AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is based off several other characters as well as their storylines from NBC's "Days of our Lives," yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own NBC's "Days of Our Lives" or the characters and I will NOT be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

This story takes place during the time Hope is carrying Bo's first baby. I have changed the "history" somewhat to include Justin, Adrienne, and Dr. Marcus Hunter.


Justin had rushed to the hospital as soon as he had received word from Kayla and Steve. Frantically, he arrived at Salem University, a worried look upon his face. "Where is she?" he asked Kayla and Steve. "Where's Hope?"

"Dr. Marcus Hunter is in there with her right now," Kayla explained quietly. "I'm afraid there was nothing they could do. Hope lost the baby."

"No," Justin said sadly. He knew without a doubt just how much Hope had wanted that baby. She was going to be devastated.

"I want to see her now," Justin said urgently. He was aching to see Hope, to comfort her.

"Just a minute, man," Steve said as he placed a hand upon Justin's shoulder. Since Bo was in Europe on business with Victor, the entire family had come together to be there for Hope. It had been Steve who had found Hope on the docks, lying there clutching her abdomen as she cried out in pain. He had gotten her to the hospital right away, but it had been too late; Hope had lost the baby.

A couple of minutes later, Dr. Hunter walked out of Hope's hospital room and before he could even say a word, Justin swiftly approached him. "How's Hope?" He asked anxiously. "Is she going to be alright?"

Dr. Hunter nodded, although the weariness was there in his dark eyes. "Physically, she's going to be just fine... but I'm afraid her heart is broken..."

"I need to see her," Justin spoke insistently. "Please."

"Okay," Marcus responded. "She needs her friends and family right now. She shouldn't be alone."

Justin sucked in his breath at the doctor's words. *Bo should be here!* he was thinking. Then without another word, he went into Hope's hospital room.

Seeing her lying there, he was struck by how small and pale she looked. He rushed over to her side. "Ohhh Justin," she said in a little whimper, reaching for his hand.

He sat in a chair at her bedside, taking her hand into his. "I'm here, Hope," he said, pressing her hand against his cheek as he gazed into her eyes.

"I'm so sorry about the baby," he spoke quietly.

"I guess it was probably for the best," she said sadly. "Bo never wanted a baby."

Justin shook his head, looking striken by her words. "No, Hope. It wasn't for the best. YOU loved and wanted that baby. And my heart is breaking for you now..."

Tears filled her eyes as she gazed at Justin. "Bo should be here now. I begged him not to go..." she said as she quietly cried. "But he wouldn't listen to me. He took off to Europe with Victor. Business was more important than his wife... and his baby on the way."

"And now he's not here... and our baby is gone..."

"God, I'm so sorry, Hope. You're right. Bo should be here," Justin said as he lightly kissed her hand. Justin just didn't get it; Bo had this beautiful and amazing wife, and he just didn't seem to care or appreciate her enough. And Bo's unhappiness about the baby was incomprehensible to Justin. No wonder Hope was taking all of this so hard. Bo had totally been a jerk.

"Hold me, Justin... I need you to hold me," Hope quietly requested, and Justin could not refuse her. As gently as he could, he pulled her into his arms as she lay there in her hospital bed.

"I'm here, Hope. I will stay as long as you need me," he promised as he held her against his chest and she cried. He pressed kisses into her dark hair, inhaling the sweet scent of her shampoo. And it was in that moment, he realized the truth. He was in love with his cousin's wife.

*Ohhh Lord, what am I gonna do?* he was thinking.


Meanwhile, right outside of Hope's hospital room, Adrienne, Justin's wife had arrived, and she was talking to her brother Steve and his wife Kayla. "What in the world happened to Hope?" she asked.

"She's had a miscarriage," Steve replied solemnly.

"Ohhh God! Poor Hope!" Adrienne gasped, a look of sorrow crossing her face. She could relate as she had struggled with infertility herself. Being unable to have a child had been heartbreaking but then she and Justin had been blessed with twin boys through surrogant parenthood. Their family was now complete, considering they also had Justin's oldest son, Alexander from a previous relationship.

