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Chapter 13: One year later . . . . Brownie-chan and Millie are enjoying the delights of sisterhood each discovering the lives they lived apart and planning a heartwarming future together. Joey, Kaiba, and the gang have returned to Japan and Kaiba still hasn't found a way to get into Joey's pants, but the reluctant blond has agreed to an engagement of sorts. The terms of endearment have led Kaiba to desperate acts of insanity, which cause Joey's acts of impulsive behavior to explode. The couple is returning from a make-up two week vacation in which Joey's gives Kaiba a second chance and he fails miserably. The gang waits to welcome the happy couple home . . . .

"Yugi if you don't stop this incessant pacing you're going to wear a hole in the carpet," Yami reached for the back of his lover's leather jacket as he passed by him for the hundred time, but missed. It was a game Yami developed on the spot which allowed his eyes to roam casually over Yugi's succulent body while waiting for the guest of honor to appear. Yugi is the protector of everything below his lover's belt and Yami needed a lot of protection at the moment.

Yugi stopped and faced the five thousand year old kinky perverted pharaoh, "It's not legal what you're thinking, aibou. I need you to wash out that brain and help. I'm nervous as hell. This isn't a good idea and I think we should just leave."

"He's got a point," Ryou added "let's leave a note; it's a surprise so nobody but us knows about it." Yugi's smiled for the first time all day, it was the best suggestion ever.

"Chill, kittens we aren't breaking in, Mokuba invited us over, it's his game. Beside I'm here, so don't worry."

"So where's Mokuba anyway," Yugi grumbled. "We could've asked Gramps." Flustered Yugi finally took refuge in Yami's lap. Yami kissed Yugi's cheek and continues to gently nip the delicate skin behind his ear.

"Yamiii . . . mmm," Yugi whispered, in his mind he felt a warm summer breeze caress his cheeks and neck, it was a reaction each time Yami's lips touched his skin.

Yugi tilted his chin upward which allowed his lover access to probe deeper, blood rush to his brain and he almost fainted.

"Ah . . ." Yami chuckled, "It's what I love best; your embarrassment is so delicious, aibou. Every time we touch it's like the first time and I love you even more."

Ryou smiled at the couple and caressed the necklace around his neck; with his free hand he pulled down his shirt which he used to cover his premature erection. "Damn it," he sighed,Ryou was miles away from his lover and lonely. It would take at least another year to transfer and continue his studies in Egypt, until then he'd continue to send Bakura pictures, just thinking about it made his heart flutter, "Shit."

The sound of footsteps and excited voices down the hall brought Yugi and Ryou back to the present. All the color had drained from Yugi's face; his fear of Kaiba had become a dreaded disease since he'd hitched up with Joey.

"Mokuba," Yugi breath in a sigh of relief, he watched with affection as Mokuba entered the room with a load of presents. Mokuba's dark eyes twinkled with mischief; he bowed deeply at Ryou and pointed his hand towards the hall.

Ryou followed Mokuba's hand movements and screamed as he covered his face. Slowly he peaked between his fingers, and the image of his lover along with the scent of jasmine caused his throat to constrict. This had to be a cruel joke.

"Sweet Blossom," Bakura whispered. With one hand he pealed Ryou's fingers from his eyes and kissed his brow, "Mmm so sweet.'' Next Bakura gently molded the other's body against the throbbing heat below his belt. Shamelessly Ryou parted his legs and arch forward; they rubbed their throbbing erections together.


"Mmm . . . . ." kiss after kiss Ryou allowed Kura to ravish every inch of his face. Five minutes passed before the couple came up for air.

"Hey guys I'm just innocence middle school virgin," Mokuba called out.

"That's what you tell Kaiba," Yami winked at the black-haired beauty.

"Yami, you shouldn't talk like that, Kaiba might hear yeah," Yugi looked around for hidden microphones.

"Mokuba how did you do it? Bakura couldn't get his visa renewed; the embassy said he was a threat to national security," Ryou continued to glaze into the stormy eyes of his lover.

"Hey I'm a Kaiba, so don't ask . . ."

"How long can you stay," Ryou eyes watered.

"As long as it takes to steal your heart," Bakura whispered. "But for now it's time to party."

"Nii-sama isn't here yet, ran into a little problem at the airport, he's looking for a missing pup." Mokuba chuckled; Kaiba sent a text about one hour ago.

"Whatta' you mean Joey's missing," Yugi asked.

"Don't worry Kaiba's always running and Joey's always hiding," Yami picked up the conversation. "Remember the night after we found Brownie-chan's twin sister and to celebrate Millie arranged a big party. Kaiba had a fit because everybody wanted to dance with Joey so he spikes his punch. He drugged Joey and took him to his tent. I think he wanted to rape him but Millie caught money-bags in the act. Man that was so damn funny. Joey banned Kaiba from kissing for a week."

