She could have a shoebox of photographs, or a collection of postcards. Today, She's writing down a hundred things that make her smile. So she just might be the girl in the photos, and the one sending out the cards.

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Her Day Book

There's nothing better than getting a call from your boss saying you get to have the day off.

It's raining, and I don't feel like leaving the apartment. And I don't have to. Life is good.

I woke up too early. Force of habit, I guess. Cooking banana pancakes. Yum! Thanks for the breakfast idea, Jack Johnson.

What to do today?

Stay home. Not change out of my pajamas. Eat banana pancakes and not finish it. Watch cartoons. Frolic with my guitar. Take weird photos? Draw and color. Dance to Elvis. Listen to Westlife. Be inspired by John Lennon. Sing at the top of my voice while all my neighbors are at work. Feed Lucy. Play with Lucy. Eat cheese and crackers. Eat everything with Nutella on it. Watch a movie on TV and put it on mute so I can try to figure out what's happening. Eat my banana pancake leftovers. (Take a long bath.) Feed Lucy. Play with Lucy. Take a long bath. Daydream in the bathtub and hope I don't drown. Sing at the top of my voice when my neighbors come home from work. Spend the night with only candles and non electricity-using things. Stay up all night. Read a book. Drink coffee with lots of sugar. Order pizza at two in the morning. Give the delivery boy a slice of pizza and a huge tip. Eat pizza on the balcony. Sit outside with a blanket. Newspaper Blackout. Wait for the sun to rise. Go to sleep.

Hope I get to do everything I just wrote down.

Mikan's phone rang just when she was about to put her pen down. She jumped off her bed and grabbed her cellphone from her desk.

She smiled the second she saw who her caller was. She waited a few seconds before answering, and finally clicked on the button with the little green phone.

"Hello," she said with a smile, not caring whether or not whoever was on the other line could tell.

"But it's raining!" She replied to the person's request.

"Fine," Mikan huffed, "where?"

Not so surprisingly, she received a whole load of requests from her caller.

"Right now?" Mikan asked, taken aback by the sudden demand.

"My passport?" Now this was getting weird.

"Oh, but I'm sort of low on cash right now," she frowned, not knowing herself if she was disappointed or glad she wouldn't be able to do what was asked of her.

"Are you serious?" Her jaw dropped.

It took a while before her caller answered, but when they did, Mikan smiled and said, "Okay then. May I know where I'm going, at least?"

"You're serious," she laughed.

"Fine, fine," she surrendered, "bye."

She threw her phone to her bed and ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Moments later, she was all ready. She ran to the kitchen and filled a bowl with the name Lucy printed on the side, with some dog food.

The second Mikan shut the cupboard close, a small Shih Tzu ran towards her.

"I thought I could stay home and play with you, Lucy, but I have to go somewhere for a while," Mikan ruffled her dog's dirty white fur, "I'll have to ask Koko to babysit you again." Mikan felt bad for having to leave her dog in the apartment for the second time that month; and she felt bad for having to ask her neighbor to take care of Lucy for her a lot.

Mikan took the notebook she was writing on earlier and scratched out a really long paragraph she'd written about her plans for the day, and below it she wrote, 'Things That Make Me Happy:' and left it with just that. She threw it into her bag together with a few pens, some spare clothes, her phone, her wallet, and, strangely, her passport.

1. Staying home in my pajamas
2. The sound of rain against the roof
3. Jack Johnson. His music just has this feel good thing to it.
4. The Beatles… because why the hell not?
5. Lucy. She never fails to make my day… except when she poops in all the wrong places.
6. Unexpected phone calls that don't give you bad news
7. Long, hot showers on cold days

Right when Mikan was about to grab her umbrella, the noise outside seemed to die down. She looked out the window to see if the rain had really stopped.

8. Rainbows :)

She took her umbrella anyway, and stuffed it into her already crowded bag. She grabbed her keys and headed out of her apartment.

"Bye, Lucy! I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" She patted her dog on the head and left the apartment quickly before she could run after her.

Mikan didn't know what she was doing, or where she was going, but she knew it was going to be great. She didn't know how she knew, she just did.

Author's Notes: Just something I came up with weeks ago while listening to Jack Johnson. Now I see how obvious it must be that this was inspired by his music.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a one shot… a really long one. But I decided to chop it up into a few more chapters. So here it is. Wait for the next chapter, meanwhile, you can treat yourself to nummy banana pancakes. Yum~

-Ridley Silverlake