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What can I say?

She's so... strong. She's also beautiful, occasionaly snarky, and has a great figure. But what sticks out most about her (to me, anyway) is how strong she is. She never gives up.

If you're one of her closer friends, she might show you her 'girly' side. Our friendship (hopefully more?) has progressed to the point that she will pet and fawn over Pikachu in front of me, not worried about me judging her. She has told me before that I'm the only person in the Mansion she can trust not to stare when she goes in her Zero-Suit.

Ok, maybe that doesn't seem so important, but it's Samus! It took me, Ganon, Zelda, Marth, and Master Hand to pull her off Falcon when he tried flirting with her.

Ugh, maybe I'm just being hopeful, but I think she might like me.

Anything can happen, right?

A/N: Basically, this story will be Link's impressions of some of the Smashers. After I've done enough chapters, I'll write a story about someone finding it. Thanks for the reviews, guys. I'll expand this chapter later.