Title: Love Hidden in Hate
Author: CHAx2
Rated: G
Written: April 2000
E-Mail: animeniacx2713@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.geocities.com/animeniacx2713

* This is just a story I wrote in my spare time, so if it sux it's not completely my fault. Well, actually, I guess it is. I collaborated Sailor Moon and Pokémon to make this story. Note that Ash is 10, Misty is 12, Tracey is 13, and Serena is 14, also this is only when there was Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Mars.

*Disclaimer: Shut-up cuz I don't own Pokémon or Sailor Moon.

Chapter One: Discoveries

Ash awoke with the darkness of the night surrounding him. Tracey and Pikachu were still asleep, but where was Misty? He looked around, but didn't see her. He heard her voice in the distance, so he followed it.

He found her behind the darkness and the trees. He hid behind the foliage and was quiet so as not to startle her. She was talking to herself, "Ash, I don't know how to tell you this, but I love you. That's sounds so stupid, I can't go up to him and tell him that! But if I don't tell him soon I'll never get any sleep. But I've never even gathered enough courage to even get close to. Ash, why do I love you so?"

Ash listened intently, but did not reply. He was shocked at how much she cared for him. She saw her slowly stand up and walk toward him.

Ash quietly ran back to his sleeping bag. He climbed in and pretended to sleep.

Misty came walking to the spot where they lay. She looked at Tracey, then Pikachu, and then she looked at Ash, not an ordinary look, but a look of love shining in her eyes. She thought, 'My Ash, my one and only Ash. Can't you love me the way I love you?'

She climbed into her sleeping bag and tried to go to sleep, but couldn't because too many thoughts clouded her mind, the same as every night, since she had met Ash for the first time.

Finally, just before the sunlight hit the heavens, she drifted off to sleep.

~Later that morning~

"Good morning Ash, good morning Misty. Did you guys get enough sleep?" asked Tracey.

Ash stared at him with confused, happy, yet sleepy eyes. He didn't answer.

Misty didn't look up at all, but she mumbled, "No."

A tiny, yellow creature said, "Pika, pika...chu!" in a small, high voice.

Tracey stared at both of them for a moment. He wondered, 'Why do they hide it? It's so obvious that they have feelings for each other. Maybe they fight and argue, but they can't hide anymore. The feelings are growing inside both of them.'

They began their daily journey once again. They neared a big town. As they walked farther, they spotted a motel where they could stay. They signed in and left so they could visit the sites of this town, and find a Pokémon Center where Pikachu could stay because the motel didn't allow any types of pets to stay in their establishment.

As they were walking, a klutzy young girl came running around the corner and crashed into Ash. Ash's eyes looked deep into hers as they sat on the ground. His heart sprang with a lighter joy and happiness than what he had felt for Misty, but was still filled with enough love and caring.

"I'm sorry. I'm Serena and I'm late for school, I have to go," she explained.

Misty had seen how Ash looked at her, and a jealous rage burned in her heart. 'No, it was nothing. He may have fallen for her, but she won't fall for him, he's too young for her.'

So, forgetting it for the moment, they went along again to search for a Pokémon Center. After only a few minutes they gave up on the search and decided to ask someone instead. They neared an Arcade, so they entered it and saw a tall blonde-haired man wiping the counter.

"Ummm...excuse me, do you know where the nearest Pokémon Center is?" asked Ash.

"Hmmm...it's nice to see some new faces, "he said to himself, " Well, you go down this road, "he stated pointing out the window, "take a right, go straight for three blocks...you know what I'll take you there myself." He went to the back room, shouting, "Hey, boss, can I take a break?"

"Yeah Andrew. You're not even suppose to be here this early!" said a distant voice.

He came out and took off his apron, nearing them he said, "Okay, follow me."

They willingly obeyed. "So, Andrew, is that your name?" began Tracey.

"Yeah, it is," he answered.

"Well, this morning a blonde girl with meatball hair bumped into us and I was wondering if you know who she is"

"There's only one girl that fits that description, Serena! Why?"

"Just wondering," Tracey said lightly, catching Ash giving him a cold stare.

"You shouldn't really get mixed up in her world, it's all too much."

"What do you mean?" asked Ash, wide-eyed with wonder.

"Do you have some kind of interest for her or something?"


"Well, here's the Pokémon Center."

"This little shack?!" replied Misty, "Is there any others anywhere in this town?"

"Nope, this is the only one," concluded Andrew. He lifted up his hand and looked at his watch. "Oh! I have to get back to the Arcade. If you guys need any more help, I'll be a the Arcade all day."

"Okay, bye, thanks for your help!" shouted Tracey as Andrew ran back to the Arcade.

Then he looked at the little, run-down shack with a Pokémon sign above it. "Well, if this is a Pokémon Center, we might as well go inside," reasoned Ash. So they went inside.

"Nurse Joy, is that you?" asked Tracey.

"Yes, I am the step-sister of the cousin of the sister of the Nurse Joy from Pallet Town," she answered.

"You don't look like a Nurse Joy," said Misty.

"Well I am! Do you want me to take care of your Pokémon for you or what?"

"Oh, yeah. Can you take care of my Pikachu and our other Pokémon just for this week because the motel we're staying in doesn't allow pets inside," explained Ash.

"Okay!" So Ash handed her Pikachu and his pokéballs, Misty handed her her Togepi and her pokéballs, and Tracey handed her his three pokéballs. Then they left and looked around the town some more.

"Please, Miss H, it wasn't my fault I was late today," explained Serena.

