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The weekend, for lack of a more intelligent word, sucked, for Severus. Harry was doing a remarkable job of avoiding his presence at nearly all times. Not once over the weekend had Severus managed to corner him, so they could talk about the other morning, and the awkwardness therein. Therefore Severus, more determined than ever, has decided to force Harry to talk; even if he had to give him detention, they would talk. It was time for desperate measures.

Harry on the other hand, could have danced a jig. He had been very successful in avoiding Severus. His success came as a surprise to him, but he was nevertheless happy. He did not want to talk about the other morning, and he knew the moment he was left alone with Severus, he would force Harry to sit down, and talk. Therefore Harry decided he's just going to keep avoiding Severus, at least until he can completely forget that morning, and all the thoughts and emotions evoked by the mere memory. Harry stopped where he was pacing in the empty hallways, as his mind brought up images of himself; himself and Severus. Together. Naked.

Blushing furiously, Harry ran straight to the nearest bathroom, to "relieve" himself. Dammit all!

Harry kept his head down as he entered his and Severus' shared quarters. He didn't notice the dark eyed man staring at him as he quickly made his way through their quarters, toward his bedroom. He stared suspiciously at his closed door. He never left his door closed when he wasn't in there. Eyes narrowed, Harry tried turning the doorknob, only for it to refuse to turn. He pulled, yanked, and rattled the doorknob but it wouldn't budge. Mind going a mile a minute, Harry ran for the door out of their quarters, only to find that door locked as well. Beginning to feel slightly trapped, Harry began to hyperventilate.

"Harry" said boy jumped out of his stupor, took a gasping breath, and turned towards the voice, "Come, sit down. We need to talk."

Many scenarios played themselves out throughout Harry's brain as he walked, seemingly in slow motion, towards Severus perched on the couch. Scenarios from Snape kicking him out, to Snape feeding him to a hoard of Blast Ended Skrewts, to Snape forcing himself on Harry. That last thought caused a cute blush to stain his face, as Harry thought the last thing his brain came up with, wasn't in fact, all that bad. Severus saw the blush spread itself across Harry's face, and had a hard time keeping himself in check; forcing himself to keep from drawing that teen into a heated embrace. This was going to be hard... pun not intended.

After Harry, sat down, perched on the edge of the couch, Severus asked, "Harry," said boy twitched, "Why have you been avoiding me?"

"I-uh-um-I-I-I" Harry stuttered, unable to get any words to form on his lips.

Becoming quite frustrated with Harry's blatant avoidance, Severus decided to take a leap, hopefully shock Harry into giving him a straight and honest answer.

"Harry" said boy twitched, and closed his mouth, blush still staining his face, "Are you attracted to myself, Harry?"

Harry's eyes widened in shock, mouth dropped wide open. He began to hyperventilate once again. Severus sighed in exasperation, rubbing his head to fend off an oncoming headache.

-sigh-"I heard you Harry. That morning. After I awoke I heard you leave for your room. Afterwards I went to your door, and I heard you in your room. I heard you call out my name. So I shall ask again; Harry, are you attracted to me?"

Harry felt ashamed. He knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help the way he feels. Harry then realized, he owed Severus at least an explanation. It wasn't fair to Severus to continue acting this way, Severus deserved an explanation.

"It's been slowly building for awhile now. I've been, uh, noticing you more. I guess the best way to describe it is that, yes, Severus, for awhile now, I have been attracted to you. It, um, it started after my first trip to the Room of Requirement... I, uh, I asked the room to help me learn more about myself. I meant, about my new, uh, traits. But the room also included, my...sexuality. I have what the room gave me, under my bed in my bedroom." by this point, Harry's face was red as a tomato. His eyes lowered, and body tensed.

In order to relieve some of the tension Severus concurred, "Yes, that accursed room tends to do that. It gives you what you ask for, and sometimes it's not always what was in your conscious thoughts at that moment. Even if you weren't aware of it, you may have been vehemently denying yourself, until the room intervened at least."

Harry sighed and continued "I was only REALLY attracted to you, after I heard you in your room. It was then that I realized that I've been slowly growing more and more attracted to you as time went on."

They continued to talk it out for sometime after. Harry did most of the talking, while Severus merely listened, throwing in a few words here and there. As they went, Harry became more and more confident in himself and his feelings.

Before they parted, Harry looked Severus in the eyes and asked "Severus, could we, um, try something?"

Severus merely nodded, unable to make his voice work, his thoughts flying a mile a minute.

Harry pressed a hand to Severus chest, leant up, and pressed their lips together.

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