Hey all, something different from me! I recently discovered Hetalia and I decided to try writing a fic. Of course the first idea I thought of was a crossover with Soul Eater, which I have also never wrote for before, so its a first fic for both! I hope you enjoy it. I don't own either series,

PwnedByPineapple is awesome and beta'd this for me. Much love to you.!

Lord Death should have known.

It wasn't until Soul had been nearly killed that Lord Death found out that his records were incomplete. Stein had just escorted someone who claimed to be Soul's cousin into the Death Room, and he was shocked. The family resemblance was obvious once it was pointed out. How many people in the world could have white hair, red eyes, and an obsession with being cool and not be related?

"Yo, Lord Death, how's Soul doing?" the 'cousin' asked. "Must be popular with the ladies, I take it."

"He's doing better; he should be out of the hospital wing in a few days. If I may ask," Lord Death continued, "how did I not know that you were his cousin? I knew of his brother Wes and his granny, but not of you, nor of your brother."

Shrugging his shoulder and flashing the slightly psychotic smile that seemed to run in the family, the man sat down in the seat that had been offered to him at the beginning. He crossed his legs and rested his hands behind his head before answering the grim reaper. "You know how it goes with matters of international security; plus he didn't want anyone to know he was related to two nations, although that would make him one of the coolest people here."

Inclining his head, Lord Death nodded to Spirit, who was ever by his side, to make note of it in the records.

"Well, I need to get going; my brother tends to worry when I'm gone longer than expected," the man said. "I finally had to ask America, and he was reluctant to tell me. Anyways, please keep me informed of how Soul is doing. I would visit him, but I know he doesn't want to see any of us."

Walking out the door, he followed Spirit to the school entrance, passing Maka and Dr. Stein, who were on their way to inform Lord Death that Soul was awake.

"Dr. Stein, who is that?" Maka asked. "He has red eyes and white hair just like Soul. I don't recognize that military uniform, though."

"I shouldn't tell you this," Stein said, "but since you are Soul's partner, I will. No one is supposed to know, but that's his cousin, Prussia; he is also related to Germany, though Germany has blonde hair and blue eyes."

"Soul's related to TWO nations?"

Yea its short, I know, but my first fics for a new series usually are. Please review and tell me what you think. I got the idea for this after seeing Prussia in World Series and realised that he sometimes looks like Soul, his this fic was born.