," He said.

"Like I said," I rolled my eyes.

"So" He smiled, while writing down the answer "Why'd you move to forks?" He asked.

"Well" I started; I needed a believable lie, something likely something amazing. Something that he'll never doubt. "I just needed a change" I shrugged. Way. To. Go.

"And you're parents . . ." He trailed off,

"I'm an emancipated minor." I lied quickly.

"Oh" He nodded, "Interphase" He said,

"Mind if I check?" I asked,

"Go ahead" He smiled pushing the microscope towards me. I took a look

"Interphase" I confirmed,

"Like I said" He teased and I laughed lightly. "So, you needed a change and you chose Forks?" He asked, "Seems like an odd choice." He commented

"It's a nice enough town" I shrugged, and it was, other than all the vampires. We finished the lab, but didn't win the golden onion. No that honour when to Mike Newton.

After the last bell of the day rang, I got some books out of my locker for homework and started to walk across the parking lot to the forest. As I walked I looked across the lot and saw Edward staring at me, his gaze made me stop short. I started back, there was a small tug on my mind and my gaze turned to a glare before I heard a scream. I looked around and saw a blue van skidding towards me. I assessed the situation, I was about to duck down and roll down and under the rusty red truck I was standing in front of when Edward appeared out of nowhere. He pulled me down and my head hit the ground just as he put his hand out in front of us and the van barrelled into it. There in the van's panel was an indentation of his hand. He looked at me; I tried to get up "Careful, you hit your head." He warned

"And whose fault is that" I muttered, in reality I was fine. But I knew I should probably keep up the whole human facade. And when he looked at me in confusion and worry I made my face a mask of disbelief and pain. "Ow" I groaned

"That's what I thought" Edward muttered.

"Someone call 911!" Someone yelled,

"No" I said, "I'm fine"

"No you're not" Edward said, keeping me in his arms. It was like if everything that could go wrong had. Someone had called an ambulance and I was put on a stretcher while Edward got to ride in the front. And wasn't even the worst of it. The worst of it is that I knew that Zeus and my siblings where in Olympus laughing their asses off. I mean I, a goddess, just was 'saved' by a very strange vampire and now I was on my way to a human hospital in an ambulance. It was humiliating. And it fuelled my annoyance to the vampire who was riding in the front of the ambulance. When they wheeled me into the emergency room, they asked for my parents' number. I told them that I was an emancipated teen and they nodded to go get some paper work.

That's when he walked in, the blonde vampire who was the head of the coven. He glided in with grace and confidence, and walked directly to my bed. "How are we this afternoon?" He asked me,

"Fine" I shrugged, sitting up on the lumpy bed.

"Look here" He said, holding up a finger. I did as I was told as he shined a light in my eyes. "You're vitals look good, you should be fine" He smiled,

"Yeah" I nodded, "Lucky Edward was there. He pulled me out of the way." I hinted

"Really?" Carlisle asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah" I nodded "It was amazing. He moved so fast. He was nowhere near me." I continued relentlessly finding a small amount of joy in the tiny amount of worry surfacing through Carlisle's cool facade.

"Seems you were very lucky" He tried to cover. "You're free to go" he added, and went to go check on my classmate who was driving the van that almost crushed me. I swung my legs over the bed and started my way towards the desk to retrieve the forms I would need to fill out. The nurse behind the desk handed me a clipboard with an attached pen without and word before going back to her computer. I took the clipboard and went to find a seat when I saw Edward. He was talking with the blonde female and the doctor.

"You don't think about anyone but yourself!" The blonde accused.

"What? Was I just meant to stand there and let her die?" Edward growled.

"We'll finish this at home." The doctor said, looking at me. The other two looked and Edward and me and the blonde shared a look before he walked over to me.

"Hi" He greeted, his voice was strained and his eyes were black.

"Are you going to tell me what that was?" I asked, but what I really meant was 'Are you going to tell me the truth or lie through your teeth like a jack-ass'

"What?" He asked, feigning innocence.

"You," I paused, Jack-ass , "Stopped the van; you pushed it away with your hand." I continued.

"You hit your head, I think you're confused." He licked his lips and smiled at me, with any other female I bet that smile made their knee's go weak, and make them agree with anything he says. With me, that smile made me annoyed.

"I hit my head, because you practically smashed my head into the tar-mac," I muttered "And I know what I saw." I glared.

