AN: Okay, so since the last chapter was really short I decided a while back to post these two together. This one is a bit short too, so I could have made them into one chapter, but they were always meant to be separate. Also, you get to enjoy my first ever, serious action scene. I don't write a lot of action, because while I can see it in my mind, I have a hard time translating it to words. So please bear in mind that this isn't the best action scene ever and constructive criticism is more than welcome since I doubt this will be the last action scene in this fic. Anyway, as always, I own nothing and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter Ten

"How much farther?" Harry asked from the back seat of the Impala.

"We're almost there." Sam sighed. "We're about an hour out."

"At least tell me this friend of yours has better taste in music that Dean." He grumbled.

"Are you dissing my cassettes?" The older brother demanded.

"Yes." Harry answered promptly, watching the world fly by the window. "I may not know much about muggle bands, but really? Black Sabbath? Shouldn't they be dead by now?"

"Excuse me?" Dean yelled in offense as Sam attempted to eat his fist to keep from laughing. "It's classic rock!"

"So do you have any of the Grateful We're Not Dead Yet?" Harry snarked as Sam choked on his laughter.

"You should be shot for that blasphemy." Dean growled.

"I told you man," Sam gasped, "it's the best of mullet rock."

"Bite me." Dean snapped. "Shit!" The banter died with Dean's yelp as he slammed on the breaks, throwing his passengers painfully forward against the seat belts.

"Merlin's beard!" Harry groused from where he had been flung up against the back of Sam's seat. "Warning next time!"

When the brothers didn't answer Harry leaned around the tall American to see what had their attention. Just in front of the car, in the middle of the road, stood a tall Nordic man in a clean black business suit. His longish blonde hair had been pulled back into a tail at the nape of his neck, and his cold green eyes watched them with disgust. But the eye-catcher was the long flaming whip that curled at his feet, melting and charring the asphalt.

"What the hell?" Dean growled as two more men, one of Spanish decent and the other from Arabic stock, moved to either side of the car. The Spanish man held a bronze hammer of incredible size while the Arab carried what looked like the disturbed love child of an axe and a spear.

"Give us the abomination." The man with the whip demanded.

"Who the hell are you?" Dean yelled from the car.

The Arab yelled loudly, charging the car with his weapon raised. Glass imploded in melting shards as the head of the halberd busted the back window. Only Harry's quick reflexes kept him from being impaled as it stopped where his head had been.

"You so did not." Dean snarled, preparing to rev the engine.

"Look out!" His younger brother warned, flinching away as the Spaniard's war hammer crashed deafeningly into the hood of the car. With a hiss steam began to rise from the ruined front end.

The speaker sneered as he watched his brother's violence. "Give us the abomination." He demanded coolly.

"Like hell." The older Winchester refused, drawing a gun from seemingly nowhere.

"Who the bloody hell are these people?" Harry almost yelped, drawing the elder wand.

"Angels." Sam answered curtly. "We need to get out of here."

"No kidding." Dean snapped. "We need to get to Bobby's."

"I can only apperate to places I've been." Harry frowned. "Duck!"

Sam and Dean barely heard his cry when his hands on their shoulders yanked them. The touch seemed to shoot straight through to their centers, squeezing and pulling them painfully. Then it just stopped, the two of them falling to their knees, gasping for air. The loud crash of metal on metal drew their eyes to the war hammer smashed through the roof, crushing the front passenger seat where Sam had been.

"I'll kill them." The older brother choked out as the three angels turned to the roadside where Harry had apperated them to.

"We have no quarrel with you." The talkative one said. "Give us the abomination and we'll leave."

"Drop dead, ya fugly bastard!" Dean snarled, fighting vertigo to get to his feet.

"Dean, we can't fight them." Sam said tersely, eyeing the three approaching hosts.

Harry stood behind them, his wand at the ready when movement in the dark caught his eyes. A quick shove pushed the brothers down in time for a whistling arrow to part the air where they had been. "Expelliarmus!" The sharp cry was joined by a quick flick sending a crimson spell rocketing into the dark trees. A harsh snarl of pain revealed a forth angel hiding in their shadows. "What do you want?" The wizard demanded angrily.

The blonde with the whip moved closer when an Asian man appeared. "Brother, we've subdued the mortal." His quiet voice seemed to echo in the still night.

The blonde's lips curled into a cruel smile. "Dean and Sam Winchester." He called loudly. "Give us the nephilim abomination, and we shall free Mr. Singer."

Sam paled, casting about for anything that could be used as a weapon. "Shit." Dean rumbled. Taking aim he shot a bullet just over the blonde's shoulder. "You hurt one hair on his head and I'll drag you down to hell myself!"

"Then we kill you." The angel said with calm indifference. His whip lashed out in a streak of heavenly fire to wrap around the barrel of the gun, melting it. Another arrow whistled toward them, joined by the angry shriek of an owl.

Time stopped for Harry as he saw everything. Huruu fell from the sky, her great wings spread to shield the three of them from the blazing arrow aim at Sam's heart. Something snapped inside the teen, a wild angry thing that forced all that was 'Harry' out of its way. Between one breath and the next Harry was gone and the Nephilim burned in his place. Without even a thought, the wand in his hand grew to the perfect weight and he moved.

The brothers gaped as the skinny kid suddenly roared and inhuman battle cry of power and exhalation as he burst past them. Massive sharp wings cocked threateningly at his back as the wand turned blazing battle axe interrupted the bolt before it could reach a target.

"Now you show your true form." The blonde spat. "Unholy beast!" His whip lashed out, searing flesh as it struck.

Silver-gray wings beat the air furiously as the Nephilim reeled back out of range, watching the three circling celestials. With unnatural silence the one that had been Harry studied the angels, his eyes burning of jade fire. Then he launched at them, the ebon shaft of his battle axe smashing into the teeth of the hammer wielder before twisting to catch the halberd's burning blade. Tossing the blade, he spun to bat away the whip's stinging lash as Huruu rose laboriously back into the darkening sky.

The two brothers watched the four combatants twist and clash to the ring of steal and the roar of flame. The Asian one though, simply watched with them, a glint of golden flame shining in either hand. "Aren't you going to help your friends?" Dean asked snidely.

"No." He answered. "They are more than a match for the abomination."

Just then an owl's cry shredded the air followed by the hidden angel's bellow of pain. "The beast will die!" The Asian angel hissed, preparing to throw a burning dart.

The sharp report of Dean's gun threw his aim and drew the Nephilim's attention. The war cry was punctuated by the wet thunk as the Nephilim's axe fell into the meat of the hammer wielder's upper thigh, filling the air with the scent of burning flesh. Pulling the blazing blade from his opponent he used it to again catch the halberd, snapping it just below the head before turning to the angel Dean had shot.

"Leave or die." He said, the angelic language spilling like water from a failed dam.

"Brothers!" A voice gasped from the trees. "Next time! We were not prepared for a warrior's spawn."

The blonde nodded angrily once. "Next time, abomination, you die."

Then they were gone, leaving the Nephilim standing alone, the angels' blood dripping from his naked blade.