Love Me if You Can

Chapter 5

Noah Puckerman: As I was heading to find Rachel I saw Finn with this look that said he was about to hurt someone. I went to look and see what he was looking at in the auditorium and found Rachel and Jesse St. James and I was happy to see that Rachel was happy because she had been so miserable when she was with Finn. I want to tell Rachel that Finn was just stringing her along and was with Quinn the whole time Finn was with Rachel. The next place I go is Mr. Schue's office to tell him that Jesse is back before he hears it from Finn. Hey "Mr. Schue"

Mr. Schue: Yes Puck?

Noah: I was just on my way to the auditorium when I saw Finn smirking looking like he was going to get someone kicked out of the glee club. I saw what he was smirking at in the auditorium. He was looking at Jesse St. James and Rachel. He wondered off like he was going to tell everyone. I thought I would tell you first to keep Rachel from getting hurt and in glee.

Mr. Schue: Is Rachel happy?

Puck: Yeah she is. I noticed that when she was with Finn she was depressed and more annoying. When she is with St. James she is happy and laid back more. Jesse makes her happy.

Mr. Schue: Do you think it is time for Finn to leave glee. I mean we only won 1 national trophy and that was with Rachel.

Puck: yes I do and Quinn needs to go also. Those 2 cause the most problems with every one. Quinn always calls Rachel the most names. I know 2 new people that would be good in replacement for Finn and Quinn.

Mr. Schue: Really who?

Puck : My half brother Jake and a girl by the name of Marley Rose.

Mr. Schue: Ok lets head to glee practice and deal with Finn and Quinn.