Title: Skyscraper

Pairing: Kurt H./Blaine A.

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Rating: T for violence, swearing and harsh language that does not include swearing.

Summary: After the abuse suffered at McKinley, Kurt transfers to Dalton, fearful of all the students. Will a group project help him realize that not everyone is out to hurt him?

Warnings: Extremely angsty, possible triggers

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Title comes from the song 'Skyscraper' by Demi Lovato.

Author's Note: So this is by far the angstiest thing I've ever written. It's also the longest chapter I've ever written. And to add one more first, this is the first plot I've come up with before beginning writing. Yay for firsts!

Thank you for giving this a chance. To all my readers of 9 to 5, I will try to update both as quickly as possible. Another thanks to spitsgirl18 and connellymack for giving me their opinions on the plot.



I walked through the tall wooden doors of Dalton Academy. My dad gave up his honeymoon with Carole to let me come here. I supposed I had to be grateful. I was, don't get me wrong, I was more than anyone could imagine. The problem was that I was terrified by not only that was in a new school I had never set foot in or that I had never met a Dalton student, but for the fact that I couldn't drive four hours a day so I had to sleep here too. I couldn't go and get a hug from my dad when things got too much. Not during the week anyways.

I looked around the room we were in. So this is what a private school is like, I thought to myself. I knew the curriculum would be more challenging than at McKinley, but it gave me an excuse not to talk to anyone. I didn't need to make new friends, not when they were only out to betray you. The ones I had were enough.

"You okay?" I heard my dad ask. He didn't know how to act around me anymore, not since that night.

I turned my head slowly to the sound of his voice. I must have stopped walking without noticing. My dad was about ten feet away, standing in front of a door gazing at me worriedly.

"Fine," I mumbled, walking slowly so not to aggravate my injuries more than necessary. "Where are Finn and Carole?"

"Finding a parking spot, remember?" he asked.

I remembered briefly that they hadn't gotten out of the car when we did. I didn't look to see if they did or not. I had also heard them exchanging words, but I hadn't been listening to what they said. I nodded anyways.

The door I had come through opened with a bang and my step brother blundered through causing noise to reverberate around the silent hall. Carole followed gracefully.

"Woah," said Finn, eyeing the room. "It's like, a gay Hogwarts."

"What do you mean?" Carole asked, an amused sparkle lighting up her bright green eyes.

"It's like, fancy and stuff," said Finn. "And you sleep here. And it's all guys."

"Just because it's an all-boys school does not make it a gay school Finn," I snapped.

I loved Finn, I really did, but sometimes the remains of his homophobia showed through his loving, brotherly exterior. No matter how innocent he meant it, it still stung harshly like a cut from a wrangled piece of metal landed on wrong when being thrown in a dumpster filled with garbage. But I couldn't hold it against him. He was trying hard to overcome it and I appreciated it more than he could ever know. He was also the only one who noticed the bullying get how bad it got, even though he only learnt when I was changing, when my many bruises were most visible. But he noticed. It was more than anyone else had done back at McKinley. He's actually the one who found this place and brought the bullying, and this school, up to my dad. I didn't know about their talk or that Finn noticed until my dad asked me if I wanted to transfer here. Finn backed him up. While the papers were still getting sorted, and financials still getting finalized, he would follow me around to my classes, acting as a bodyguard. It helped, sort of, but there were times that they still found me alone. Finn would show up before they did anything too bad and apologize profusely. I never listened to those, he didn't need to apologize since he was trying to make my life at school better. Even after all of this, he's been trying to 'make it up to me', not that he needs to do anymore. Just noticing my abuse was more than enough.

