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It was a stormy night when our story begins. The rain batted against the rider of a white horse as thunder and lightning battled in the sky as another battled raged inside the riders mind. Mixed emotions, love, worry; sadness ran through the riders mind as the loyal horse pushed on. The rider continued onward till the rider came to a place called The Shire, home of the hobbits that lived there. Stopping in front of a home, Bag End as it's called, that belonged to a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. The small package in the riders hands began to cry softly as the rider dismounted, almost like the package didn't want the trip to end.

"Forgive me little one." The rider whispered before heading towards the door. "Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins you open this door right this instant!" the rider pounded on the door. A light came on through the window only a few seconds later before a hobbit, holding a sword held high opened the door.

"Adora? What in Merlin's beard are you doing here?" The hobbit asked lowering the sword, opening the door to allow the rider inside but the rider shook its head.

"I cannot falter Bilbo. I came to ask that favor of you." The rider named Adora held out the package for Bilbo to take. Bilbo took it and uncovered the top part. Wrapped tightly in the warmest wool was a baby. A full head of bright red hair, slightly pointed ears, and the fairest skin belonged to the small baby. "You owe me that favor and I've come to deliver my only daughter too you. Please, take care of Aria for I can no longer keep her safe." Adora, known as the rider of white said to her old friend. "Gandalf, our old friend will stop by now and then to check in her for me. She's very special Bilbo. As she will get older you'll find that her life will be difficult one." Adora knelt down to their height and took off the sapphire necklace she wore. The necklace was a perfect cut sapphire gem with sliver leaves of her people wrapping around it. Adora placed the necklace around the baby's neck with a kiss on her forehead, whispering something into the infants' ear so soft that the wind could not carry it.

"What will happen to you Adora? What shall I tell her?" Bilbo asked as Adora turned away.

"When she's older tell her the truth but not of her father. She doesn't need to know about him. Give her this when you think she will understand. It will explain everything about her gifts." Adora gave Bilbo a leather bound book. "Thank you Bilbo. For everything." A tear escaped the eyes of the rider as she mounted her horse again.

"My lady…" the loyal horse spoke to his master but she shook her head.

"When my daughter calls for you, you will answer. She's in your charge now my loyal friend. Protect her; keep her safe when I cannot." Adora spoke before ordering her friend forward down the road again.

"Yes my lady. As you wish." The horse answered.

Back at Bag End, the hobbit watched his friend ride away. He looked down at the tiny bundle in her arms and smiled. All his life he wanted a son and daughter. Now he has Frodo and Aria to call his own. Bilbo looked up to see that the rider was no longer visible any longer.

"She will be just like you Adora. Clever, independent, selfless, and most of all loving. Be wary on your travels my friend, may dark never catch you in its cold grip." Bilbo whispered before heading inside to find a place for the small baby to sleep. She was going to need room when she grows, she's going to be different but Bilbo didn't care.


Years later…..

"Aria, come on my dear, wake up." Bilbo Baggins, now one hundred and eleven years, shook the body that lay covered by blankets on a much larger hobbit bed.

"Go away Uncle Bilbo. I'm still sleeping." The sleeping form peaked out from under the blanket. Bilbo Baggins removed the pillow that blocked the sleeping forms face. Red hair fell over in tumbles of the girls' shoulders. Golden eyes opened and the girl sat upward. The years have been kind to the girl since that night Bilbo remembers. Her red hair grew and reached the middle of her back and her golden eyes darkened a bit but they still shone like gold. She was much taller than a hobbit but just a tad bit short from looking like a human. The elvish in her blood made her smaller made her eyes slightly pointed too. When she stood you could make out the curves she had of both human and elf, not like the hobbits that more rounder than curvy. Aria was a mixed breed. Aria is a very rare breed. "Happy birthday Uncle Bilbo." Aria said to him.

"Thank you, now get up. Frodo has been waiting for you to get up for a while now." Bilbo told her with a smile on his face as he drew open the curtains of her window.

