I do not own any characters from the Ace Combat franchise, however many of the characters in these interviews are metafiction (fiction in fiction).

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Extra Interviews

Chapter 1:

The Commander

[Hello, I am Brett Thompson (the man who did the interviews in ACZ) here again with more interviews. The documentary had to be cut short, so I was unable to use these, but we are now able to publish them so please enjoy.]

Gaius Poplius,

The base commander of Valais air base

He was the first person to suggest a mercenary division for the Air Force to compete with Belka.

When XB-0 attacked he was hit by shrapnel in his left leg. In the year 1996 he retired.

He is seated in his living room. There is a picture of him and another man (presumably the Demon Lord) on the desk behind him. He has a solemn look on his face as he remembers the events of the war. ," When I was the CO, it seemed like we were done for. The Belkan army kept pushing us back, and many of the pilots who sortied for their missions, never came back. Then, he showed up. Truth be told, I thought he would be average, at first. I'm glad I was proven wrong." He smiled as he looked up. "The day before XB-0 bombed us, I talked to him to find out more about him. He wasn't resistant to talk, though he never talked about himself, always about others."

End of first interview.

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