Put aside the homophobia in his comment, I could agree Dalton was kind of like Hogwarts. It might not have been a castle, but there was plenty of decor that could have been pictured in JK Rowling's fictional world. There were a couple marble staircases, though they didn't move. The tiled floors were unlike the ones at McKinley, and I didn't only mean from the lack of slushy stains. A number of paintings covered the walls. Plush chairs and couches surrounded a stone fireplace and solid wooden tables. I wondered how much the cleaning bill was, and how often they had to replace everything. That was probably where most of the tuition went. The tables and chairs were all empty, as the students must have been in class. I was glad. I didn't want to be the 'new kid' just yet.

"Well, should we go in then?" my dad asked, gesturing to the office door.

I nodded, my nerves setting in again. I felt Finn squeeze my arm as a sign of comfort. I winced as he squeezed a little too hard on an area that was a little too tender. But I nodded to show I understood what he meant to do.

A small, bony woman in a perfectly ironed, crisp white blouse and a black pencil skirt sat typing quietly behind a large wooden desk. She adjusted her too large glasses and looked up when she saw us come in.

"Can I help you?" she asked. Her nasally voice was getting older, but it still sounded rather young for what her age looked to be.

She looked to me, but my dad answered, knowing I wouldn't. "We have an appointment with the principal," he explained.

"Can I get your name?" She sounded bored. Then again, if this were my job I would be too.


She clicked a few buttons and nodded. "Follow me," she said, standing up. How those legs supported her breakable-looking frame I would never know.

We followed her a short way down the halls of the office, which had a similar look to the room we had previously been in, to another door. A plaque situated perfectly in the center of the door at eye-level read A.D. Simmons. I guessed this was the name of my new principal. The woman who let us in knocked and opened the door slightly, enough to stick her head in.

"Your one o'clock appointment is here Dr. Simmons," she said.

"Send them in!" a booming voice called. I flinched, not missing my dad's pained expression.

The woman opened the door wider to let us through and left. My dad walked in, followed by Carole. Finn pushed me lightly ahead of himself. I was terrified to go in.

Sitting in an office boldly decorated with all memorabilia of the Montreal Canadians was a man of average height with a very round stomach. He looked to be in his early 40s. His face, like his stomach, was also round with rosy cheeks chubby like a baby's. His small mouth was turned up in a wide smile. He had no hair on his head whatsoever.

"Hello!" he said joyfully, standing up to shake my dad's hand in a firm handshake that seemed to rip his arm off. "I'm Dr. Simmons." He held out his hand to shake mine but I shook my head. I saw my dad wincing as he rubbed the hand Dr. Simmons had shook out of the corner of my eye. He didn't seem fazed.

"You're a doctor?" Finn asked. "I thought you were the principal." Please no Finn.

Dr. Simmons laughed not in a cruel manner. "Not quite. I'm not a medical doctor, even though you get a lot more money doing that. It just means I have a PHD."

"Isn't that like...water?" Finn asked, tilting his head to the side.

He shook his head. "That's Ph Level. A PHD is a degree I went to school a really long time to get." He seemed like a good guy. Not many people would stop and explain things like that to Finn.

"Oh," my step brother said dumbly. "I knew that."

The principle turned back to me. "So you must be Kurt." His smile was warm and welcoming. If this were before, I would have trusted him on sight. But it wasn't, so I didn't. "We are pleased to have you here at Dalton."

I nodded and scrunched my lips like I was trying to smile so I wouldn't come off as completely rude, he was the principle after all. I hadn't smiled in quite some time, not since that night. "Pleased to be here sir," I said mechanically. My voice was quiet, quieter than normal for a usual speaking voice. It used to be louder, but it's been this quiet since the bullying got worse. There was no point in talking loudly, especially if your voice was too high for your gender, if the only thing it did was draw attention to yourself. And that attention, for me, usually came in forms of harassment.

The guy gave me a sympathetic look. I looked away though. I didn't want anyone's sympathy or pity. "Things will get better Kurt. I promise. You aren't the first person to transfer here for safety." I didn't doubt that but I did wonder how much my dad told him. When I didn't respond, he gestured to the chairs for us to sit down on. I sat down carefully, sitting forwards so my back wouldn't touch the back of the chair.