"Well, no one's going to believe you." He glared,

"I didn't say I was going to tell anyone," I said, confused even if I were a human, why would I tell anyone what I saw? "And, I'm not letting this go." I added

"Then I hope you enjoy disappointment." He growled before pushing against the wall and walking away. I glared at him and against my will, a nurse smashed into him, sending hospital-grade food all over his designer clothes. I couldn't help myself and I erupted into uncontrollable laughter. He turned around to look at me and I smile.

"I hope you enjoy it too!" I called out before walking over to a seat and sitting down to fill out the forms.

I decided that I needed to do some shopping. Obviously I didn't need to, I could just make whatever I needed materialise. But I wanted to do some shopping. The last time I went shopping was when I bought a hairclip at a roman market. I was in a large 24-hour department store in Seattle; I was drifting around the store looking at all the different things for purchase when I found myself in the automobile section. Around me were car magazines and seat covers. But one product caught my eye.


I walked up and looked at it before hauling it into my cart. I decided that I wanted an automobile so I should know about its engine. I also got a few car magazines before continuing my way around the large store. I reached the checkout, hauled my large purchase onto the check out, and placed my magazines on top. It rolled towards the man at the checkout and he scanned my magazines and put them into a bag and scanned my combustion engine kit. I picked it up and put it back in my cart.

"That'll be $98.65" He said, I nodded and reached into my pocket making some money appear and handed it over. He gave me my change and I took my bag of magazines and left.

When I got home I had opened my kit and laid every part down in front of my fire place, I looked at all the confusing little parts and sighed, "I'm gonna need a glass of wine." I muttered to myself. I padded into my kitchen and fetched a bottle of wine from the fridge and a plate of chocolate truffles before going back to my room to start my little engine.

The next day I was flipping through my magazines looking for a car I wanted, I was reading an article on vintage cars when I saw it. I grinned and sprinted outside. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, there she stood. My automobile, a 64' cherry red Ford Mustang I smiled then frowned. I had no driveway. I lifted my hands and place my palms out towards the trees. The trees slowly blurred and swayed before disappearing completely. Now I had a windy driveway leading from my little cottage to the main road. I ran back inside and got dressed before running outside and into my car. I started the engine and grinned. I paused for a moment. Before making a driving manual appear in my hands. I flipped through memorising every detail. Smiling to myself I reached to start the motor when there was a loud bang confused, I got out of the automobile to see what the problem was.

I survived the vehicle, two tyres were flat. My eyebrows furrowed, nowhere in my readings did it say that the tyres of an automobile are prone to randomly burst. My eyes scanned the forest, and it only took a moment before a sensed her. "Show yourself," I commanded. I waited and the space in front of me started to pulse before my sister appeared.

"Hello sister" Hecate smiled, she wore a deep purple dress and her hair fanned out behind her in midnight black waves.

"That's a neat trick," I said, gesturing to my tyres.

"It's no trick, sister, it's magic." She smirked.

"What do you want?" I asked,

"Who says I want anything?" She asked, "I heard you were down here, so I thought I'd pay you a visit." Lies

"You cannot lie to me, little sister. Why are you here?" I glared.

"You know why," She hissed, giving up the innocent facade.

"And you know I cannot do that. Come inside, we can talk this through," I said,

"That's all we ever do! We talk and talk, but nothing is done!" She ranted "And besides," She paused to look at the gargoyles "I don't think your body guards would allow me to enter."

"As long as you mean me no harm, you should be fine." I reassured.

"Oh sister, I wish I could say I mean you no harm," She paused "But I can't say that. That would be a lie."

"Be warned, if you continue with this reckless crusade I will have to tell the others." I warned.

"Naturally." She rolled her eyes "You go running off to daddy. How pitiful."

"Do not test me, little sister," I growled, she looked at me and with a wave of her hand she was gone, and in her place was a Minotaur. It shook its colossal bull head and charged at me, I stood my ground and let it just pass through me. "Cheap tricks" I laughed "Will not work with me, little sister" I then turned back to my automobile "Also, touch my automobile again. And you will find a Lamia in your bedroom" I sighed and clicked my fingers and the tyres were fixed. I got into my automobile and started driving down my drive way. I was glad that my drive way was very long; it gave me a chance to drive before going on a real road with humans. When I reached the main road I turned and started to drive down the small highway. I grinned and went faster. It was strange, to drive. It felt slow, restricting. I passed a little sign saying 'Welcome to La Push'. I drove around the small village of a town before parking and walking towards the sound of waves.

