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Call Brandybuck



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The day had come for the Fellowship to leave Elven realm of Lothlorien. The night before, they had all packed up their belonging and prepared for the road in the morning with heavy hearts with the thought of leaving the peaceful area. Ryu watched his mistress walk about her room, packing her new clothes and supplies into her bag. Aria wore simple leather pants with a tan cream-colored shirt and brown boots. A chain of Mithril, fitted to Aria's frame, sat on the bed next to Aria's bag. It was a gift from Lady Galadriel to protect her just like it did for Frodo.

"Can I admit something?" Aria asked Ryu who was busy cleaning his paw in his large wolf form. He stopped halfway through a lick and looked at the red-haired woman.


"I'm a little bit scared."Aria admitted while stuffing a clean shirt into her bag.

"I would be rather worried if you weren't. We are going from a safe haven back into the dangerous world. Even Aragorn and Legolas are even worried about the road ahead." Ryu said to her and Aria turned to look at the dragon she has come to call friend in the short time they had met. She smiled and continued to pack her belongings. Once everything was packed and ready to go Aria put on the Mithril chain over her shirt; putting her leather vest over it, clipping her green cloak over it. Aria whistled for Ryu as she walked out the door; her pack on her shoulder. The two of them walked down halls, past the grand hall where the Fellowship ate their meals together, and towards the river where Lady Galadriel told to meet her. Everyone was loading up the boats when she arrived. Legolas smiled at her before coming over to take her bag, giving her a simple peck on the lips; moving back over to the boat. Aragorn gave her a looks as she walked past but she simply wacked him in the arm.

Aria snuck up behind the hobbits, giving them a scare before she started to laugh. She helped them load their packs onto the boats.

"Little one." Aria turned and saw the Elven woman with long blond hair, slender face and hands, with a smile soft as silk. "Come here, little one. I have gifts for you and your friends." Aria stood and the Fellowship all lined up in front of the Lady. One by one she gave gifts to them, something to help them down the road. She gave Aragorn a sheath with flowers of silver and gold on it along with Elven runes. It's made to fit his word and cannot be stained or broken. With Boromir she gave him a belt of gold. She gave Merry and Pippen silver belts that had a golden flower on them. Legolas's gift was a bow made of the strongest wood and the draw string was made of elf hair along with a quiver of arrows. Sam's gift was a box of dirt that would make anything in his garden grows, should he make it back to his home in the Shire. Gimli was three hairs from Lady Galadriel's head. Frodo's gift was a crystal vial that holds liquid light if darkness ever surrounds him. Lady Galadriel then stood in front of Aria, a smile of softness on her face.

"You have given me so much already, my lady. There is nothing I can ask or receive that you haven't given me." Aria said with a slight bow, grateful of the woman who has given her so much she thought she never would have known about her family.

"You travel down a road must won't follow and yet, you stand here, ready to return to the fray. Before you go, there is but one gift I have left to give you." The Lady bent her head close to Aria's ear, whispering words of a long forgotten language. Aria's eyes widened, almost like in a trance, and as soon as those words were spoken the Lady pulled away, giving the young woman a quick kiss on the cheek. Aria left something heavy in her hands and looked down to see a finely crafted bow in her hands. The craftsmanship of the bow was far better than the one currently on her back. The wood is bleached white with red elven designs on it. The string is made of elven hair, threaded perfectly not to snap or break. On the very tips of the bow were elven runes, deep red and gold in color. "Your mother left this bow here right before she left for a very long adventure. When she returned she was in such a state, she kept smiling about how her bow would've came in use should she had remembered to take it with her. I think she left it here in case you should ever come looking for her or your past. I believe you should have it now." Aria looked up at the beautiful elf and smiled. She removed her own bow from her back and replaced it with her mothers. Now, Aria's ready to take on the danger ahead.