"We have a few things to go over," he said. "Are you going to be boarding? We never discussed that on the phone. Since you live two hours away it would be wise so you can excel in your academics."

I looked to my dad. He could tell him. "We were thinking about it. What's the extra cost?"

"It would be an added $800 per month, coming as a separate bill each month and also includes meal fees." My eyes bugged out of my head.

"So all the food would be free?" my dad asked.

"Unless it's from the vending machines, yes." Even now there was no way I'd get something out of there, and my dad knew that.

He looked to Carole for a moment then looked to me when she nodded. "What do you think kiddo?"

"You don't need to. I can drive," I said. It was natural for me to argue back since I wasn't quite comfortable with the situation, even though it had already been decided and there were boxes in the car.

"Kurt, we've talked about this. It'd be best, you know that."

"But it's too much money. Dad, I'm fine with driving."

"It'd be cheaper than driving four hours a day with what gas prices are these days. And I don't want to gear about you getting in an accident because you fell asleep at the wheel." My dad was looking at me with a worried, pleading eyes. I knew why he was so scared. I also knew he had a point. So I nodded.

"Alright then," said Dr. Simmons. "We have a sheet for you to fill in about roommate preferences. We also have a few single rooms which would normally be an added cost to the boarding, but since you are transferring mid-semester it will cost the same. Whichever you prefer. A roommate would make it easier for you to get to know people and-"

"Single," I said cutting him off. There was no way in hell that I'd be getting a roommate if I could avoid it. I didn't want to deal with yet another homophobic Neanderthal. "Please," I added quickly.

He nodded and checked something off on a piece of paper he had in front of him. It looked like some sort of form.

"On to uniforms then. You can buy each piece separately, which is what some families prefer doing if they're only wanting one of each article. We also offer a set of one blazer, two sweaters, two pants, four shirts and a tie which is a cheaper price that if you were to buy all those separately. They're available across the hall. We also have hoodies, track pants and t shirts available for sale. You can go there to decide what you want and pay.

"For your schedule, we went over the one you had at McKinley and came up with one for you here. There are a few changes to your classes though. If you would prefer taking different classes you can get it switched.

"What am I signed up for?" I asked.

"We have six periods in a day and an hour long lunch break between periods three and four. You have History in period one, English Literature in period two and Home Economics in period three. After lunch you have Advanced French, Music and lastly Physics. Is that alright? Or would you prefer to change classes?"

I nodded. It was mostly the same classes. If it were my choice, I wouldn't be taking music, but my dad would be even more upset and worried about me if I didn't. I knew everything that happened already was causing his too much stress. I didn't need to add more, especially with his heart. "That's fine," I told him.

"Excellent!" he smiled. "If you don't like them after the first day you can change them. Our rules are mostly similar to most other schools. You must be in proper uniform during school hours unless you have permission directly from the office. Once sixth period is over you can wear whatever you please as long as it is modest and respectful. We allow no smoking or illegal substances whatsoever on school property. Advil and other medicines similar are fine. Absences must be cleared. If you are sick in your dorm we will have someone come and check if you indeed are, most likely that will be the task of our nurse. Curfew is ten on weeknights and midnight on weekends. You can be awake after, but you must be in your dorm causing no loud, disruptive noise. Meal times for breakfast are 7:15 to 8:15 for breakfast, classes beginning at 8:20. Lunch is between 11:20 and 12:20. Classes will end at 3:20 and dinner will be from 5:00 to 8:00. The rest of the rules, including details about proper uniform, can be found in your planner.

"One thing that is very different than other schools is our zero-tolerance harassment policy. I assume that's why you've chosen us?" When my dad nodded he continued. "We do not tolerate any kind of bullying whether it be physical, verbal or implied. If there is a case, no matter how minor, we deal with it severely. There are times when people are pushed or tripped accidentally, if this is the case then nothing happens. There is no punishment for clumsiness of limbs or body, but there is for clumsiness of mouth if you say something such as, not that I enjoy using these terms, calling something 'gay' or 'faggy'. It is up to the students to judge whether it is harassment or not, but we do have teachers keeping an eye on things. Expulsion and suspension are what normally happens if there is any harassment. We very rarely have problems though. All our students are respectful and treat others the same. If they are uncomfortable with a race, sexual preference, religion or whatever else they keep it to themselves or face the consequences.