"No more excuses! Everyday it's the same thing! You're always late; don't expect me to finally believe you and your silly excuses. Detention as always Serena!" Screamed Miss Haruna (the teacher).

"Awww..." she whined, as she thought, 'Raye's gonna tear my ear off again. But the day wouldn't be complete without her screaming at me for being late or for some other stupid mistake I make.' But, as always, she went to detention at the end of the day.

She wrote a 500-word essay, but she couldn't help thinking, 'Hmmm...who was that guy I bumped into this morning? It's his fault I was late this morning. It's his fault I'm here in detention right now! But that guy that was with him was pretty cute.' She smiled to herself as she thought of that guy.

"Hey, Andrew," greeted Tracey as they arrived at the Arcade.

"Hey, guys. Did you look around the whole town already?" questioned Andrew.

"No, actually we want to know what's the best restaurant around here," replied Ash.

Three girls came into the already crowded Arcade. "I can't show you right now because this is the busy time for the Arcade. But have you seen the Temple that sits on top of the small hill over there?" he asked, pointing.

"Yeah," answered Tracey.

"Well, there's a girl that lives there, named Raye. She will answer any questions that you have."

"Okay, thanks," said Misty as they ran out of the Arcade.

They got up to the front gates and saw two girls sitting at the steps of the Temple. "Um...is there anybody here named Raye?" asked Ash.

"I'm Raye," answered the girl with brunette hair and a gray school uniform.

"The guy at the Arcade, Andrew, told us that you could help us," clarified Tracey.

"Uh...help you how?"

"Well we're new here and we don't know which restaurant is good enough to eat in," informed Misty.

"Oh...uh...well I don't really know because I eat my meals here, but my Grandpa would be okay with you staying here for a while. You're gonna stay, too, right, Ami?" she asked the blue-haired girl standing next to her.

"Yeah, I think Serena's coming, too," she said.

The moment he heard her name, he looked up at them. Raye motioned for them to enter the kitchen, so they followed her.

Serena had just gotten out of detention, and slowly walked towards the Temple. 'Raye's gonna be really, really mad. I missed another Sailor Scout meeting, but weren't we gonna have dinner there, too? I hope they didn't eat up all the food without me.'

When she got to the Temple, she saw the two guys she had been thinking about all day. "Hey...uh...guys, who are they and why are they here?" asked Serena.

Raye began to answer, but Ash interrupted her, "Hi, my name is Ash Ketchum." He held out his hand to shake hers, but she refused.

"Aren't you the same guy I bumped into this morning?"


"You made me late this morning..."

"Oh, come on Serena, you're always late. Even if you didn't crash into Ash this morning, you still would've been late," declared Raye.

"Come on Raye, for once can't you side with me?"

"You're blaming the kid for a continual thing."

"I'm not a kid!" exclaimed Ash.

So went the little argument. Ash was happy, though. Raye was steaming mad. Serena was beginning to whine and cry. Everybody else felt left out.

Finally, Ami settled the argument, "Guys, why are you fighting about this. Serena, you're always late anyway..."

"Oh, thanks Ami!" Serena said as she began to cry some more.

"Oh, can it, Serena," Raye shouted.

"Okay, before another fight breaks out, I want to get my point through. Stop fighting so we can eat our dinners, and maybe, Serena, you'll never see Ash again after this moment," said Ami.

"That's kinda mean," Ash said to himself.

But the voices, shouts, and whines were ceased and replaced with a nice, quiet, peaceful conversation between the six. Serena sat next to Tracey, but his mind and his heart only held her as a friend.

"So, Ash, tell us how you got to be a Pokémon Trainer," said Raye.

"Well, when I turned ten, I was eligible to become a Pokémon Trainer, and when I went to get my first Pokémon, Professor Oak gave me a Pikachu. And ever since then, I've been wandering around, looking for Pokémon. This is the first town I've ever been to that didn't have any Pokémon to capture...anywhere," explained Ash, "How about you? Have you lived in this Temple your whole life?"

"Yeah, I was raised here by my Grandpa," replied Raye, "What about you Tracey? What's the story behind you?"

"Well, when I was little, I always wanted to become a Pokémon Watcher. When I was old enough, I fulfilled my dream," he explained.

"Misty, how about you?" asked Ami.

"Oh...I'm the youngest of four sisters. My parents left us the Cerulean City Gym, but my sisters don't have any experience in fighting battles, that whenever I visit, I have to help them keep all the badges they have left. I left home in the first place so I could become the world's greatest water-type Pokémon Trainer," she enquired.

Raye looked at her watch, "It's getting late, maybe you guys should head back to the motel now."

"But, Raye, it's only six P.M.!" declared Serena.

"Yeah, but my grandpa says that visitors aren't allowed here past six, so they have to go."

"That's okay, we can came back here tomorrow," said Tracey.

So as they waved good-byes and walked to the motel, Ash couldn't stop thinking about Serena. His life began to revolve around her and he couldn't wait until the next day.

Serena turned to Raye, "Why did you tell them to leave?!"

"Serena, what a crybaby you are! Don't you remember we were supposed to have a Scout meeting? Do you even remember that you are Sailor Moon?" Raye asked.

"Of course I remember! Can you just stop treating me like a little kid?" she whined.

"Well, when you stop acting like one I will!" Raye shot back.

"Guys, stop arguing! We still have Scout business to take care of," Ami declared.

They looked at her and stopped. A little black cat jumped onto her shoulder and said, "That's telling them Ami. You should pay attention to the latest news Central Control gave me. They said that a new, stronger force has arrived, but it only wants those kids that were here, so I think you should keep a close eye on them."