Alice, Bella and Esme were sitting out in the moonlight watching Jasper, Edward and Carlisle try to land a decent hit on Emmett and Hadrian, the key word was try. For the past hour or so it has been three and against two with the two kicking their asses. It seemed for as much Emmett didn't have a 'gift' per say, he definitely had a knack for learning things quickly. Even though Emmett had been taught just the basics of aikido and karate, he had it nailed down as he sent Edward flying through the air courtesy of an arm throw. Hadrian had been right; aikido would be the perfect defense against the newborns as aikido uses your opponents' momentum against them.

By the time, Carlisle called halts, Emmett and Hadrian were in sync with each other, they may not know which moves the other was going to use but they could anticipate which direction they were going to move. With some more practice the duo would be deadlier than they were now.

As the group moved to the ladies, Emmett sat first while Hadrian sat behind him, wrapping his arms around Emmett's chest pulling him back to his own. Looking around Hadrian noticed that the other three males were looking exhausted and beat-up, even the carefully kept Carlisle was looking worn out and disheveled, but they were also loving it as their mates were cooing at them and lavishing them with ego-building words. Poor Eddy-boy though, he took the roughest beating. He may not have attack at full strength but he was also learning as he had developed some cat-like reflexes from being thrown so much. Hadrian could admit that Edward was growing on him. He may have made mistakes, but he did it because he truly loved his sister. He just wished he had been a part of Bella's and Edward's lives sooner to have adverted hardships that they continually heaped upon themselves. He watched as Bella stroked Edward's messy hair, her eyes began to droop.

Grinning slyly, Hadrian teased, "Bella-Ella perhaps you and lover-boy should go rest. He might need a little BTLC."

Bella was confused as she asked, "BTLC?"

"Bella's Tender Loving Care, sis. Go on, go take care of your man. He needs it," Hadrian said making a shooing motion causing Emmett to snort in laughter at Edwards disgruntled but please look.

Hadrian smiled as he watched Bella stand up and help her love stand as well, when Hadrian lowered his mental shields allowing Edward to hear Hadrian's praise, You did great Edward. When the times comes, I will gladly call you brother.

Hadrian met Edward's gaze unwavering as Edward seemed to search for something before his body seemed to sag with relief as if he had been waiting for approval from the other vampire.

Edward smiled and pulled Bella close saying, "Hurry before your brother changes his mind and really makes us sleep in different rooms."

Hadrian and Emmett both laughed as a giggling Bella and smiling Edward disappeared into the house.

The others watched in fascination as Emmett stretched out laying his head in Hadrian's lap with one hand clasped in Hadrian's hand while Hadrian's other hand lightly scratched and stroked Emmett hair, with the occasional loving gesture or touch. It was amazing to see the difference in Hadrian sitting before them and the Hadrian that appeared in their lives earlier this year.

The gentle smiles on both of Emmett's and Hadrian's face were mesmerizing. They were the picture perfect as Emmett gazed into Hadrian's eyes, love showing on their faces for all to see. The moon's glow heightened their pale skin and features perfectly. When the pair began talking, the group couldn't hear what was being said but from the way the duo was reacting it was obviously something heartfelt and private. Slowly the two mated couples left their spots, in favor leaving the two males alone.

As Emmett stared up into his mate's eyes he felt a sense of peace and contentment which was furthered by the gentle caresses to his hair. His undead heart fluttered when Hadrian placed a small kiss on his forehead.

"I think you have a gift, my love," Hadrian whispered so that only they could hear.

"Yeah, you," Emmett replied as Hadrian's eyes burn with love before he smiled and gently flicked Emmett on the nose.

"I meant at how well you picked up on the martial arts and fighting. It felt like we had been fighting partners for several weeks rather than hours."

"Oh…thanks sweetie pie," Emmett said watching Hadrian's nose scrunch at the nickname but didn't say anything.

"Hmmm, sweetie pot pie?"

Emmett received a small head shake, indicating no.

"Teddy bear?"

"I think you fit that description better, love."

"True, hmm, my dark avenging angel?" Emmett tried again. He saw his family getting up and leaving them alone in the dark.

"Why angel?" Hadrian asked as he stroked Emmett's cheek.

"Sometimes you have a look that screams sorrow as you watch people or when we watch the stars at night. Other times, when someone has angered you or when you are fighting, you have a look of cold fury. A rage hidden beneath ice. With your graceful movements and threatening voice you are like an avenging angel. But when you are happy and relaxed you have this aura about you that catches people's attention and holds them enthralled. I've noticed it and while I'm not trapped in it, it makes me thrilled that you trust me enough to be relaxed and let your guard down just a bit. But when we are fully alone and you show your vulnerable side trusting me to not betray you, it causes my love for you to grow."