I doubted it worked that well. I'm sure bullying just happened every day. It was a school full of rich teenage boys with rich, homophobic parents. I had no doubt they passed their views on to their children. They probably paid the school to avoid the suspension or expulsion of their children then give them a pat on the back for showing the fact that being gay was wrong. The policy might work in theory, but in reality? Not so much.

He started to talk about the founders of Dalton, and important people who used to be students. I think he started talking about extracurricular activities, but since I wasn't going to be involved in anything I didn't bother to listen. While he talked, my mind drifted. I didn't let it go far though. I didn't want to have a flashback in the middle of the principal's office. I zoned back in just as he was finishing his explanation.

"Lastly I have a few words for you. Our curriculum is much more advanced and challenging than what you are used to. You'll have to get caught up in most of your classes. I suggest getting help from a student in that class to help you as it will make it much easier. Everything we've discussed can be found in your Agenda along with the rules like I mentioned earlier. You can get it at the front desk from Ms. Dijardi at the front desk along with a copy of your schedule, map, room, room key and a handbook to proper studying." He paused and took a deep breath. "If there are any problems with anything, student, teacher, class, directions, anything at all, come and let me know. I will do my best to help you and my door is always open."

"Hey Dr. Simmons!" a new voice called from the doorway. I jumped high, pretending I didn't give a frightened whimper, though it was nearly inaudible. I gripped the arms of my chair as hard as I could without hurting myself. I knew my eyes were wide with panic. Finn jumped too, so I didn't look completely out of place for my first reaction. "Do you mind if we have a performance in the senior commons at three tomorrow?"

I turned my head slowly and saw a short boy with hazel eyes and dark hair standing grinning in the doorway. Maybe I would have founded him cute before, but now I didn't pay attention to his looks. No one would ever want a fag like me and they definitely didn't want me to try and take a look at their junk. I felt my heart beat faster. I grew even more panicked when I saw the immaculate uniform that presented him as a student. I was nowhere near ready to meet people.

"Not at all Blaine," said Dr. Simmons, his happy smile returning. "Remind me so I can come and watch."

"Will do sir!" said the boy, Blaine as Dr. Simmons had called him. He nodded to us politely, his eyes lingering just a little bit longer on me. He's probably trying to think of the best way to get me alone, I thought. I didn't know, but he was, just not in the way I was thinking. Just as he turned to leave, Dr. Simmons called him back.

"Do you mind showing the Hummel's around? You'll be excused from your classes for the rest of the day, not that there's much left," he asked. Please no, if there's a god out there please say no, I thought.

"Not at all!" said Blaine happily. And this is why I don't believe in god, I thought bitterly. "Blaine Anderson sir," he said, shaking my dad, Carole and Finn's hands. I shook my head again when he offered his hand to me.

"Nice to meet you," said my dad.

We left the office. They waited patiently for me as I got my schedule and a couple of other things, making it obvious to Blaine that I was the transfer.

"Have you got your uniform yet?" Blaine asked me when I left the office. I had seen him talking politely with my family as I talked to the woman at the desk. I shook my head. I think he tried to grab my arm to lead me to the place Dr. Simmons had mentioned but I shied away quickly, disguising it as walking closer to my dad, turning my head to hide the fear in my face. He looked at me with a faked look of surprise and concern. Great, he noticed, I thought. At least he didn't make another move to touch me, but instead chattered on about random nonsense I didn't bother listening to. He gestured to the office door as a silent question if I was ready to go. I walked out, keeping as much distance as possible between the two of us. He led us across the room to another door. This one was wooden again, but stood out amongst the others as it was painted navy and red, the school's colors and had a large logo. There was also a sign that read 'Student Merchandise'.

