Running from Love

Chapter 9


As I pulled up to Bella's house, I couldn't help but wonder what will happen if the test is positive. I know for me nothing will change. I will want to be with her and raise our child together.

But I'm worried about Bella.

Will she run again? Be afraid of me?

I will be totally happy if she's pregnant. Alice seems to think that she is pregnant, since she told me that she has noticed that she's gained some weight.

I got out and went to open the door for her.

"Thank you," she said quietly as we walked up to the door.

As she opened the door, she held it open for me, "Would you like something to drink?" she asked nervously.

"Sure," I said as I took ahold of her hand.

We walked to the kitchen and she asked what I'd like.

"A Coke is fine, baby."

She got out two glasses and some ice, then she poured some Coke into them.

She handed me the glass and smiled at me.

"Bella, you don't have to be nervous. We are in this together, okay?"

She nodded as we went to sit down.

I pulled her into a hug and just held her.

I knew she was nervous and frankly I wasn't. I was ready for this and if she was pregnant it would be okay.

She pulled away and looked up at me.

"I'm going to go and take the test now."

"Okay baby, I'll be waiting for you. How long does it take?"

"About three minutes," she said as she walked to the bathroom.

I sat there while she was in the bathroom, how would she feel if she were pregnant. Would she be happy or upset?

Those three minutes seemed like forever. I mean I want her to be pregnant but I don't want her to think I'm not going to happy about it.

I heard the bathroom door open and Bella walked back into my view. She had the test in hand, she walked over and placed it on the counter. She stood there with her head down, looking at the test as she leaned against the counter. I had to be there with her. I moved her away from the counter so that I could wrapped her in my arms.

"Bella it's going to be fine. I'm here with you. That test is not going to make a difference one way or the other."

"I know Edward I just I'm just scared that if I am pregnant that you will at some point not want me because my body will begin changing, plus I already have a son."

How could she not think that I won't want Shane as well. I loved that boy even if she hadn't heard me say it.

I pulled away so I could look her in the eyes, "Bella I would want you, Shane and the baby. I love Shane like he was my own. As for you body changing it would be carrying our child. I will love you no matter what."

"I want to believe it Edward, but right now it's just hard for me too. Let's just see what the test says."

I picked it up because Bella hands were shaking too bad to even look at it. Once I had it in my hand I knew this could change my life forever but that's didn't matter to me I wanted it.

Looking at the test there was two pink lines on there. Not sure what it meant I looked at the box that was sitting next to it, and from what it looked like it meant that Bella was definitely pregnant.

"Edward what does it say, please I can't stand the silence here?"

"Bella there are two lines on the the test. Looks like you and I are going to parents. I love you Bella."

She just stood there, I'm sure she not sure what to say so I hugged her to me.

"Bella this is a good thing, I'm happy about it. I'm going to take really good care of you. You will not have to worry about money. Between me and my sister you will not want for anything."

"Are you really happy Edward? I mean you are going to be a father not only to our baby but to Shane as well? Do you think you are ready for that?"

"Yes, Bella I am. I won't have a problem being a father to two children. I can't imagine anything better than that, except maybe you telling me that you want this with me."

She just nodded her head, while reaching up to kiss me. In that kiss she showed me just how much she loved and cared for me.

"I want this Edward with you. I can't run from this anymore. I want you, us as a family."

I leaned down and captured her lips in mine, kissing her slowly but passionately.

"I'm so glad that you do," I said brushing my lips over hers again. I love you," I said softly as my moved my hands down to rest over her belly. "I'll do my very best to be a great father to not only our child but to Shane as well. I know that you have your doubts and fears about me, especially after Collin, but I am going to put an end to those fears, baby. Not all men are like him."

She nodded her head as she leaned it against my chest.

"I will make you see that I'm not like him, baby."

"Edward, I know you're not like him."

"I'm still going to prove it to you," I said as I kissed her lips.

I so wanted to take her to bed, but I was trying to go at her pace.

She looked up at me, "Are you really happy about the baby?"

"Yes love, I am ecstatic about the baby. I cannot convey in words how happy I am," I said as I scooped her up and kissed her passionately.

I ran my tongue along her bottom lip and she parted her lips for me as I slid my tongue into her mouth.

My tongue clashed with hers as I hungrily devoured her mouth.

She pulled away suddenly and looked up into my eyes, "I want you to make love me."

I looked deeply into her eyes, "Are you sure? I want to take things at your pace. I don't want to pressure you."

"I'm sure, Edward. I want this, I want you," she as she pulled me up the stairs.

I couldn't deny that I wanted to her, she was everything that I wanted.

The touch of her hand sent shivers throughout my body, I want to touch more of her but it would be on her pace, not mine.

She opened the door to her bedroom and led me inside.

I pulled her to me and kissed her gently.

"I love you, Bella. I'll always take care of you and our children. I'm not like Collin, I'll always put you and the kids first."

