Title: Love Hidden in Hate
Author: CHAx2
Rated: G
Written: April 2000
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Website: http://www.geocities.com/animeniacx2713

*This is the final chapter, and the shortest. So I am tired right now, so here's da story.

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Chapter Five: One Moment in Time

Ash opened his eyes and saw Serena, Raye, and Ami staring back at him. "Huh? Where am I? Where's Misty?" asked Ash.

They pointed at her. She was snoozing peacefully on the floor.

"What happened?" probed Ash.

"Don't you remember?" asked Ami.

"Sorta," Ash said.

A loud yawn came from beyond the door. They opened the door and saw the awakened Tracey at the doorstep. "Huh? What are you guys doing here?" asked the apparently confused Tracey.

"This is the Temple, not the motel. Now get up," ordered Raye.

Tracey blushed and quickly stood up. "Oh, yeah. I...I forgot."

Misty began to awaken as well. She stirred a bit, and then opened her eyes. "Ash?"

"Hi, Misty. Good morning," he happily said.

"I just had the strangest dream," she looked at Raye, Ami, and Serena, "OH! It wasn't a dream. But if it wasn't a dream...Ash..."


"Um...never mind." But deep in her mind, she thought, 'Was it a dream when Ash kissed me?'

"We should go back home, now. It's been so long since I've visited home," Ash explained.

Tracey and Misty agreed. "We'll come back and visit, sometime," said Ash.

"Okay," Serena said, hugging Ash and Tracey, "Good-bye."

"Okay, I can't breathe," declared Tracey.

They all said their shares of good-byes, and Ash, Tracey, and Misty were once again on their way.

They stopped at the Arcade and said good-bye to Andrew and Darien.

They went back to the run-down Pokémon Center, and got Pikachu and the other Pokémon. "Pika, pika!" Pikachu said.

"It's so nice to see you again, Pikachu," declared Ash.

"Pika...chu...pi..." it said.

"Togepi, I missed you," Misty said, holding Togepi in her arms.

"Toké...toké...bree!" said Togepi.

"Marill, Venonat, Scyther, I missed you guys," said Tracey.

Once again they started their usual journey, walking around in the wilderness until they got to where they needed to go.

~Late at night~

The three were sitting around a burning flame in the middle of the forest. "Sure is nice to be back in the open spaces of the forests," stated Ash.

"Yeah. >>Sigh

"What? Did you say something Misty?" asked Ash.

"Huh? No," lied Misty.

Tracey looked at them, "Can't you guys ever finally admit it to yourselves?"

"Huh? What are you talking about, Tracey?" asked Ash.

"Don't lie. You both can't deny it anymore, not after what has happened, after what you went through...together," said Tracey.

"But...I just...can't," Misty declared.

"Why not?" asked Tracey, "You are both in love with each other, right?"

They didn't answer. They just sat where they were and stared at the ground, endlessly.

"Why don't you answer me? FINE!!!! Go on with your lives, without each other, and see how long you can last," shouted Tracey. He climbed into his sleeping bag and pretended to sleep.

Ash got a stick and started to poke the fire with it.

"Ash, don't. The stick's gonna burn, and then it's gonna burn you," said Misty.

Ash put the stick down. "There's just one thing I don't get, actually there's a lot of things, but this is the one that sticks out in my mind," Ash said rather quickly.

"Okay, what?" asked Misty.

"Why do you act like you hate me if you really...um...like me?" asked Ash.

"I don't know. I guess I loved you too much."


"Love. I love you Ash. I can't stop loving you. I'm sorry, but I can't."

"I love you, too," Ash whispered.


"I love you. I've always loved, from the first time I met you, when you fished me out of the river," he said louder.

"You...you have?"

"It's ironic, isn't it?"

"What is?"

"We hid our feelings behind hate. Love hidden in hate."

*Hey!! So, did you like it? :-\ I know it wasn't all that good, but I'm fine with the results. Anyway, there's a Pokémon sequel to this that you might want to read if you liked this story. Ok, well, it's called Emotions. Aight, peace out. Sayonara!