I walked in carefully taking in my surroundings. On one side was a large section of hoodies, t shirts, and track pants, even pyjamas that stated the school's name or logo. In one corner there were mugs, water bottles, lanyards and other things like that also with the logo. In the same area were school supplies (pencils, a couple binders, paper, pens, etc.) that were available to buy. In the back left were the uniforms.

A young woman came up and asked if we needed help. My dad explained what we wanted and she set me up in a change room. The uniforms weren't the greatest, but they could have been worse. At least I'd fit in. With Blaine's suggestions, we bought the set Dr. Simmons had mentioned, along with an extra pair of pants, 5 pairs of socks, a hoodie, pyjamas and track pants. Blaine swore the last three items were the comfiest he'd ever found. I didn't try them on. I knew I wouldn't stick out too much if I wore the hoodie out of school hours.

My dad suggested that we bring the uniforms to the car and drive over to the dorm building. That's how I ended up tucked up against the window as close as possible in the backseat with Blaine right beside me giving clear directions. I got out immediately when we parked, moving to the trunk to start bringing out lighter boxes.

"What room are you in?" Blaine asked curiously, a little too close for my liking.

I jumped and mumbled 231, not expecting him to hear me. He did though.

"Cool! We're on the same floor!" said Blaine. "I'm 217."

I nodded, unsure what to say. I wasn't sure if I was glad or not that our room were so close. I decided I wasn't. Someone knew of my existence and what room to vandalize now.

He took a box, the one with my clothes. I brought loose jeans, t shirts and I bought a few bags of clothes from Abercrombie, Hollister and Aeropostale. I had gotten to be less noticeable and more like everyone else in the way I dressed. I didn't need to stick out. We walked up the stairs carrying boxes and down the hall. I noticed when we passed 217. My dad and Finn put down their boxes next to room 231 and went back for the last few boxes. I set mine with theirs and took out my key.

The room was bigger than I expected, but still smaller than my own. I expected a single bed but was pleased when I saw a double bed with the headboard against the wall. The sheets looked new to my liking. A large wooden desk was placed under a window which from what I could see had a nice view of the grounds. Two night tables were on either side of the bed and were in the same type of wood as the desk, closet, both doors (the second which I hoped led to a bathroom), and the baseboards. The cream walls contrasted nicely against the dark wood-not that New Kurt noticed. Old Kurt would have been pleased, I thought to myself. The closet wasn't very big though. I didn't care now but Old Kurt would have been furious. I opened the second door and found an en suite bathroom. It wasn't very big, but it was there. The porcelain sink and the toilet were clean, as was the shower. There were a few shelves. I didn't have much use for them now that I no longer had a moisturizing routine or styled my hair. It was small but it would do.

We all set our boxes down just as my dad and Finn came with the last few.

"If you'll excuse me, I need to go to a meeting," said Blaine. Maybe he noticed my family was about to leave and was going to give him privacy. Maybe he was going to tell his friends that there was fresh meat. I didn't know. "Kurt, I'll drop by before dinner and show you around."

Before I had a chance to tell him it wasn't necessary, that I had a map, Carole cut in.

"That would be lovely," she said, giving him a warm, motherly smile. "Thank you Blaine."

"Not a problem Mrs. Hummel," Blaine responded with a polite gentlemanly charm. "I know from experience Dalton is a pretty big school and is very easy to get lost in. Now if you'll excuse me." He nodded to us, adding a smile for me and left.

"That was nice of him," said Carole.

"Sure," I mumbled. It was more likely that he only wanted to look good for the parents and attack me when they were gone.

We stood together, silent.

My dad cleared his throat. "Well we should get going kiddo."

I nodded slowly. "Okay," I whispered.

He pulled me into a gentle embrace. I tensed, but relaxed a second later. "It'll get better kiddo. This school will help if you let it."