"You truly love me? You really mean it?" Hadrian questioned a fearful hope in eyes.

Emmett rose to knees, kneeling between Hadrian's spread legs as he took Hadrian's face in his hands, saying, "I do. I love you so much. How could you doubt it?"

Emmett leaned forward connecting their lips. Emmett gasped a little when Hadrian's hand fisted his hair bring him closer, escalating the kiss from one of declaration and confirmation to that of need and desperation. For the first time, Emmett truly understood just how much Hadrian needed him. He could taste the fear of abandonment and loneliness as well love and need. He finally understood that Hadrian didn't just want him safe and happy. Hadrian needed him safe and happy. Without Emmett or if Emmett rejected him now, Hadrian would cease to be. He may have endured these long tortuous years of solitude, but now that Hadrian had found him and happiness, Emmett knew that his mate would crumble to never be fixed.

When Hadrian broke the kiss, Emmett saw wildness of need shining through as well as the question being asked of can they be joined? Can they finally be together in all ways? Can they be one? Emmett swallowed nervously but nodded his ascent. He felt the tension and fear flow out of Hadrian replaced by a shining brilliance of happiness and love as Hadrian reclaimed Emmett's lips with passionate fervor leaving Emmett relaxed and compliant as Hadrian apparated them to Emmett's bedroom.

Briefly breaking their kiss, Hadrian transfigured the couch into a bed as he pressed Emmett into the sheets and crawling between his legs to continue the kiss they were sharing. As the fiery passion was stroked, Emmett hurriedly tore Hadrian's shirt off so he could feel Hadrian's skin beneath his fingertips. He delighted in the way Hadrian shuddered when Emmett brushed over Hadrian's sides.

Tearing his lips away from Emmett, Hadrian sucked and nipped his way down Emmett's jaw and neck only to be stopped by clothes. Growling, Hadrian banished the rest of their clothes as he continued to devour the revealed pale flesh. With need directing their movements, Hadrian and Emmett claimed each other as mates in a frenzied coupling. After the need to be united and join subsided they spent rest of the early morning in exploration and slowly loving each other with whispered words of love and passion.

When the sun rose to greet the world, the newly mated couple was cuddling, tangled in blankets and limbs relaxing in each other's presence. Emmett had his head lying on his mate's chest while his legs were entwined with Hadrian's. His mate's hand was once more combing through his hair while Hadrian's free hand was in Emmett's grasp being studied and observed. Neither wanted to break the peace and contentment.

Hadrian's sigh broke the bliss, as he tugged Emmett up for a kiss.

Smiling, Emmett asked, "What are you thinking?"

"I need to go talk to Charlie today since he has the full day off," Hadrian answered caressing Emmett's cheek.

"From what I know of the guy, he seems like he will take it pretty well," Emmett stated resting his chin on his arm that was propping him up.

"Yeah, it's just a conversation I don't want to have. My turning wasn't particularly pleasant and Hermione was the only one that stayed in contact with me till she died."

"Would it help to talk about it first?" Emmett asked concerned for his mate as he watched the joy-filled eyes slowly turn somber with each passing thought, he knew about Hermione as she had one of the topics they had discussed out on the rooftops at the Swan's home.

"I'm not going to go into full details. Just vampire basics and our current situation. I'm not even sure if I'll tell him about being a wizard yet. I don't want to overload him," Hadrian explained as he ran a hand down Emmett's back delighting in the feel of the skin.

"You'll do fine honey bunny," Emmett teased wishing for the somberness to disappear.

"What happened to Dark Angel?" Hadrian asked staring straight into his mate's eyes slightly lustful.

"I'll only call you that at certain times. I need another name pet name for you," Emmett replied stretching to place a soft kiss on Hadrian's neck.

"Well then I shall not deter you on your quest," Hadrian acquiesced closing his eyes.




Emmett received a shudder for that one.


"Where the hell did you come up with that one?"

"Because you're so cuddly?"

"That's a private only."

"As you wish Buttercup."


"Build me up Buttercup baby," Emmett sang teasingly shifting his hips.

Hadrian just groaned or was it moaned?

At the Swan Household later that morning…

Since it was a Saturday morning, Charlie had no clue what to do. It had been a while since he had a day off let alone a Saturday. He supposed he could go fishing with his buddies down on the Reservation, but that required movement and since he has sat down in his chair with his coffee, Charlie had no motivation to move. So he didn't. He sat listening to the silent house in perfect tranquility, until his son walked in that is.

"Adrian? What are you doing here? Where's Bella?" Charlie rapidly asked concerned for his children. He could have sworn that they wouldn't have shown up till later day or tonight.