Lady Galadriel looked at the red haired woman as she stood tall and strong in front of her. She is the splitting image of her dearest friend and yet there are faint traces of her father shining brightly. The two were a perfect match for each other, and their souls interlocked once they were joined as husband and wife. Now, she's looking at their daughter, the image of both of them. Red hair from her mother and her golden eyes from her father, going on adventures just like they did. There's something dark moving around in the shadows, something that is connected to the dark stirring across the land. Only this darkness is in the air, with a voice that shatters minds. Galadriel fears for the young one. She fears that the young one must be face her greatest fears sooner than she would like.

"Thank you, for everything." Aria said. The fellowship then moved towards the boats. Aragorn, Sam and Frodo took a boat. Merry, Pippin and Boromir took another. Legolas, Gimli and Aria took the last boat. As Legolas moved the boat down the river, Aria turned her head to see Lady Galadriel wave them good-bye. She smiled and turned towards the male elf behind her. Legolas smiled and leaned close to kiss her forehead.

Yes, she may have to face her greatest fears soon.


Three days they spent rowing down the long river. Each time nightfall came they would pull to side of the bank, pulling the boats up as far as they would go before they made camp. Each night when Legolas took watch Aria would wake up to join him, taking comfort of his arms wrapped around his shoulders. Some nights they would continue their talks, other nights they would simply remain quiet. Just being in each other's company made them feel so complete, so warm.

Every morning Legolas would give Aria a kiss on the forehead and every night her would kiss her breathless. He loved the flush color on her cheeks whenever he pulled away to look on her face. Her kisses were addicting and he craved them more and more. He didn't want to stop touching her, holding her, kissing her. Legolas couldn't even think about what he would do if something happened to her. She's strong but not invincible.

Fourth day on the river, something disturbed the forest. Legolas and Aria's head snapped to the bank of the river. Something, big and massive, was moving through the forest at a very fast pace. Aria covered her ears and bit her lip in pain as the trees screamed. They screamed about the corruption, the foul smelling corruption that stepped on their roots and poisoned the ground they walked on. A howl ripped through the air and Aria sat on the bottom of the boat, clutching her head in pain. Sometimes the voices of the trees were so loud, Aria can't block them out. She can't numb the sensation, the tingle that she feels when the trees and animals are trying to make a connection to her. She can block out the small, weak voices but the large ones like tress and large animals are a bit harder to block out.

"Aria, do you want us to stop?" Legolas asked her, wincing himself when she whimpered in pain.

"No, no if we stop then they'll catch us." Aria said and sat up.


"I don't know. They keep talking about a corruption. They keep screaming and screaming. My head hurts." Aria spoke and reached into her back for a root, on that helps with headaches, and started to chew on it.

"Will you two stop talking in that language?! There are some of us who would like to understand what is going on." Gimli spoke with slight irritation that made both the elf and Halfling chuckle.

"Forgive us Master Dwarf. I'm still used to talking in their language." She gave the dwarf a pat on the shoulder. She turned to her left and watched the trees. Something bad is going to happen. "What's that?" Aria looked up at the two statues, holding their hands up, meaning halt or stop.

"The Argonath, the kings of old. Aragorn's ancestors." Legolas spoke and turned towards his friend in the boat next to him. Aria couldn't help the feeling of greatness come off from the two statues. These were great kings that came before, ruling over the white stone city. An hour later they pulled off to the side of the riverbank when they saw the waterfall a head. When they got off Aria noticed that Boromir wasn't looking so good.

"Boromir, are you all right?" Aria asked, resting her hand on his shoulder. Boromir looked up at her and his eyes seemed a bit dazed.

"Yes, just tired I think. Thank you for caring." Boromir said and went to help the two hobbits out of the boat. Aria, shocked, went over to Legolas with her eyes wide.

"What's wrong?" Legolas asked when he saw Aria approach him.

"I asked Boromir if he was all right and he said he was fine." She answered him.


"He thanked me for asking him." She turned and watched the human who has acted so harsh to her before, walk around the camp. "Something's wrong. I can feel it."

"Maybe he's warming up to you. Try not to worry about it." He kissed the side of her head and went to help set up camp.

"We cross the lake at night fall. Hide the boats and continue on foot. We approach Mordor from the North." Aragorn spoke, dropping his things down on the ground.