"Oh yeah, Millie rescued Joey and let him spend the night at her place with Brownie-chan. She fell in love with Joey and made it her duty to protect his virtue" Bakura finished the tale. Kaiba called them 'the demon twins from hell' he didn't stand a chance once they united. It was magical to everyone and a nightmare to the arrogant CEO."

"He wanted to bury us in the desert sands," Yugi laugh. "I don't think his attitude has changed much. I wish she was here."

"Kura, I miss Brownie-chan too," Ryou leaned against his lover's chest and just for a moment his mind drifted to the desert sands of Egypt one year ago. . . . . . .

FLASHBACK . . . . . Egypt

Ryou watched from a distance as Joey and Brownie-chan walked toward the only building in the desert town. Joey face would light up with merriment at something the other said. Sometimes he'd squeeze her hand or hug her tightly. Two lovers, soul mates, or friends it was hard to tell, but the bond was real. Suddenly a figure dashed out and stopped about three feet in front of the couple. It was a woman dressed in white with long dark hair and wire rimmed glasses, the opposite but the same as Brownie-chan. Joey gently pushed his nurse forward and the two women touched. Tears rolled down Joey's eyes, enough to fill a river.

Bakura and the band of travelers surrounded the happy sisters each adding to the river of tears created by Joey. Kaiba stood on the fringes of the group with his hands crossed over his muscled chest relieved that he could finally get back to the project of seducing Joey. Just thinking about the boy's silky golden hair, naturally tan complexion that glowed at night, and the way Joey's bottom lip quivered when the topic of sex popped up. Kaiba's engines were fired up, he held a one way ticket to Joey's heart, no passengers allowed.

'Damn those losers, always touching his pet,' Kaiba mumbled. Unable to control his emotions Kaiba broke up the reunion and received a sharp lashing from Joey, which ended with the CEO spending the night alone in his hotel room miles away from the isolated village.


"Earth calling Ryou," Bakura yelled, next he pinched Ryou sharply on his cheek.


"I've come all the way from Egypt and you're thinking about another prick."

"I was dreaming about Brownie-chan, butt sucker," Ryou answered after rubbing his cheek.

"You like it," Bakura smirked. "Take this . . ." Bakura handed Yami a small package. Brownie-chan and Millie sent videos of the new research center under construction. It would be completed by fall and dedicated to Professor Charles Oxford, their father. Yami handed the micro player to Ryou and Yugi and eased into the love seat to watch. The video showed the women dancing together in front of a group of small children. It was an ancient Egyptian ritual that the priestess preformed to honor the old gods. Millie headed a team of volunteers that believed in preserving traditions and studying artifacts.

Kaiba at Joey's insistent funded the entire project. Kaiba had his own private agenda which involved the torture of Pegasus and the acquisition of all the treasures hidden in the inner chambers of the god 'Ra.' Only Yami knew of this secret chamber, but the contents were buried so deep in his memories that to unlock it could mean death or worst. He could lose his present life with Yugi forever.



A. Oral Surgery, One Pup's Nightmare

B. The Jell-O and Pudding Monster/Oral Surgery

C. Joey's Desires Bed, Bath, and Kaiba.


"Hey Mokuba, it's not like I'm a fan of your brother but It's getting late," Yami inquired while he continued to play with Yugi's ear.

"What if he's finally taken Joey and did the 'not till you marry thing,' Ryou always a bit shy directed his question to Mokuba.

"Sex . . . . S . . . E . . . X" Yami rolled over and fell to the floor, he brought Yugi with him. Before the others could join in the fun the front door burst open and a bright red suitcase flew pass Yami's head, followed by the distinctive voice of Joey.

"Yo' what's up . . . .? Gotta go . . . ." Joey tossed another suitcase under the staircase and didn't stop running until he hit the third floor which belongs to Kaiba. Instead of entering the dragon's lair, Joey vaulted over the balcony grabs the second suitcase and hid behind a life size statue of the Blue- eyes White Dragon. He placed two fingers on his bottom lip and tightly closed his eyes. Silently Joey counted to ten and waited for the hurricane to storm the mansion leaving nothing standing.

"JOEY . . . get your narrow ass back here," Kaiba follow his puppy's scent and took the stairs four at a time. He burst into his chambers and systematically started to rip it apart as if Joey would be so transparent. Out of control in mind and body Kaiba open every closet and checked the contents of every drawer.

Meanwhile . . .

Downstairs Joey rested his head on the dragon statue, drowning in Kaiba's scent. He loved the arrogant jerk, like forever and forever, but Kaiba took perverse pride in finding ways to piss him off. "Crap" Tears drizzled down his cheek.

"Joey, when he finds out we let you go, he'll start taking body parts," Ryou pleaded Joey to rethink his course of actions which included whether they lived or died a slow and painful death. Later to be tossed in unmarked graves. Only Kaiba would know that zombies walked the earth disguised as Yugi's gang.