"I was supposed to meet Frodo by the river so he can help me practice this morning!" Aria threw the covers off and ran to the washroom. She quickly bathed and fixed her hair in a single braid before running back to her room, almost running over the hobbit she has called Uncle for so long in the process. Bilbo was never the one to sugar coat anything in the young woman's life. He always told her the truth of how her father died and her mother left because she could no longer take care of the child. Her abilities came from her father along with her golden eyes while her red hair and slightly pointed ears came from her mother who was elf. She was called a hybrid, mixed, or mutt in some cases.

"I decided to let you sleep in. After all the studying you did last night along with all the translations I gave you I figured you could use more sleep." Bilbo told her through the door. Aria quickly placed a short sleeved shirt on then followed with her jumper and then leggings underneath it. She opened the door and ran into the kitchen, grabbed a slice of bread and jam, kissed her uncle good-bye then ran out the door. Her bare feet over the years had grown tough that running on grass, dirt, rocks has no longer bothered her anymore.

"You're late." Frodo, her very brother- like friend/ cousin spoke, not looking up from his book.

"Bilbo allowed me to sleep in this morning. And you could've woken me up as well Frodo." Aria said with her hands on her hips. Frodo looked up with a smirk on his face. "It was your idea wasn't!" Aria accused, pointing her finger at him. Frodo gave a deep laugh before putting his book down.

"Relax Aria. Bilbo and I both agreed that you've been working too hard. Learn to pace yourself but since you're here, we can begin." Frodo gave her another smile before handing her a matchbook. "I want you to have five fire orbs in the air until I say stop." Frodo sat back down, pulling back out his book but also a sheet of paper and an ink well and quill.

"Bilbo is going to love his surprise." Aria spoke, focusing on creating five fire orbs. Once striking the match a flame appeared. She would pull the fire off the wooden stick and allow it to float freely around her. But when she went to get another one she found that there was none left.

"Create five by using one." Frodo said as if he knew that there was only one match left in the match box.

"Gandalf gave you a new list didn't he?" Aria shot the hobbit a glare before whispering to the small orb. The orb shook then began to slip apart and create another and another until there were five floating around her.

"Yes he did." Frodo dipped the quill in the ink then wrote a check on sheet next to the instruction. 'Create five fire orbs from on. If she whispers to it then she's going it right. Do not allow her to pull them apart.'

"Sly old wizard." Aria murmured under her breath.

The rest of the six hours of tutoring and practicing were as followed. After fire practice came writing and reading along with speaking elvish with Bilbo, Setting up targets for archery and dagger throwing, Water walking at the stream with Frodo, speaking with the trees during lunch which mostly consisted of fruit, bread, and cheese. Aria is one of the very few who do eat meat. She's very strict on it and even one piece would get her sick. 'I never care to eat something if I can still hear its voice in my head.' After lunch the rest of the day is hers. But today, Aria stayed by Frodo's side, relaxing in a vine hammock that the trees made for her while Frodo continued to read his book while smoking a pipe.

"You know that thing will kill you?" Aria asked while swaying slowly, created by the gentle breeze.

"All hobbits smoke Lily. It's like….tradition." Frodo answered her by using her nickname he gave her.

"It's a tradition that smells. Hobbits are most strange, short beings I've seen."

"We're the only beings you've seen besides Gandalf."

"And that's what bothers me! I want to see everything Frodo. I want to go to see the elves at Rivendell, I want to see the Misty Mountains, meet the dragons Bilbo has seen, and I even want to see the Dwarfs! I want to see everywhere Bilbo has. I want to find my mother and know why she gave me up." Aria brought out the necklace that rested on her chest. Bilbo had given it to her on her sixteenth birthday. That was also the day when he told her about her mother. Adora Fairfax is or was an elf from Rivendell. She was adventurous, she could never sit still, and she was loving, great with children, and very protective of her loved ones. The best person you could depend on. When Aria brought but her father, Bilbo….couldn't explain.