"Can I see her?" Adrienne asked Steve and Kayla.

"Uhhhh... well, right now, Justin is with her..." Kayla answered.

"What? Justin...?" Adrienne asked with surprise as she walked over to the door of Hope's hospital room. A frown came to Adrienne's face as she pushed it open to find her husband practically in bed with a grieving Hope, holding her and comforting her.

Adrienne sucked in her breath, clearly not pleased with the sight of her husband embracing Hope so intimately. "Justin, we need to talk," she said quietly.

Hope looked up teary-eyed at Adrienne, clinging to Justin even though he was trying to disengrage from her arms. "I'll be right back, Hope," he said as he softly brushed a kiss against the top of her head.

Looking at his wife, Justin could tell she was extremely pissed. He barely had a chance to step out in the hallway when she let him have it. "What the HELL do you think you are doing, Justin Kiriakas?" she screamed at him. "Everytime I turn my back, I find you with Hope... holding her hand or spending your every free moment with her! Do you think I am some sort of idiot? I KNOW YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HER!"

Staring at his wife, Justin couldn't even respond at first. Adrienne's words kept echoing in his head. * I KNOW YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HER!* And he couldn't say a word, because it was true. He DID love Hope. He was in love with Hope Brady, his cousin's wife.

Justin just shook his head, trying to deny it, but Adrienne KNEW. "Adrienne, I do love you..." he started, hoping to calm her if he could.

"You might love me... but you aren't IN LOVE with me. YOU LOVE HER!" Adrienne hissed. "And I can't take it anymore. I am taking the boys, and I am LEAVING your ass!" Adrienne threatened.

"Please don't, Adrienne !" he cried out, as the boys were his life.

"Why should I stay in this marriage when you love another woman, Justin? I deserve so much MORE than that!" she fumed. "But you know what, you're going to be doubly sorry! You know why? Because the woman you love doesn't love you. Hope is love with Bo!"

The words she flung at him stung him to the core, but Justin knew they were true. Hope would NEVER love him. She was madly in love with Bo, even though he didn't appreciate her and didn't cherish her as much as she deserved. "Adrienne, go home. We'll talk later," Justin sighed, hoping she would calm down and that she wouldn't carry through with her threats to take the boys away from him.

"Fine, I'm going home. Give Hope my condolences about the baby," she said as she turned and quickly walked away.

Breathing deeply, Justin tried to regain his bearings. Thank God Steve and Kayla hadn't been standing there to have witnessed that terrible argument just now between he and Adrienne. He wasn't prepared to deal with their questions and pitying looks. He knew Adrienne was right about everything. His marriage was crumbling, and it was all because he had fallen in love with Hope, his cousin's wife.

With a heavy sigh, Justin went back into Hope's hospital room. "Is everything okay?" she asked him worriedly. "What happened with Adrienne?"

Justin paused, not knowing what to say at first. "We had an argument, but it's nothing for you to worry about," he replied as he once again came to her side, taking her hand into his.

Hope looked at him questioningly, knowing there was something more he wasn't telling her. "Is Adrienne angry because you are here with me?"

"Hope, Adrienne feels awful about what happened to your baby. She said to give you her condolences," he said as he pulled her close again his arms. "I don't want to worry you right now; you have enough on your mind... but I think my marriage is failing..."

"What?" Hope said with a little gasp. She had no clue that Justin and Adrienne were having problems in their marriage. She had been so focused on her own problems with Bo. Justin had always been there for her, but it seems she hadn't been there for him. Knowing she hadn't seen the signs of his distress, she felt incredibly sad.

"Justin, what's wrong? What's going on with you and Adrienne?"

Looking down into her incredible dark eyes, Justin tried to find the words. They seemed to be stolen from his lungs. Finally he spoke, his voice faltering.

"It would seem my wife thinks I am in love with another woman."

"What?" said Hope with disbelief. "Who?"

"You," he quietly answered. "Adrienne thinks I am in love with you..."