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Jasper's POV

The school day was dragging, like usual. I didn't like going back to school, it seemed pointless to me. Why do we need to relearn everything, and more importantly why do we subject ourselves to temptation. Human blood, you could smell it everywhere, and being in an enclosed space like a classroom made it worse. Pair that with super vampire senses and I was in hell. History, my favorite class by any means, but all I could focus on was the fifteen odd students sitting around me. I sat at the back, and to the right side, close to the door. I was as far away as I was allowed, but that didn't seem to help.

One look at the girl next to me and I could see her veins clear as day. See them throb with blood in time with her heartbeat. I close my eyes and it just heightens my other senses. I can hear her heart beating strongly, pumping the blood around her body. I can smell her scent, but it is completely overpowered by the scent of her blood. Thinking about my senses leads me to the two left out. Touch and taste. I can imagine holding her lithe body in my arms, cradling her to my chest, supporting her weight. Feeling her chest fall and rise with each breath. I'd lick her neck, taste her, before I broke her skin. One drop of blood, it's all it takes. One drop of the red velvety liquid and I'd be in heaven. The beast in me would take over and I wouldn't care. I'd savor the taste as the warm liquid ran down my throat. Human blood, it was the only thing that could quench our thirst fully, animal blood was just a bad substitute.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my pocket. I sighed as I tore my eyes away from the poor innocent girl next to me and pulled out my phone. Two new text messages, Edward and Alice, of course. I opened Edward's first- I can hear your thoughts from here Jasper, don't screw this up for our family. Of course, I opened up Alice's next- Jazz lunch is next, I hope you're excited. Oh and I knew you wouldn't drain that poor innocent girl. Predictable, the two of them. Neither trusted me. No one did fully, I could feel their emotions after all. The truth of the matter though, is if I wanted to kill her then she would already be dead and no one would have been able to stop me. No one except Peter and Charlotte know what I'm fully capable of doing and no one will either.

I didn't bother replying, there was no point. I just sat and waited for the bell to ring. I knew I could spend the rest of my time imagining all the ways I could kill the girl without anyone noticing, but I didn't really need Edward or Alice barging into the classroom unannounced. Five minutes wasted if you ask me. What my family don't seem to understand is that you can have thoughts without acting on them. They are like dreams, you dream of the unattainable because you'd rather dream about it then to never experience it at all, but they just don't seem to understand that. Two seconds until the bell rings, too early for me to leave. One second in vampire time has got to be at least a minute in normal time, too long. One second until the bell rings, close enough. I gather my books and stand just as the bell rings. I am out of the classroom before the humans even have time to react.

Lunch, the best time of the day for humans according to their emotions, hell for us. I don't know why my family sits in the cafeteria and pretends to eat and be normal, they aren't fooling anyone. We'd be better off staying outside, or ultimately telling the other students that we go home for lunch. One hour, we sit, we push food around our trays, we hardly talk to each other or make eye contact. Once again an hour wasted. If I was human the phrase I would constantly use would be- fuck my life. Yep that pretty much summed it up. At least I had something to look forward to today, Bella Swan, Chief Swan's daughter, Alice's new best friend, Esme and Carlisle's adopted daughter for lack of a better word. Although she was only Chief Swan's daughter so far, I doubt that the others were far off.

I passed by my locker and threw my books in, then made my way to the cafeteria. I went straight for the food line, Edward protocol, get the food, sit down, pretend to eat, don't attract the attention of others. All that amounted to was boredom, but I followed it because of Alice. Alice was my 'mate' and I was so 'in love' with her that I did what she wanted. One day I'd be free and I would savior my freedom, one day. I blindly chose my food and made my way over to our table, the others were already there. Edward glared at me straight away and Alice grabbed my hand in attempt to comfort me, or maybe ready to hold me back. I wasn't going to kill her, I thought directly to Edward and his demeanor softened.

Now back to the task at hand, find Bella Swan. I scanned the room discretely, but she was nowhere. I did a double check even though I knew it was pointless, I never missed anything. No, she wasn't here. I strained my ears and tried to separate the conversations to see if anyone was talking about Bella. It didn't take long before I focused on Mike's table, they were the only ones interested in Bella. I blocked out everything else and listened in.

"She's weird," I heard Jessica speak.

"Jess, you can't say that," Angela replied.

"And why's that?" Jessica asked. Ah, she was always a little dense that girl.

"Because you don't know her," Angela answered.

