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The Jell-O and Pudding Monster/Oral Surgery

Chapter 1: Giggly

'Oh umm hahaha it's just oral surgery! My lower jaw is bruised and bleeding in the back! And my neck is stiff and sore'

"Ahhhhh . . . I feel like shit," Joey thought and the damn button wasn't working next to his bed. He wanted to scream but that was out of the question considering his mouth was two seconds away from being wired up. The doctor threaten him with the 'trap jaw' if he didn't stop complaining about the food.

This was a hospital and 'JELL-O ' happens to be the main course. Joey looked at the plate on the small side cart and didn't know if he should cry or laugh. The menu called it rainbow delight.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit, it's moving," he focused his eyes on the red square to the right and the green triangle to the left. In the middle of the plate the cook arranged a ball of pudding, vanilla with green and red sprinkles. Everything jiggled all over the plate and he wanted to run from the monster, but his drugs finally started to kick in and he couldn't move.

"It's going to get me . . .!" Joey arched his back and started to clutch at the bed sheets, sweat ran down his face.

This is the state Kaiba found his precious mutt in as he entered the hospital room. His eyes scanned Joey's face and he wanted to immediately kiss him but seeing him in pain made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck.

"Hey mutt . . . . Wake up!" Kaiba soften his voice as if he were speaking to Mokuba.

Still in the grips of the JELL-O and PUDDING WORLD Joey reached out with his arms to the comforting voice. In his morphine induced state he wrapped his arms around Kaiba and the other pulled him closer in a warm embrace.

"Mmmm . . . it's ok . . . . " Kaiba whispered against his ear and shifts the boy to his shoulder. Next he fluffs up the pillow behind his back. Quickly Kaiba lay Joey down before he realize whose arms he fallen into.

'Hell those must be some powerful drugs, to cause that reaction,' Kaiba smirked enjoying the beauty of it all. He made a mental note to order some later.

Joey opened his eyes and flinched, "Kaiba, I'm still in pudding hell," he tried to press the button which still refused to work.

"Ah . . . I'm not going to bit you well not just yet, but you could've let me know about this shit. I am your boyfriend and # one fan," Kaiba soften his voice he really loved the boy but Joey didn't believe it.

"You in pain . . . . Or was it a wet dream; I promise you it will be heaven," Kaiba reached for Joey's hand under the sheet. He pulled away and almost touched the tray with the monsters on it. By now they had merged together and formed one big mess. His eyes said, 'ass hole,' but his actions cried fear as he looked at the giggly mess. Kaiba followed his glaze and pushed the try aside.


"Who's in charge of this place?" Kaiba barked he folded his hands across his chest.

"I am and if you don't quiet down I'll have security throw you out." The nurse known as THE BrowneyedShamer faced off with Kaiba, and although it hurt Joey laugh.

'She had a death wish, love her style,' the pain in his month traveled down to his neck and he fought back the tears of which Kaiba took note of while he watched his puppy out of the corner of his eye.

Kaiba smirked at the woman, "Little bitch, he thought I'll take her down."

"I am Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corp and I demand . . . . . "he didn't finish his sentence.

"I don't care if you are GOD come down from heaven. This is my turf," she pointed a finger in his chest which really pissed off the CEO. Joey almost fell out of his bed. He felt a need to protect the crazy woman.

The doctor and a team of staffers arrived just before the shit hit the fan and Joey let out a sigh. Pus the IPOI, he'd been hiding under his cover fell to the floor. 'Shit on a brick,' he mouth.

The nurse dashed to the forbidden item and stanched it before Joey could blink back the tears in his eyes. The BrowneyShamer had the moves of Seto and that was deadly. She would laugh in the face of danger and just to stress her victory. She jammed the IPOI in her white coat jacked and dances around in a circle and wagged her finger at Joey.

Kaiba had enough it was time to take control, she made his puppy cry.

"My God, is that you Seto Kaiba," Doctor Mouton spoke. "Is this boy a friend of yours?"

"Yes, and I have a few changes to make. First I want him moved to my private suite. 2. If I see anything green, white, or red that giggles, wiggles, or slims around like a snake monster on his plate it will not be pretty. You see Kaiba had a phobia for JELL-O, a secret only Mokuba knew. It took all his strength not to faint . . .' ewww,' Kaiba's eyebrows knitted together in fear.

"Oh and last I want that woman to be his personal Nurse and money is not an option."

"Hey you don't tell The BrowneyShamer what to do," she responded with ease. "But he's kinda cute and I could use a raise. Hey I don't do any of that kinky stuff."

"Shit, you'd better see to him twenty-four hours and make sure no one makes him cry," Kaiba gave the awesome lady a rare smile and Joey sank under the covers. 'Two Kaiba's in his life, I'm doomed.'

Later that night Yugi and the gang came to visit Joey and couldn't believe the suite they had stepped into. Joey was so involved in reading a manga and his favorite fan fiction that he didn't hear them. He loved cross-overs and this one involved the hot bodies of KKM, Saiyuki, Gravitation, and a host of others.

"What's up man, you looking good and who died and made you king of everything. On the right wall Joey had a state of the art entertainment center. He had at least four to five remote controls and stick shifts at his feet. Now he couldn't eat much but to the right of his bed in a corner Kaiba constructed a complete ice cream parlor and arcade game station.

Joey pointed to a door and inside he had access to a sauna and hot tub

"WOW, Yugi look at this," Ryou immediately stripped and jumped right in. Yugi decided to walk outside to investigate the balcony and found a small garden very relaxing with a mini water fall to glaze at. It was very peaceful. Mokuba and Kaiba appeared from a private entrance attached to a private elevator and greeted Yugi first. Ryou wanted to drown in the hot tub but Mokuba assure him he was safe.

"Hey Yugi you tried the ice cream it's the bomb and if you look close Kaiba has a favor called wizards delight. It's your favorite, strawberry and with chocolate swirls," Mokuba pulled on Yugi's coat, last one there has to be Kaiba's slave for a day."

Kaiba growled he wanted to spent a little alone time with his boyfriend. You know tickle his feet, rub his neck, but mostly stare into those hazel eyes and hold his hand.

Kaiba leaned close to Joey's ear, and whispered a few private words that made the blond blush. Reluctantly he gave Kaiba his hand and allows him to massage his wrist; the feeling went up his arm and wrapped around his shoulder, which was pain free. Maybe it wasn't so bad being Kaiba's boyfriend after all he made the JELL-O monsters disappear.


This is the medicine from Doctor Sherabo, hope you feel better there's more to come. So my dearest what will Joey's faith be when he comes home will Doctor Kaiba continue to nurse his puppy. You write the story. . . . . This is a fan's fan so send in your reviews and your ending, thanks so much…..all ideas welcome especially if you are recovering from a jell-o monster.