"Sorry guys, but I don't have to take no shit from a selfish, controlling, perverted, jackass." Joey paused and tried to smile between the pain and sadness plastered across his brow; even a blind man could tell he was hurting.

"Tell him to go and stick it . . . . It's over . . . ." The blond gave the guys 'thumbs up' and he quietly tip-toed out of the front door, only Mokuba recognized the purr of his custom-made red-eyes dragon motorcycle.

"I think the party is over," Yugi averted his eyes towards the third floor. Fan-girls at a Dead-Note convention couldn't have been louder; hurricane Kaiba had lost it. He didn't open the doors on the floor he kicked them down. Like major repairs… Over and over Joey's name resounded throughout the house. Kaiba followed his would be lover's scent which ended midair above the group of 'friendship groupies,' he'd make them all pay.

'Shit on a muffin,' Yugi thought about Brownie-chan, she was the only one who could control Kaiba's rages and calm Joey's spirit, but the nurse was in Egypt.

Kaiba, the hurricane, aka Kani whirled pass the group, paused at the Blue-eyes White Dragon stature and continued down the hall to the kitchen. He trashed the newly decorated dining hall, game room, and Joey's private gym. Joey's scent was everywhere, but he was not to be found.

"Mokuba you gotta do something, he's insane!" Ryou shivered and pissed his pants.

'Kani' singled out Ryou with a death stare. "You . . . . Where's the mutt?" Ryou bit his lip and Bakura smirked; he enjoyed the smell of blood.

Immediately Kaiba turned to Yugi, "Yugi stop masturbating on Yami's hand, you wanta keep that second rate game shop? TELL ME WHERE JOEY WENT!"

"KAIBA . . . . Yugi's off limits,"

"Ahh . . . . Look at the big bad genius, he's so cute, I haven't had this much fun since I hung the high school principals panties upside down inside the boy's locker room" Bakura howled. "Oh where, oh where has my doggie gone . . . Oh where, oh where can he be?"

"Die . . . . Son of a . . . ."

"Nii-sama . . . He's not here!"


Mokuba locked eyes with his brother. It was clear Seto's control meter was off the chart.

"Why did he leave?" Mokuba asked.

"How am I supposed to know what a mutt thinks?"

"Nii-sama you didn't say that?"

"I always say what I think, because it's the best solution, including scheduling our wedding date."

"Wedding date, Joey never said anything about getting married," Mokuba questioned.

"Well, he hacked into my laptop, and found out the plans I've been making for our future together, which of course includes wedding, anniversaries', and he can stay at home, find a hobby; I'll work.." Kaiba smirked at his ingenious plans. "I've got a business to run."

Mokuba carefully approached his big brother, aka mister flunked the class on relationships. "You've only been engaged for a few months, bro' what's the rush."

"Joey needs discipline," Kaiba smirked.

"Idiot, no wonder he left,"Bakura murmured in Ryou's ear.

"While you were remodeling the house the blond beauty took off on that sexy new bike . . . you provided his getaway car." Yami enjoyed taunting the idiot of love.

Kaiba opened his laptop and swiftly logged in to a tracking device; it felt great to be in control again. His fingers danced a rumba over the keyboard.

"Nii-sama, you're having Joey tracked on his own bike, how could you."

"What the hell," Kaiba stormed out of the room. It appeared the only thing he was tracking happen to be the suitcase at the bottom of the staircase. Joey strikes again.

Bakura howled with laughter. Mokuba tried to text his friend, Yugi sneaked out the back door with Yami, Ryou did the only sensible thing; he called Joey's friend and nurse.

Meanwhile on the other side of Kaiba's vast property . . .

Joey stuffed his face with popcorn and skittles while he watched his favorite anime. He'd taken refuge in a guest house, which Kaiba never used, because guests were not welcome on his property. Almost two hours passed and his cell phone continued to ring. He knew it was just a matter of time before Mokuba figured out where he'd gone and Kaiba would be on his ass. Down to his last pack of skittles Joey packed a light bag and prepared to leave on a skittles run. However it was a special text tone that stopped him cold.

'So you left the jerk, luv of ur life . . . though he was forever..stop cryin . . luv, Brownie-chan'

'I miss you. . not cryin…' sniffs #1

'Yeah, and I don't have a sister, like hell, you love him, so do I have to come out there and kick his ass , luv,Brownie-chan'

Joey refused to text back; he was so confused and frustrated. So he quietly slipped the phone inside his pocket, maybe all his troubles would just disappear.

"Ringgggggggggg . . . ."

Depressed he stared at his pocket, knowing she wouldn't stop until he answered. So he did and waited to hear that comforting voice he couldn't say no to.

"You've never alone, and there's not a problem we can't fix, just talk to me baby,"

"I can't get it up," he whispered.



"You mean . . . . That can't get it up thing?"


Joey couldn't bare the silence so he hung up the phone and cried until he fell asleep.


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A. Snuggle Bunny

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