"Oh, yes?" Gimli spoke, everyone turning their attention to the dwarf. "Just a simple matter of finding out way through Emyn Muil an impassable labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks. And after that, it gets even better. Festering, stinking marshland as far as the eye can see."

"That is our road. I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, Master Dwarf." Aragorn replied smoothly and yet it implied insult.

"Recover my-" Gimli gave up. Legolas drew his attention to the forest and walked over to Aragorn with a worried look on his face.

"We should leave now." He said.

"No. Orcs patrol the eastern shore. We must wait for cover of darkness."

"It is not the eastern shore that worries me. A shadow and a threat has been growing in my mind. Something draws near. I can feel it. Aria told me the trees have been talking to her, speaking of a corruption within the forest. They have been harming her." Legolas spoke, his voice a mere whisper.

Aria walked over to a tree and placed her hand against the bark. She could feel the life force of the tree, the energy and life that it created and gave off. She smiled as she could feel its energy wrap around her in a comfort way. Her headache subsided and she took comfort whenever she could get it from the trees when suddenly a wind blew past Aria and made her shiver.

They're here….

You have to go…

They're coming…


Aria gasped and pulled away. She saw ugly beings ran across the woodland area. They are black and dark hearted, sharp teeth beasts with no mind. They serve only one master and they will die trying to fulfill their masters' needs. They march in great hordes, heavy with feet and bodies.

They come to kill.

Aria turned around and noticed that only Legolas, Gimli, Merry and Pippin were still in the camp.

"They're there!" Aria cried out. "Where is everyone? Where's Frodo?" Aria asked.

"He went for a walk and Boromir when to collect wood. Aragorn went to find them with Sam. What's wrong?!" Legolas grasped her arms as tears ran from her eyes.

"They're here! The Orcs are here and they're after Frodo! We have to find them!" Aria cried and Legolas looked over at Gimli who nodded, going over to grab his axe.

"Stay here with the hobbits. We'll go and find them. Hide if you must but do not attack unless you're defending yourself. You'll be out numbered should you fight." Legolas took her face in his hands and kissed her with all the passion he has for her. "Be careful."

"I won't make that promise if you won't." She said and smiled. He kissed her one more time before he and Gimli ran into the woods. Aria turned and looked at the startled hobbits.

"What should we do?" Merry asked and Aria went to grab her daggers and bow.

"We hide, follow me." Aria said and the three of them ran into the woods. They ran up the hills, following where the trees were directing her. The three soon came to a hollowed tree that had fallen down. Aria made them go in first then went in front of them. As they waited they could hear shouts, growls, and fighting coming from top of the hill. Aria jumped when Frodo rolled slightly down the hill, hiding behind a as Aragorn jumped in to stop a few Orcs but some ran past. Aria drew an arrow and aimed for their necks. She took down three before ducking back undercover. Merry, Pippin, and Aria then peaked out again to see Frodo, breathing heavily from running.

"Frodo!" Merry called and Frodo looked in their direction.

"Hide here. Quick!" Pippin called. "Come on!" When Frodo didn't run over Aria knew something was wrong. "What's he doing?" Frodo looked at them and shook his head. His eyes locked with Arias and she knew what he was thinking.

He has to go on by himself now. This was his quest to begin with, even if he must leave her and the fellowship. He has to finish this by himself.

"He's leaving." Merry answered Pippin.

"No!" Pippin jumped from the bushes.

"Pippin!" Both Aria and Merry called, also coming out from their hiding place to get the hobbit. But it was too late, they were already spotted. "Run, Frodo. Go on!" Merry shouted at the hobbit.

"Don't worry Frodo; we'll keep them off you." She leaned down and kissed his forehead with a loving softness. "Where ever you are, I will be there, leaning over your shoulder whispering the words you told me when I felt lost in the dark. Remember those words Frodo and you'll never be alone." Aria told him and smiled down sweetly on the hobbit she considered her own brother. "Go."