"Bella's with the Cullens going over last minute details and I'm here to talk to you about something," Hadrian replied steadily not showing the nerves he was experiencing.

"Ok," Charlie said seriously sitting up and placing his coffee cup on the side table.

"What is it about? You're not pregnant are you?" Charlie joked.

"I'm not one for finesse, so I'm going to bluntly say it. I'm a vampire," Hadrian said with as much seriousness as he possibly could.

"You're a vampire?" Charlie questioned dumbly. Suddenly his joke wasn't as funny and forgotten.

"Yes. But I don't feed on humans. Animals only. I can be in the sun. And no stakes do not kill me," Hadrian slightly joked but still serious.

"Does Bella know?"

"Yes, she has known for a while, before I even came into the picture."

"So you were just using me?" Charlie asked hurt and rage were warring in his voice as he jumped to conclusions.

"Never! Charlie please understand! You really were like my father. I've never had a father. Mine died when I was one and the person that could have been a father was murdered before my eyes. The time I have spent with you, learning about sports and hunting has been a dream come true. Please believe me," Hadrian begged nearly on his knees, his honesty shining through for all to see.

"Why…why would pretend to be a son to me? I can only guess that you are older than what you appear. So why? Why lower yourself?" Charlie asked confused and hopeful. He saw the honesty burning in Hadrian's eyes and didn't doubt it but why had he been chosen? Why not Carlisle? Or someone else?

"I don't know exactly, but there is something about you that draws me to you in a familial sense. When you give me a hug, I can imagine it was my father's hug. It felt like I had found something that I had been missing. The one other person who I would have looked up to as a father figure, his hugs were more brotherly. But yours give a sense of comfort. A sense of home," Hadrian explained shrugging, straightening.

Charlie was silent for a moment as he thought about Hadrian's answer reminding him that he too had felt a connection to Hadrian. He sat there watching Hadrian twitch and fumble with hands nervously. Charlie could see a glimpse of fear when he would glance up to see if Charlie was still there. As he calmed down, Charlie could see that it was still the boy/man/vampire he had adopted as his own.

"Adrian, why are you telling me this now?" Charlie asked hoping that his son would understand his meaning behind using the name.

Hadrian's head snapped up and stared at Charlie willing his lips to work. The person he had accepted as a father wasn't rejecting him! Hadrian's mind was yelling and jumping glee as his mouth started to explain the situation.

"So you're telling me that Bella found out that Edward is a vampire and the rest of the Cullens are as well, and that in order to save Bella from a rogue group of vampire, the male Cullens killed the leader and now the leader's mate, Victoria, is coming back for revenge?"

"Basically," Hadrian agreed still slightly on edge.

"And how do you fit in?" Charlie questioned, his mind ablaze with questions, but years of working as a Sheriff has taught him a thing or two.

"Well, you see Edward was about to do something stupid and I saved him bringing him home to his family. That's when I met Emmett who is my mate."

"Mate?" Charlie echoed.

"Yeah, my reason for this dull life. My happiness. Just like Bella is Edward's."

"If Emmett is your mate, than why stay with me, us?" Charlie questioned bewildered.

Grinning ruefully, Hadrian scratched the side of his nose as he answered, "We…uhh…had a disagreement about instincts and he sorta didn't want me near him for a while…and Bella was the only person besides the Cullens that I knew and she reminded me of a very dear friend when I was first turned."

"So why have him meet me?" Charlie asked still not catching on, that Hadrian saw him as his father, just like Charlie saw him as his son.

"Well, I got to know you and I like I said you are my father. I wanted to know what it was like to have a father in all experiences not just one. Since you are important to me and Emmett is important to me, I wanted you two to get along," Hadrian explained sheepishly, like his actions were fool-hardy now that the truth had come alight.

Charlie was shocked at just how much he really meant to Hadrian. He knew now that there was no way come heaven or hell that he would give up this father/son bond with Hadrian.

"Adrian, you are my son. Nothing will change that. Now I know there is more to this than you're telling me. What else is going on?"

"Nothing much, besides that Bella will eventually be turned into a vampire and I may have angered the Ruling Vampire called the Volturi. But you don't have to worry," Hadrian rushed to reassure his father, and boy did that feel awesome thinking of Charlie as his father, "since they are trying to get on my good side. And there are still more things I need/should tell you, but I don't want to overload you and some I'm not ready to talk about even after all this time," Hadrian explained looking Charlie in the eye, a hint of worry peeking through.

Charlie nodded his acceptance, the fact that Hadrian had even told him about being a vampire was impressive, and so he could respect his son's privacy.

"So now that I know about vampires, what's the game plan?" Charlie asked after a moment of silence.

"For now? Awareness and safety."

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