I came through some trees and there was the ocean. The surf churned violently and crashed against the pebbly beach. I breathed a sigh and taste the salt on my tongue. I smiled and kicked off my shoes. I picked them up and walked onto the sand. I dug my toes into the sand. I walked up to the edge of the water, just close enough so when the waves came in the water drifted over my feet. I walked along, relishing in the calm and silence.

"Hey there!" I heard someone call, I turned around and saw a boy running up to me. He looked to be about 15 maybe 16.

"Hi," I greeted once he reached me, "I'm Bella, and you are?" I introduced myself.

"Jacob," He smiled, "I just saw you here walking by yourself and I thought you might want to join my friends and me. We're having a bon fire."

"A bon fire?" I asked,

"Yeah," He confirmed, nodding his head with a grin on his face.

"Yeah, okay. Sounds like fun."

"Awesome!" He then turned and started to walk towards a group of other people. I smiled and jogged to catch up. "Hey!" Jacob yelled, everyone stopped talking and Jacob grinned "This is Bella." He gestured to me.

"Hi," I said, nodding my head. Some of the people smiled and mumbled a greeting.

"Sit down and I'll get you a drink." Jacob said, I nodded and sat down on one of the logs that sat in a circle around a camp fire. The fire flickered blue and green,

"Hi," Someone said, I looked up and saw two more boys.

"Hey," I smiled. They sat down on either side of me; I raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

"So what's your deal?" One asked,

"My deal?" I laughed,

"Yeah, your deal." The second said.

"I-I don't know?" It came out as a question, I wasn't one hundred percent sure what a 'deal' was but I took a stab in the dark and said "My deal is, that I haven't got one" I answered.

"The girl without a deal" The first one nodded "I like it" He grinned.

"You're not annoying Bella are you?" I heard Jacob ask as he came over carrying two cans of soda.

"No," I answered.

"Well, Bella this is Quinn and Embry. My best friends." Jacob said pointing to each person as he said the name before giving me one of the sodas.

"You're new around here, aren't you?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, just moved here actually." I nodded, taking a sip of soda. I had never had soda before and I had to resist scrunching up my nose as the bubbles ran down my throat. It was strange and very sweet but in an unnatural way.

"Why would your parents wanna move to Forks?" Embry asked,

"I'm an emancipated teen, actually." I said, playing along with the lie.

"Oh," Embry said, "Sorry." He tried to avoid meeting my eyes.

I laughed "It's okay."

"So, Girl-With-No-Deal, why'd you choose to live in Forks?" Quinn asked, Jake who was now sitting next to Quinn elbowed him in the ribs.

I smirked at their antics and said "No reason, it seemed like a nice town" I said, before I realised that there were a family of vampires living in the town I added mentally.

Quinn scoffed, "Yeah, if you're into living in the middle of nowhere."

"It's not that bad. I was driving around and it's actually really pretty around here." I tried to defend.

"What do you drive?" Jacob asked.

"46' cherry red ford mustang" I answered proudly,

"You drive a" Quinn said,

"Cherry red," Embry breathed.

"Ford mustang?" Jacob stared in awe.

"Yeah?" I laughed.

"Can we see it?" Embry asked,

"Sure." I smiled and stood up. The three boys stood up ready to follow me I laughed lightly and started to walk to where I parked my automobile.

"Where are you lot off to?" One of the girls asked.

"Bella has a ford Mustang, she's gonna show it to us." Jacob explained, at the words 'Ford Mustang' the remaining 3 guys who were chatting stopped and stared at me.

"Can we come?" One asked,

"More the merrier," I shrugged. The three boys stood up hastily, one of the girls rolled her eyes.

"We'll just stay here then?" She asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah" Another boy said, waving his hand dismissively. The girl turned to glare at me before starting a hushed conversation with the other girls.

"Follow me," I said and started to walk to my automobile. We reached my automobile and I smiled some of the boys behind me whistled and made comments such as 'nice' and 'sweet'. "I'll start her up." I said, I went to the driver's door and got in and started the motor. As she started to purr the boys made sounds of appreciation.

"How long have you had it?" Quinn asked.

"She just arrived today." I answered, "It's getting dark and I should depart, but I'll see you guys around." I smiled, "I might even let one of you drive" I winked and got in my car, the boys were grinning and they all waved as I pulled away.

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