"Hey! Hey, you! Over here!" Merry called and both he and Pippin started to wave their arms to get attention. Aria took aim and fired, taking down the Orcs she aimed at. They continued to call out, drawing in more Orcs, and then they started to run. As they ran Aria shot our arrow after arrow, making her marks count every time she released her arrow.

"It's working!" Pippin shouted.

"We know it's working! Run!" Merry said, pushing Pippin forward. When she out of arrows she switched to her daggers. Aria shouted them to go, as they ran across the bridge but only pulled them back when a large orc with an axe approached them, raising his weapon to attack the hobbits. Aria, with her hands full with two orcs that came up behind them, cried out. Just as the orc was about to chop the heads off the hobbits Boromir jumped in front, taking the hilt of the axe in his hands and knocking the orc off-balance.

The four of them got their footing on solid ground they began to attack. Merry and Pippin did well, finishing off the orcs that Aria and Boromir managed to get to their knees but the Halfling and human did most of the work. When Boromir noticed that more were coming, he drew his horn and blew. A loud, deep sound echoed through the trees. But as the horn sounded, it seemed the number of orcs grew and grew. The trees did as much as they could do to help as well. They lifted their roots, slowing down the massive horde that came at them but to the warriors' eyes, it didn't do much.

"We won't be able to hold out much longer." Aria called to the human.

"The others are coming. We must hold out." Boromir answered her and she could tell on the look on his face that he was wearing down. "Run!" He shouted at the hobbits. They ran a few paces before Aria and Boromir turned to kill a few more orcs. Everything seemed to slow down for Aria. Her daggers flew like fish in water and the orcs went down with strangled cries before dying. After Aria took down two orcs she noticed a rather strange-looking orcs standing a ways off, arrow knocked back, taking aim at the human fighting next to her. Her eyes widened and she called out the humans name but she was too late.

The arrow pierced Boromir's heart.

Aria let out a scream and watched as he feel to his knees but got right back up to continue to attack the orcs that still came at them. Aria took down more orcs but her eyes drew to the orc with the dark bow, another arrow knocked and ready to fire. Boromir turned around and another arrow made its mark. Aria took down her orc and ran to the human as he fell to his knees.

"Get up! Boromir, you have to get up! Please!" She looked into his eyes and saw a fire still spark. He gripped his sword and swung behind him, knocking an orc to the ground. She watched, staggering to get back up as the human fought on with two arrows sticking out from his body. She protected the hobbits with everything she had but her energy was slowing being drained. She heard the sound of another arrow flying through the air but this time she couldn't turn her head. More and more, orcs seemed to come from nowhere and Aria feared they would over run them. Merry and Pippin cried out, attacking the orcs but they were picked up like sacks of flour. Aria tried to fight them off but they knocked her daggers out of her hand. The hilt of an orcs sword cracked against Aria's skull, knocking her to the ground. Her ears were ringing as she hit the ground hard.

"Take her with us. He wants her alive." An orc spoke before she left herself being lifted. She felt weightless, her mind floating in a haze. Aria managed to pick her head up, watching as the orc approached her friend, daring back another arrow. She could feel Boromir's life fading and she knew she only had a few minutes before the dark would claim her mind.

"Fear not the dark Boromir. Find your own fire and let it continue to burn. Know that you are not alone and you will not be lost to the dark. Fight Boromir, fight your way back. Come back to us." I spoke softly.

In profundo tenebroso

Ubi lux raro reperitur

Partum ignis

ardenti nitidum

Inveniet viam tuam retrorsum

Ad terram

Soli caelum et terram

Novis viribus excitari

Nova forte corrigere iniuriam jus

Consurgant et pugnarent

Tet tenebrosa abyssus

Certa metus

She raised her hand and blew a white flame into it. Aria felt like she had done this millions of times before now and it felt so normal, so carefree. She opened her hand and the white fire flew out of her hand towards Boromir. She smiled and hoped that it did work. She wanted to protect everyone, to save those close to her. She can't help as a tear fell from her eye, her vision becoming blurry and spotty.

Darkness overcame her and she only hoped that her fire would save the mind that needs the dark lifted from his shoulders.


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