"One day you'll see them Aria and your mother. Everything has its time." Frodo said and they fell into silence. Aria's eyes slowly fell as the wind and trees rocked her. In the shade it was cool and comforting to be away from the sun. For in the Shire the summers get really hot and muggy. Sweating is something that Aria really doesn't like to do.

"Down from the door where it began. And I must follow if I can."

Aria's eyes shot open as Frodo scrambled to his feet. They both turned to look at each other with a smile on their faces.

"He's here." Frodo said and took off running.

"And he's late!" Aria cried after him as she ran too. Past trees and following Frodo's heavy footsteps he made in the grass. They stopped at the edge of the road where a man dressed in a gray robe and pointy hat was driving a cart pulled by a horse.

"You're late." Both Frodo and Aria said crossing their arms over their chests.

"A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins and Aria Fairfax. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." The old man looked up at the two, his mouth pulling into a straight line. However, they began laughing, seeing that they never could be serious at this time. Both Aria and Frodo were happy that their friend was back in the Shire.

"It's wonderful to see you Gandalf!" Frodo jumped on the wizard with a hug.

"I'm just glad you're here. Things would've been rightfully boring and dull if it wasn't for Bilbo's birthday. Now that you're here it won't be so bad." Aria said stepping onto the wagon.

"And I don't get a welcome back hug from you Aria? Or are you too grown up for those sorts of things?" Gandalf asked. Aria shook her head before giving the wizard a hug.

"It's good to see you again Gandalf." She said with a smile.

"You didn't think that I'd miss your Uncle Bilbo's birthday did you?" Gandalf asked.

"Not in the slightest but we'd suspected that you would be running late." Aria said then climbed onto the horses back, sitting backwards. Gandalf ordered the horse forward and for a while they sat quietly until Frodo spoke.

"What news of the outside world? Tell us everything." He said.

"Everything!" Air repeated.

"Everything? You two are far too eager and curious for a hobbit, much less from an elf. Most unnatural." Gandalf said.

"Half elf, remember?" Aria corrected.

"Well, what can I tell you? Life in the wide world goes on much as it has this past Age. Full of coming and goings. Scarcely aware of the existence of Hobbits. For which I am very thankful. And that includes you, Aria. Your mother would kill me if anything should happen to you." Gandalf said as we rode through town. Most stopped and waved while others went along their business.

"But you have no clue as to where she is. I highly doubt that my mom would find you and kill you. Your one of her most trusted friends besides Bilbo and her two childhood friends." Aria said to him, forcing the wizard to grace a smile on his lips.

"The long-expected party." Gandalf said as they passed the field where the party was going to be. The tiny hobbits raised the banner high in the sky and they cheered when it was finally put up. "How is the old rascal? I hear it's going to be a party of special magnificence."

"You know Uncle Bilbo. He's got the whole place in an uproar. He's even invited the hobbits he doesn't like. That means he's up to something." Aria said.

"Well, that should please him." Gandalf said.

"Like Aria said, half the Shire's been invited." Frodo said.

"Gracious me." Gandalf commented.

"He's up to something."

"Oh, really?"

"All right, then. Keep your secrets then. Before you came along, we Bagginses were very well thought of." Frodo said.


"Never had any adventures or did anything unexpected."

"And that means the story about the dragon and the mountains of gold Bilbo has hiding under his house." Aria laughed.

"I was barely involved. All I did was give your uncle a little nudge out of the door." Gandalf said, taking a puff of smoke from his pipe.

"Whatever you did, you've been officially labeled a disturber of the peace." Frodo said to him.

"I heard about that. If they're calling him a disturber of the peace then I'm a menace then." Aria said, crossing her arms above her chest.

"Oh, really?" Gandalf asked. They passed by a couple of hobbits who gave Gandalf a look as they passed. Aria shot them back the look but Gandalf tapped her on the head with walking stick as a sign of 'do not even bother trying.'