"You want to include Shane in there?" she asked with shock in her voice.

"Yes, he's a part of you and I want to get to know him, if you'd allow it."

I noticed the tears welling up in her eyes, "That would be perfect. He hasn't had the best fatherly role model."

"I may make mistakes along the way, but I will do my best to be a good father to our child as well as to Shane. If he'll let me."

"We all make mistakes, Edward. But we learn from them and move on," she said as she pressed her lips to mine.

Her mouth was sweet, I could get lost in the feel of her all day.

Slowly she traced her tongue across my bottom lip as we walked towards the bed.

I laid her back on the bed as I opened my mouth to her, she slowly slid her tongue along mine and it felt like heaven.

I didn't want to rush, I wanted to take my time and savor every inch of her body.

Our tongues tangled together as our bodies moved against each other, as I slid my hands along the bottom of her shirt.

I looked up into her eyes seeking permission, which she granted with a nod of her head.

I pulled back from her lips as I pushed her shirt up revealing her stomach, which I could tell now had a small baby bump.

I couldn't help the tears that filled my eyes as I gently brushed my fingertips over it.

I bent down slowly to kiss it.

"I love you sweet baby," I whispered against her stomach.

I looked up to see Bella looking down at me.

"I love you, Edward," she said through her own tears.

I continued kissing over her stomach and chest as I took her shirt off.

"I love you too, baby," I said as I slowly slid down her bra straps and she lifted up so that I could unhook her bra.

Her breasts looked a little bigger than before as I cupped them in my hands, I ran my thumbs over her nipples.

I longed to suck them into my mouth.

I leaned into take one of them between my lips as my tongue flicked over it.

"Mmm...Edward," she moaned as I continued licking and sucking on it.

I could feel my cock hardening further in my pants.

I kissed my way over to her other breast and gave that nipple the same attention as my hands roamed over her body toward the waistband of her pants.

I pushed my down along with her underwear and she looked simply amazing.

"You are wearing too many clothes, Edward," she said as my fingers lazily slid up and over her pussy.

"I'll fix that in a minute but first I want to savor every inch of you. Will you let me?" I asked as I kissed her lips softly.

"Y..yes," she said breathlessly.

"Good, I'm glad you said that."

I moved back down the bed, kissing and sucking my way towards her glistening pussy.

"You're so beautiful, baby. I can't wait to taste you," I said as I swiped my tongue over her luscious lower lips.

Her taste was divine.

I don't think I've ever enjoyed this as much as I did with Bella.

Her taste was sweet and tangy, so Bella.

I never wanted to let her go again.

I continued sucking and nipping my way to her sensitive clit as she moved her hips above me.

"Oohh...Edward, more please," she murmured as I slid one finger into her.

I loved watched her face as I pumped my finger in and out of her. Slowly I slid another finger inside her and curled them, hitting that one spot that made her cry out my name.

"Mmm... yes Edward, so good," she murmured as she lifted her hips from the bed and moaned.

I could watch her all day.

Her lips parted and her eyes closed as she breathed and moved with my hand.

I wanted to watch her come undone by my fingers, but it was hard because I wanted to feel her come around my cock too.

I slipped my hand up her side and cupped her breast, my fingertips brushing over her nipple as she hummed and arched upward.

"Edward," she murmured as she pulled on the back of my hair.

In and out I pumped my fingers into her quickly, hearing her moans and feeling her muscles constrict around my fingers.

I wanted her to come.

I leaned in and flicked my tongue over her clit as I hit that spot deep within her that would cause her to come undone.

"Edward... oh yes... fuck... mmm..." she screamed as she shattered beneath my touch.

I watched as she laid back on the bed, trying to catch her breath I slowly eased my fingers out of her pussy.

I hovered over her as I placed kisses along her cheek, making my way to her lips as I gently slipped inside her, she felt perfect.

I intertwined my fingers with hers as I slowly thrusted in and out of her.

Our eyes locked onto each others as we rediscovered each other.

I loved the feel of her body moving against mine.

It felt heavenly as we moved with each other, her body fit with mine perfectly.

I thrusted in deeply as she arched her back upward.

"Oooh Edward," she murmured as I leaned down and sucked her pebbled nipple between my lips.

I couldn't help but smile against her breast as my tongue darted out and flicked over her breast.

"Bella," I murmured as her walls fluttered around me.

"I .. I need to feel you, Edward. Come with me."

"I'm so closes, Bella," I panted as I thrusted deeper inside her as I pressed our hands into the mattress.

Fuck, it felt as if I couldn't get any deeper as she wrapped her legs around my back and we moved together hard.

"Y..yes... yes, Edward," she screamed as her pussy clenched around my cock.

"Oh god, yes Bella. Fuck, you feel so perfect around me," I said as I stilled above her and my cock jumped and my cum filled her pussy.