I didn't believe him, and I certainly wouldn't let it, but I nodded anyways to give him some piece of mind. He pulled back slightly.

"If you have any problems, let me know. Call us Kurt. I don't care if it's at two in the morning. If you feel you need to, call us. We don't want to be left in the dark."

"I will," I lied. Sure I'd call, but I'd keep the torment from the students to myself.

"You'll be okay?" he asked me.

I nodded. "Of course."

I wasn't sure if he believed me or not, but he didn't push the matter. "Do you need help unpacking?" I shook my head. "Alright. Are you going to get started on that now or are you coming to the car to say goodbye?"

I heard the bell ring in the distance signalling the end of classes. "I'll stay here."

My dad nodded, his mouth tightening. He heard the bell and knew it was the reason. "You'll be home for Friday Night Dinner?"

"Of course dad, I wouldn't miss it," I promised. I learned my lesson from last time. "I'll be fine. You can leave."

He nodded reluctantly. "See you later kiddo, call us after classes tomorrow."

I nodded and my dad left the room, glancing back frequently.

Carole pulled me into a tight hug. I winced and she let go. "Have fun sweetheart. Try and make some friends."

I nodded. "Sure." I wouldn't.

She gave me a look. I held my unwavering gaze. "See you Friday," she said. I nodded again and she left.

Then it was me and Finn left. Finn stood awkwardly. "I'll see you later dude."

I didn't care if he called me dude anymore. Finn seemed upset that I didn't try to tell him off. "Right."

"Dude if you need anything, call me. I can bring clothes and stuff if you decide you want them."

I appreciated the fact that he used the word 'if' instead of 'when'. Everyone seemed to expect me to turn back into my old self, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Not after the abuse I had suffered.

"And if anyone gives you trouble Kurt, let me know. I'll come and teach them a lesson if I need to. Don't take their crap."

Just another instance where Finn was trying to make up for past mistakes. "I will."

He nodded. "See you then dude."

I waved goodbye. Just as he was exiting the door he turned back. "Call the glee club. Don't push us away. We want to be there for you whether you're a member or not."

"I can't make any promises," I said. If it was my dad I would have told him I would, but with Finn I felt like I could be more honest. Not completely though. He wouldn't get a call if someone was treating me badly.

"And start singing again," he said. Then he was gone.

I sat down on my bed gingerly, blinking my teas away. I was alone now. There was no one I could confide in nearby. I stood back up slowly and took my uniforms out of its packaging. There were hangers present in the closet so I hung up each piece carefully. Then there was a knock on the door.

I was surprised when it was Blaine. I didn't expect him to turn up, much less without henchmen. I thought him coming to give me a tour was a joke. Then again, he wouldn't be able to attack, or shall I use the word 'initiate' me into the halls of Dalton Academy.

"Hi!" he said with a happy smile on his face. I didn't say anything. I just stared back. His grin faltered, but only for a moment. "So are you ready to go?" I raised an eyebrow. He wasn't serious? "For the grand tour!" he said, holding out his arms in a grand gesture.

I was about to shake my head to tell him to leave when he reached towards me. I backed away quickly, ignoring the shout of complaint my body gave me while I felt terror explode within me. He must have seen the terrified look on my face and the fearful body language I was showing because he immediately backed up two large steps and held up both his hands by his head.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said calmly, looking to the ground to show he wasn't trying to intimidate me, almost like what a wolf or another animal would do to show submission to their superior. "I just want to help you and make your first day easier."

I doubted that but for some reason beyond my comprehension I found myself nodding. He wouldn't try to drag me with him this way. I slowly slipped out of my door, my injuries not only making me move at such a listless pace. I was reluctant to go, but something told me this guy would keep pushing. He was small, but obviously much stronger than me. Maybe his punches would be softer if I was willing.