"Gandalf! Gandalf!" cried the children hobbits as they moved on. "Fireworks, Gandalf!" the children loved Gandalf when he came to blow things up for them and create butterflies with tiny sparks. When Gandalf ignored their request they all went silent…

"You know you want to. You can't disappoint your fans Gandalf." Aria said with a smile, her eyes passing between the children and him. Gandalf made a look then all of a sudden a firework went off, creating sparks coming out of his cart. Gandalf laughed at their enjoyment as Frodo and Aria shook their heads.

"Gandalf?" Frodo got up from his seat. "I'm glad you're back."

"So am I, dear boy."Frodo smiled and got off the cart with a wave good-bye. "So am I." Aria got up from her seat and placed herself in Frodo's.

"Now it's just me and you." Aria said.

"For a while. Have you been doing the things I left for you to do?" Gandalf asked her.

"Yes I have Gandalf. The water ability is harder than I thought but the fire has gotten really easy to get control of. The trees though, they want me to be careful I don't lose control. They say fire is hard to master. How so?" Aria asked.

"Your abilities respond on your emotions Aria. Fire might be easy for you but it is the hardest to control. It's destructive, uncontrollable, and when you get angry…"

"It tends to use your anger as a way out. I know Gandalf; you've taught me everything about that subject. Well…almost everything." Aria said.

"And still you learn. While I am here you will be practicing everything I have taught you. And that means even the basics." Gandalf stopped in front of Bag End with a smile on his face.

"You mean I have to practice while the party is going on?" Aria stood behind him shocked.

"Not exactly. You will be helping me with…entertaining." Gandalf said without turning around. Gandalf went to the door and knocked with the butt of his staff.

"No, thank you! We don't want any more visitors, well-wishers or distant relations!" Bilbo said through the door. Aria leaned against the cart as she listened in.

"And what about very old friends?" Gandalf asked. The small opened to Bilbo Baggins. Years haven't touched him since his journey and he still remains the same.

"Gandalf?" Bilbo asked to no one.

"Bilbo Baggins." Gandalf greeted his friend with open arms. Bilbo ran to his old friend and embraced him. "Good to see you. 111 years old! Who would believe it?" They pulled apart. "You haven't aged a day." Gandalf whispered but Aria could hear. That was something that secretly bothered Aria. Ever since she was little she remembered Bilbo from back then and he hasn't age since. It bothered her that a hobbit, such as he, would not age. She had seen hobbits get old and die but Bilbo outlived some of them. Very strange indeed.

"Come on, come in! And you too Lady Fairfax!" Bilbo called once he saw her standing next to the cart. Aria followed the men inside, taking care not to bump her head on the low ceiling. "Tea? Or maybe something a little stronger? I've got a few bottles of the Old Winyard left. 1296. Very good year. Almost as old as I am." Bilbo laughed then went into the kitchen.

"Mind your head Gandalf. I'll be right back if the papers you will want to look at." Aria left the room and went to her own. Inside the room was a much larger sized room, meant to hold parties and such but it was replaced for Aria, seeing as though she would need it the most. There was a bed, the length of the room on one side while her clothes were stacked on another. Paper, ink wells, quills, books, the occasional lost doll, and many other things were stacked near the window were Aria does most of her writing, thinking, and everything else when she's in the room. Aria walked over to the stack of papers and began looking through them. Once she found what she was looking for she began to walk back to where Bilbo and Gandalf were.

"So you mean to go through with your plan?" Gandalf asked Bilbo, unaware Aria was listening in.

"Yes, yes. It's all in hand." Bilbo answered. "All the arrangements are made."

"Frodo and Aria suspect something." Gandalf told him.

"Of course they do. He's a Baggins…not some blockheaded Bracegirdle from Hardbottle. And she's a Fairfax…so much like her mother and yet…so much like her father." Aria froze at the mention of her father. They know about her father?