Her arms clutched at my back as we trembled against each other.

"I love you," she murmured.

It was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

"I love you too, so much Bella. You never have to be afraid again. I'll protect you and our children. You'll never want for anything. Marry me? Make me the happiest man on the planet."

She looked at me, her eyes wide and staring.

"Y... you're serious?" she asked.

"Yes, I've never wanted anything more in my life than I do at this moment."

"Edward, I just got divorced recently. I'm so..."

"Do you love me, Bella?" I asked.


"Do you see us raising our children together?"


"Then marry me. I promise to love you every day of forever. I'll be here with you, to love and protect you, to hold you when you're scared, to kiss you in the rain, to dance with you, to laugh with you. We don't have to get married right away. Please say you will. Marry me Bella?"

She looked up at me, our bodies still connected.

"Yes," she breathed out as tears fell from her eyes.

I kissed her lips and pulled away suddenly.

"I.. I don't have a ring yet, but we can pick one out together when we go pick up Shane in the morning."

"It's okay," she said with a laugh.

"I'm so happy, baby. I want to scream it from the rooftops."

She laughed and it was the most beautiful sound ever.

"I love you Isabella Swan-Cullen."

"Mmm.. I love the sound of that, but we can drop the Swan. I want to be called, Isabella Cullen."

"Yes, that does sound better. Isabella Cullen. Mrs. Edward and Isabella Cullen. I like it."

She looked up into my eyes and then crushed her lips to mine.

"I love you. I never thought I would find happiness again. You've shown me that its possible."

"I love you too, and we will be happy, the four of us. Do you think Shane will approve of me.?" I asked as I kissed her forehead.

"Oh definitely."

I rolled us to our sides and slipped out of her, both of us missing the connecting as I wrapped her in my arms.

"Let's get some sleep, since we need to go ring shopping tomorrow."

She nodded as she snuggled into my side.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you again."

I held her as she fell asleep, and I fell asleep a short time later.

I woke up with her wrapped up in my arms, she looked so beautiful with her hair all spread out around her head.

I asked her to marry me last night after we made love, it wasn't planned.

But it felt right.

I know she thought I was crazy at first, but I meant it with all my heart.

It surprised me when she said yes.

I was serious when I told her we could wait as long as she wanted to before we got married.

I loved watching her sleep, as I moved my hands over her body.

I couldn't help but put my hands on her stomach, it wasn't as flat as it was before, she was starting to get a small baby bump.

I couldn't wait to see her so round and full with our child.

I'd still think she was the most beautiful woman in the world, she'll never have to be afraid that I won't want her.

She'll never have to worry that I will ever hurt her.

She'll never have to be afraid of me.

She'll never have to worry about me treating Shane differently than our child.

There will be no difference between them, I will treat Shane as my child.

God knows he could use a good father.

She stirred in my arms and I looked into her face as her eyes fluttered open.

"Hi," she said sleepily.

"Hi love, how did you sleep?" I asked with a smile.

"Good, really good."

I watched as she stretched her arms above her head, and I loved seeing her breasts move with her.

"That's good," I said as I leaned in and captured her lips in mine.

We shared a sweet kiss which she deepened as she wrapped her arms around my neck, she pulled me on top of her as we kissed.

I pulled away to kiss down her neck, as she parted her legs for me.

"I want you to make love to me again," she breathed out against my ear.

I would never deny her anything.

I gently slipped inside her and made slow love to her.

"Mmm.. yes, oh god, so good, Edward," she said as she moved against me.

Our moans mingled together as we strived towards of goal.

"Fuck Bella, its never been this way for me."

"It never was for me either," she said softly as we moved together.

Our movements became frenzied as we rocked harder and faster against each other.

"Yes, yes... oooh god, fuck, Edward," she screamed against me as her pussy clenched and gripped me tightly as she rode out her orgasm, gasping and arching up into me.

I thrusted several more times before I came hard inside her.

"Fuck yes," I groaned out.

"Mmm... I hope its always like this with us, even though we'll have to be quieter when Shane is home."

"Yeah, we'll have to work on that," I said with a laugh.

"Oh god, my parents are going to think I'm crazy for getting engaged."

"I'm sorry, should I have asked their permission?"

"No, nothing like that. Just they'll think I'm insane after everything I went through with Collin."

"I'm not like him, baby. You and our children will always, always come first. I swear to you baby, I'll never raise my hand to you or our children."

"I know that Edward. I know my parents will be happy, thrilled really. They like you a lot. My mom was in your corner even when I showed up at her house. She said I should give you a chance."

"That's good to know. Let's go take a shower so that we can go get Shane and pick out your ring."

"Okay," she said softly.

We got up and took a quick shower and then we left to pick up Shane.

I was so happy I couldn't contain myself.

I'm going to be a father and get married.

Life couldn't get any better than this.