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Recap: Her name is Millie. Millie I'm coming . . . . ." BrowneyedShamer turned t o Joey; he had become her strength and gave her the courage to go on. All the faith she had rested in his hands.

Chapter 12: Sisters

Brownie-chan still in shock looked at her friend, doubtful he could really find the sister she never knew, but believed existed. All her life she felt emptiness. As an adult she filled the void with dangerous jobs, men, and sometimes drugs.

Yuki a close friend saved her from the despair she often experience and now Joey this little slip of a boy blew into her life. Like a gust of wind he blew away unnecessary debris and replaced it with a light breeze of hope. Joey was laughter just like dancing with fairies, or running through a field of flowers on a sunny day. He had a way of bringing light into one's heart.

She looked at each one individual and realizes they were a team who supported each other with strength. If someone told them they couldn't succeed he'd be ignore.

'I may have a habit of running away when shit happens in the past, but this time I feel like I could be running to the future, and I freaking like it,' agrin spilt across her face.

"Browny-chan what's with the grin? . . . . . You're spacing out or something." Joey asks.

"No . . . I'm just happy . . . . Can you really find her?" She asked again.

"Oh that . . . . You are talking to the greatest detective in the world, right Kaiba?" Joey winked at his boyfriend.

Kaiba glared at his puppy, 'what's he up too, little mutt and why is he standing with her instead of me,' Kaiba gridded his teeth.

"After all he's the smartest and sexiest boyfriend a man could have; oh and a good kisser to?" Joey walked over to Kaiba whose face was on fire.

"Joey are you and Kaiba doing the nasty," Ryou asked. Bakura raise an eyebrow. It was rare for his little lover to speak so freely.

"Ump . . . my brother respects Joey," Mokuba added, he's not a sex crazed mad-man like Bakura.

"Yes I am," Kaiba whispered under his breath. He just couldn't find a way to 'pop the cherry.'

"Yeah, Oh he wants to stick it in, but Joey has the top nail down tight," Bakura laughed at his own cleverness.

"Kaiba . . . . I could use a little help," Joey blushed.

"Idiots . . . ., "Kaiba's mask was back in place. "Shadi assembly your desert rats we've got a city to find. Gather the artifacts; they may be of use in our search."

"Yeah . . . everybody over here, I got a meeting of my own. Kaiba ain't got all the ideas." Joey waved for his friends to form a circle. Everyone placed hands on top of each other and he chanted a little song.

"Brownie-chan you are officially a part of the gang and now you got all are strength behind ya! There's nothing we can't do TOGETHER!"

"Monkeys . . ." Kaiba screamed out loud, "According to my calculations it's just behind that mountain. The people practice an ancient religion and don't care for outsiders so don't go wondering off. It's a rescue mission. We go in and grab Millie and leave. Blue Eyes will be standing by."

"We have tents for everyone by the Oasis and food. Get some rest. We start out before the sun rises," Shadi pointed to a group of trees to the right.

"Hey where's my tent . . . ." Joey gave Kaiba the finger and the CEO turned around and disappeared inside his huge king size shelter.

Yugi and Yami laughed and pulled he flap down which protected them from the desert heat.

"Don't even think about it," Bakura place a trap around his tent after Ryou came inside.

'Well I can't sleep with Brownie-chan,' he mumbled.' Damn Kaiba.' That left only one option Kaiba. So Joey marched over to the arrogant son of a bitch's tent and pushed the flap to the side.

"Well it took you long enough," Kaiba smirked.

"You think I'm going to spend the night in this sheet with you."

"Yes, I've prepared some of your favorite treats," Kaiba pointed to a tray laden with food. Skittles, popcorn, ice cream and hot dogs.

Joey never said another word as he settles down for a long night of spender with Kaiba.


"Joey what's up . . . . ," Yami asked as they approach the village.

"I bet his ass hurts," Bakura added.

"That's enough Bakura," Brownie-chan smiled. "He's got a lot on his mind."

"Where's Kaiba anyway," Joey asked. It's true his thoughts were elsewhere.

"He went ahead, but that's not what has you so depressed." Brownie-chan pulled the pensive boy to the side and sent the others ahead.

Joey grabs Brownie-chan's hand. "He tricked me last night, and I almost let him in my pants. Man he's such a jerk . . . I hate him."

"There's a fine line between love and hate and you're hooked. Joey we had this conversation before, he's not a bad guy when it comes to you. Hell you can't keep your eyes off him. Beside I owe Kaiba so much."

"I love him Brownie-chan and that's what scares the life out of me. Don't want to be a little Kaiba win up toy. . . . or a monkey on a string"

Brownie-chan laugh at the idea of Joey on a string, but Joey only pouted at the vision.

"Ahh . . . . Don't listen to me." Joey kicked up the sand under his feet. "You know when this is all over you won't be my nurse. See I'm all smiles, teeth one hundred percent ok. Couldn't do it without you supporting' me and all . . . . ." Now he opened up his choppers .

"Fool," her laugh held a hint of sadness. Joey was the real hero and he didn't understand his worth. Just to think it all started with jello, pudding, and oral surgery.

"Hey but you'll always be my friend, like my #1 fan or something," Joey continued to kick up the dust, clearly blushing, your like my girl, but don't let Tea hear that. She'll knock my block off."

"Fan," she lifted his chin up and stared into those fiery brown eyes.

"Well everybody got fans and I well I want a fan too. Greatest something . . . . About something . . . maybe I'll write a story about finding your sister and become famous." Joey continues to rant.

"Yeah . . . that would be cool and I'll do the first review as your #1 fan. It will be the longest review in history."

"Yeah I'd like that a lot . . . . Famous and rich its destiny. Why I'd have that selfish jerk crawling at my feet, he'd be eating doggie treats outta my hands, and I'll be running KC."

"Joey slow down . . ." she affectionately patted the excited youth on the back.

The nurse and patient fell into a big embrace and held back a few tears; the journey was at its end or it's beginning.

"Look someone's coming this way . . . . . And she looks just like you . . . . " Joey called out.

"Oh my God Joey . . . it's my sister . . . . . . ."


The End or is it the beginning . . . .

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