"You will tell them, won't you?" Gandalf asked.

"Yes, yes." Bilbo answered too quickly.

"They're very fond of you."

"I know. They'd probably come with me if I asked them. I think in Frodo's heart that he's still in love with the Shire. The woods, the fields. Little rivers. While Aria…would be packed by morning. I've seen the way she looks at the sky and travels to the end of the Shire just to come back. She needs someone to guide her…even better, a reason to leave. But I made a promise to her mother that I would keep her safe. We all did! The Shire is the best place for her but I feel guilty. Her mother was out the door at year twenty. I just wish I could give her more. " There was a silence for a while before Bilbo spoke again. "I am old, Gandalf. I know I don't look it, but I'm beginning to feel it in my heart. I feel thin. Sort of stretched…like butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don't expect I shall return. In fact, I mean not to." Bilbo finished. Aria got sick of hearing of them talk about travel and everything so she got up and marched into the small kitchen.

"Here. Sorry to leave, I promised Frodo that I'd help set up for Bilbo's birthday." She handed Gandalf the sheet of paper than walked out the door. Only one thing repeated in her mind, 'why must everyone leave me?'


The party was the biggest one Aria has ever seen. Sure she had been to parties and festivals before but she only watched from afar. She never cared for them actually because she was always self-conscious about her height. She is the tallest being in the Shire besides Gandalf. At the party Aria and Gandalf started to set off the fireworks he had brought with him. Sparks, trees, people, and anything else exploded from the tiny and large canisters.

"Why don't you get something to eat?" Gandalf asked Aria. Aria looked up at the wizard then smiled.

"Thanks. I was starting to get hungry anyways. Let's just hope they have something more than meat. I hate that stuff." Aria got up and walked to where the tables where full of food. Aria got a plate of fruit and cheese before sitting down next to Samwise Gamgee, Frodo's best friend.

"What's wrong Sam?" Aria asked, taking a chunk of cheese. Sam didn't answer but looked over his shoulder. Aria followed his gaze where they rested on a female hobbit. She was younger than Sam and had curly blonde hair. Her baby blue eyes stood the most out because they showed every emotion she was feeling. "Oh, I see. You're too chicken to ask Rosie for a dance so that's why you're drinking yourself drunk."

"I am not." Sam said.

"Then go ask her." Aria said but Sam didn't get a chance to answer because Frodo sat next to him, out of breath from all the dancing he's done.

"Go on, Sam. Ask Rosie for a dance." Frodo said.

"That's what I said but he's too chicken." Aria said with a smirk.

"I think I'll just have another ale." Sam got up but was caught by Frodo.

"Oh, no, you don't." Frodo grabbed him then spun him to face the hobbits dancing. "Go on!" Frodo pushed him, Sam colliding with Rosie. They quickly got used to each other dancing and began to actually have some fun.

"Finally someone gave him a push." Aria said patting Frodo on the back. Both of them laughed and continued to enjoy the party. But, something caught Aria's eye. Another rocket had been launched but it seemed different to her. The sparks fizzed then all of a sudden a dragon busted out of the sparks. The dragon turned and went straight for the hobbits. While everyone was running, Aria remained where she was…she couldn't move.

A dragon was flying. Flying through clouds and over the plains of Middle Earth. The dragon was the color of the earth, brown in color with a few blotches of green here and there. But there was something else…there was something on its back.

It was a rider.

And it was a man too. The man hung onto the dragons back with some type of saddle. He moved with the dragon whenever they drove down to the ground or whenever they tilted from side to side. But there was something familiar about the rider. Moments later the rider and the dragon landed. The rider jumped off, his armor not faulting in his steps took off his helmet.

The rider had golden hair and eyes.

Those eyes…..they were hers….

"Aria…" the man whispered to the wind.

"Aria…" the voice he had was deeper now. "Her name will be Aria."

Then the world went black….


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