Author's Note: I don't own Pokemon Special or any of the other things mentioned in the chapter(s). I had meant for this whole thing to be a oneshot, but I just thought of this chapter. Also, I don't watch any shows/movies by the name of Witches!, so this isn't based on that. Now, in this chapter, basically the opposite of what happened in chapter 1 happens. It could be poetic justice. Or maybe I'm just running out of ideas. Your choice.

The females of the Drechenaux are witches, people who get their power from Pokemon, either theirs or others (they sometimes 'borrow' the boy's Pokemon.) One day, they were taking a stroll together.

"Is shuppet saliva or arbok venom better for a sleeping draught, I forgot?" Sapphire said.

"Don't talk things like that, what if they hear us?" White said.

"I think it was neither of them, I think it's Jigglypuff's sound waves trapped in a solution of brine." Crystal said.

"Anyway, the boys are at Gold's house." Blue said. "Even if they do overhear us, one memory spell and they'll remember nothing at all."

"Easy for you to say." White complained. "I've had to modify Black's memory a dozen times since he got here, and he's the newest member. He's a bit too smart for his own good."

"Turn him into a Nidoran." Blue suggested. "Oh yeah, you wouldn't do that, not to him." She said, emphasizing the last word. White blushed, they were witches, that was to say girls with magical power, yet girls all the same.

"Anyway," Blue continued on, "Some of them are getting pretty annoying now-a-days. How about we get rid of a few of them? After all, we don't need all of them. I suppose we could keep Red and Pearl, they're completely clueless. We've never had to modify their memories." The others stopped in their tracks.

"Get rid of them?" Yellow asked. "We may be witches, but we're not that evil. We don't 'get rid of people'."

"Relax." Blue said with a carefree smile. "I was just joking, for the most part." The others didn't seem entirely convinced, and they continued with their stroll. Soon, they all began getting very, very bored, which, as they were witches, was rather dangerous for those they knew.

"I'm going somewhere." Blue said and slipped into the forest. Once she was sure the others couldn't see her, she went back towards Gold's house. Messing with the boys was always fun. She peered in through a window, and with a single simple syllable she was able to hear all that they were saying, as if they were right next to her.

It boring, but she had an idea to spice things up. Green was sitting alone next to Silver, who was playing on his computer. She moved her hand and made a motion at Green. Green immediately looked around, wondering who had hit him, and then sat down again. Silver closed his laptop with a frown on his face. He always lost at Bowser, almost as if his game was enchanted so that he would always lose. Blue moved her hand again and saw Green turn towards Silver this time.

"It's not funny." Green said.

"What's not funny?" Silver said.

"Don't act like you don't know anything." Green said, and Silver, of course, was behaving like he didn't know anything, which was the truth.

"Whatever." Green said. "Don't do it again." The moment he turned around, Blue moved her hands and Green was hit hard.

This started a fight between Green and Silver, and Blue was rolling outside the window laughing. This was even funnier than the time she had left that photo of all of them as witches lying around and Gold had picked it up. Crystal and White both thought that it was irresponsible and reckless, but they never found out, did they?

Then, Red came near them and said,

"What are you fighting about? Blue?"

Both of them stopped fighting and even blushed slightly. "Since when do you make comments like that?" Green asked.

"Since now. Anyway, where are they?"

"I think they're in the woods." Silver said. "I didn't see Blue with them though."

"She' s probably trying to con someone with her lame old tricks. Only they might not pretend to fall for it like we do." Red said. Blue stopped laughing. What was Red talking about?

"Don't say that to her." Silver said. "She likes thinking that she can fool everyone." Blue was so shocked that she ended her spell. So shocked that she just walked into Gold's house and asked Red and Green if they would have a word with her in private, ignoring Gold's giggles.

"Red, is it true that you only pretended to be conned by me all of those times?" Blue asked, and both Red and Green looked surprised, as well as embarrassed.

"Well, yes." Red said. "We thought it would make you feel better. Actually, most people you've met, like Sabrina during the battle only pretended to be fooled. Once in a while you may have done something right, but those are just by accident." Red confessed.

"Is that true Green?" Blue asked in astonishment.

"I'm afraid it is." Green said, not looking directly at Blue. They both looked at each other nervously and left.

The first thing that Blue felt was anger. She wanted to curse Red, but according to the treaty she couldn't.

Witches may not follow rules, but they did follow the ones that they made themselves. Like the treaty. According to it, she could only take things from Green and Silver and cast any major spells on them. For Yellow it was restricted to Red, and Crystal to Gold and Emerald, White to Black, Platina to Diamond and Pearl, and Sapphire to Ruby. That was why Red and Gold always had it easy, because neither Yellow nor Crystal would do anything bad to them. In her opinion, they were way too goody-goody, after all, they were witches, if they weren't bad, who would be?

She shook her head and walked away.