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Ten Years Later….

A whirl of brown and white flashed by Katsuya's vision as two small children ran past his feet chasing after each other. "Seth, Kisara stop running in the house!" he yelled after them. The two kids turned around to face their "mama". It was five years ago to this day that Seto and Katsuya had decided to adopt the twins. The boy Seth was the oldest; the light blue eyed brunette stood next to his white haired and browned eye younger sister Kisara. They were turning six today and Katsuya and Seto had invited their closest friends to celebrate. The twins blinked at their mama before running off towards Seto's office. Katsuya ran after them yelling at the two, only to collide into his husband's chest as he walked out his office.

"What are you yelling about?" the brunette asked the blonde.

"They are running the house again," Katsuya said throwing his arms in the air. Seto laughed softly at the blonde before ruffling the blonde's hair.

"They are kids, let them run around," the brunette said smiling softly at Katsuya.

"But…but they might break something," the blonde pouted.

"No they won't just let them be kids," Seto said wrapping his arms around the Katsuya's waist, kissing the top of his head softly. Katsuya pouted as he wrapped his arms around Seto's neck. "What did I do to deserve such a great family?" Seto said looking at the hazel eyes of his husband.

"Hmm…" the blonde murmured before kissing Seto cheek. "You fixed a broken heart," Katsuya said softly. The brunette's arms tightened around the blonde's waist.

"And you, mine, puppy." Seto whispered.