I stayed a couple feet away from him at all times. If he tried to close that distance even slightly, I'd move further away. I could feel my heart pound and my pulse race. I was beyond uncomfortable with him. It wasn't until we got to the room where we first entered the dorm buildingthat I couldn't take it.

I hadn't noticed the couches, chairs, TVs and everything else you would find in a lounge or common room when I first walked in. It must have been a popular spot with the sheer number of students sitting and making too much noise in my opinion, even though it wasn't that much. I was never this freaked out at McKinley, even after the incident. But then again I had an enormous step brother to protect me there. Everyone was talking, joking around with one another. I had frozen without realizing. Blaine hadn't either. I noticed a few students go up to Blaine and say hi. Then those students were replaced by others.

Oh great, this guy was popular too, just another reason for him to attack me and use me to take out all of his frustrations. Then again, I wasn't worth more than that.

Two guys came up and patted Blaine on the back, nuggieing his head.

"Enough gel?" asked the taller, broad African-American male.

"No such thing," said Blaine playfully.

Old Kurt would have made a comment right there. He would have said something along the lines of, "Obviously there is. Want an example? Look in the mirror." But Old Kurt was gone. New Kurt stayed silent, trying to be as small and unnoticeable as possible to avoid being seen.

"Where did you go? You weren't there for 6th period," said the other. The Asian was shorter than the African-American but still taller than Blaine.

"I was helping show a new student around," said Blaine. He noticed my missing presence and started glancing around the room. I could see the worried, confused expression he wore for show. Was he really that surprised I hadn't figured out his plan?"

"You would Anderson," said the African-American.

Blaine locked eyes with mine. I tensed, he relaxed. He gestured me over with a smile. I shook my head a fraction. I wouldn't ask to be attacked.

"Guys, this is Kurt," said Blaine, leading them over.

"Nice to meet you Kurt," said the Asian. "I'm Wes."

"David," said the tallest. "Welcome to Dalton!"

The large male's hand sweeped towards me at an alarming pace. Oh god he's going to hit me, I screamed internally. It was a fight or flight situation and since I didn't have any fight left, I fled.

The only place that came to my mind was my room at home, or my dad's arms, but I couldn't get to either of those places. My Navigator was at my dad's shop for repairs from the last time the Neanderthals had vandalized it. My only other option being my dorm, I fled to it, locking the door behind me. I heard Blaine calling after me and pounding on my door. I lay down on my back, shaking on the bed. After about a while, I finally stopped trembling. The loud rapping had stopped. I saw the clock read 6:37. I was hungry, but there was no way I'd be going to the dining hall for supper.

I started unpacking boxes. First I took out my iPod dock. When I set that up I found some Mellencamp and put that on. Everything I had on my iPod before the incident had been removed. If I had Lady Gaga, Broadway and Madonna on it'd be obvious I was nothing more than a fag. I heard some more knocking after a few minutes but forced myself to ignore it.

It was a quarter to eight when I got too hungry to stand it. That was strange. I'd stopped eating a lot a while ago. Since I didn't deserve to live, why should I? I'd never cut myself, or try to commit suicide. That would only hurt my dad. I didn't want that, so lack of food was the best option. I didn't throw up after eating, I just wasn't hungry. Ever.

I knew the place closed at eight, so if I found it quick enough, then I could have something small to eat.

I opened my door cautiously, peeking my head out left and right. No one was there so I took a hesitant step forwards, my foot hitting something. Was there a trip line? I looked down and saw a bowl of soup, a salad and a bun sitting by my door with a note on top from Blaine.

"I noticed you weren't at dinner, so I got you something to eat – Blaine"

I debated for a while whether to pick it up or not. I did when I realized 8 o'clock had passed. It was probably drugged or spiked or something but I couldn't care. It's not like anyone would care if I was hung over in the morning. The food was still warm. It had a satisfying taste to it. I wasn't sure quite why. The food was nothing special.

I fell asleep soon after taking a shower and dressing into the Dalton pyjamas that were indeed quite comfortable.

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