"Please, she was kidnapped, yes I get that, but why does she have to milk it. I mean all the teachers feel sorry for her and they never call on her," Jessica whined.

"But she's hot," Mike spoke.

"Yeah," Eric agreed.

"Hot?" Jessica questioned them. "How did you even see her face? She has her head down the whole time, hair covering her face."

Asses, I thought. Everyone at that table was below normal intelligence, except Angela. Angela felt sadness for Bella whereas Jessica was just mainly jealous, which I guess stemmed from the boys obvious attraction to her. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't see her come in. It was Angela who alerted me to the fact. I felt a massive wave of sadness come off her before she spoke.

"I'm going to go over and sit with her."

"Why?" Jessica asked offended.

"Because she has no one else," Angela spoke as she stood up with her tray.

"Okay, whatever."

Angela slowly walked across the cafeteria with her tray. I watched her like a hawk, not willing to catch a glimpse of Bella before Angela reached her. Angela must have felt my gaze on her back because her emotions quickly shifted from sadness to fear. She turned around slowly and met my eyes. As soon as she saw that it was me the fear disappeared and the sadness returned. She turned back around and made her way over to Bella. Every step she took was too slow, but I wasn't going to look ahead. I would see Bella through Angela first, it was the best way to keep my emotions in check and not judge anyone before I should.

She finally made it to the table and sat down. When her tray hit the table Bella jumped a little, but never looked up. "Sorry," I heard Angela say before raising her head. I followed her gaze, so slow. I could feel the anticipation building. I caught my first glimpse of her hair. It was long, it was brown, and it covered her face like a curtain. Although her hair was in front of her face I could see her clearly. Thank you vampire eyesight. I could see in between each strand of hair and was shocked and excited by what I saw. She was a beautiful girl, no doubt about that, but her face showed no emotion and her eyes were dead, and it was then that I realized that I couldn't get a read off her. She had no emotions, she was dead to the world, or so it appeared.

I was broken out of my thoughts by a swift hit on my arm.

"What?" I all but growled at the assailant. As soon as I saw it was Alice I calmed down. "Sorry, what were you after Alice?"

"Edward was talking to you," she answered, seemingly unfazed by my anger.

"What were you just thinking about?" Edward asked me and that was definitely a first for him.

Nothing, I thought.

"What were you thinking about before?" Edward asks me confused.

You mean you didn't hear me before when I was watching Bella? I questioned and Edward didn't respond. You are a pompous ass Edward.

Edward looks at me completely confused and utterly frustrated.

"You didn't hear that?" I asked Edward and he shook his head.

Sweet, I thought to myself, Edward blocker.

"I heard that," Edward said to me frustrated.

Strange, he can hear me, than he can't. Hmm, I was thinking about Bella, that's it, and he claims he can't hear me, but now he can. That is completely strange.

"You're telling me," Edward muttered. "And why did your thoughts drop out in the middle? All I could hear was silence. What were you thinking about?"

What was I thinking about? Like I'd tell him. Stupid mind reader. I find a way to stay silent and he wants me to tell him my trick, not a chance in hell.

"Tell me brother," Edward growled. "I have ways of getting it out of you."

I scoffed, hello, Bringer of Darkness, does that mean nothing to you? Edward cocked his eyebrow at me, challenging me. Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella. Edward was growing agitated. Sucker.

I knew now that I couldn't stare directly at Bella or I'd give my secret away, so I focused on Mike's table again. Vampires have great peripheral vision and I could see Bella and Angela clearly without raising suspicion. They were in much the same position, but now Angela was eating. They were both silent, but it looked as though Bella was enjoying the company. I still couldn't get a read off her emotions, but her posture had relaxed ever so slightly, a human would never be able to tell, but I could. She had sunk back into her chair about an inch and her shoulders had slumped down too. She wasn't as rigid and on edge as she was before.

You would think not being able to read someone's emotions would tick me off, but it didn't. It intrigued me actually. I was trying to come up with a million different ways to get Bella to feel something again, anything. No one should go through life emotionless, where would be the fun in that? So I made it my personal mission to discreetly make Bella feel any kind of emotion by the end of the week. Discreetly meaning that none of my family would know what I was up to. And I didn't care what kind of emotion I would get off her, happiness, sadness, fear, they're all the same in that they are better than no emotions at all. I began to formulate a plan in my head, using my military planning and tactics, ah how I've missed these old skills. It looks like this mundane school year just turned out to be a lot more interesting on my part.