It felt as though fireworks were going off within Harry's brain, sending burning hot fire, throughout his body. Severus lips were on his, massaging gently, and setting off those fireworks that, now, send liquid fire racing through his veins, and straight to his loins. He reached up, hands running over the rough fabric of Severus' robes, gripped his collar, and pulled Severus closer. Severus braced one hand on Harry's hip, the other gently rubbing the back of his neck. He knew he should stop, he was old enough to be Harry's father, HAD been in love with Harry's very own mother at one point in time, and Harry was his student! However he just felt so perfect in his arms, lips so wonderful on his own, and Harry just tasted SO GOOD! He pulled Harry closer to him, and veritably devoured the teens lips, tongue gently prying its way into Harry's mouth, to dance a Tango that had never before felt so satisfying to the older man. It was then and there that Harry knew; knew for sure that this was where he was meant to be. Here with this man, in this place, his arms. Harry knew then, he would do anything for this man, anything at all.

Harry groaned as Severus tongue massaged his own, arm wrapped around the older's neck, attempting to do the impossible, and draw Severus' and his bodies closer. Severus carefully began to step backwards, leading Harry through their shared rooms, and into Severus sleeping chambers. As they moved, their groins occasionally brushed, causing the two to groan, and attempt to move faster, all without disconnecting their lips. Finally Severus felt his foot connect with the closed door to his sleeping chambers, and carefully maneuvered the door open. Harry simply couldn't wait anymore, and shoved Severus onto his bed, climbing on top of him. He began to desperately pull at Severus outer robes and the shirt beneath. Severus, taking pity on the poor boy, used his wand to quickly remove both his and Harry's clothing.

When their naked skin connected, it was almost enough to bring them both to completion. For Harry, the warmth of Severus skin, especially the heat emanating from his nether regions, felt as though someone had set a beautifully burning hot flame beneath him, making him positively leak with arousal. For Severus, the feel of Harry's scales upon his skin, was purely electrifying. It was as though, with every move of his body, his scales sent shocks of static throughout his body, taking root in his brain and groin. Still though, Severus couldn't help but admire the sight before him. Harry positively glowed in the dim light of his sleeping chambers. His pearl white scales, shining the colors of the rainbow, while still remaining obviously white. It looked as though Severus had a being made of pure light, writhing upon his body, and willing, oh so willing, to bring him pure pleasure.

Severus was brought out of his musings with a groan, as Harry ground ferociously against him. If Severus listened closely, he could hear a quiet hissing coming from the young man. With a start, and a groan of pure lust, he realized Harry was begging, in Parseltongue. He couldn't be sure of what is was Harry was saying, but judging by his ferocious grinding, and the near desperate tone, Severus could take from context that Harry must be begging. The thought of which only made Severus so hard he was unable to hold himself back. He flipped Harry over, onto the mattress, and slowly crawled up the young mans body. Leaving fire in the wake of his kisses, and making the hissing coming from Harry's mouth sound all the more desperate.

Harry couldn't take much more. He was about to explode! If he didn't have Severus inside him now, he was either going to cum all over the freaking place, or he was going to throw Severus back to the bed, ride him, and then cum all over the freaking place. He was desperate, and judging by the mischievous look in Severus eye, he knew how Harry was feeling. Harry's eyes widened and a hiss of pure pleasure escaped him as he felt something slick work its way up into his body. GAWD Severus had such long fingers! He nearly screamed as Severus slowly added a second finger, and quite obviously avoided Harry's prostate.

On the outside, Severus was calm, and collected as he stretched Harry, and readied him for his much larger penis. Severus knew he was longer than most other men. He may have been just above average in terms of thickness, but he's definitely above average in terms of length. And deep penetration is what he's all about. However calm he may seem, on the inside, Severus was anything but. It took all of his self-control to keep from plunging deeply into the nubile body below him, squeezing his fingers, and slowly driving him insane.

By the time Severus deemed Harry prepared enough, Harry's penis was rosy in color, and leaking quite a bit. Severus himself wasn't much better. He was nearly purple in color, precome running in streams down the shaft and dripping onto the blankets. Severus carefully positioned Harry, so that he wouldn't hurt him, and slowly inched forward. Harry hissed as Severus cock slowly and surely penetrated the tight ring of muscle, and plunged deep within his body. He felt so hot, he just wanted Severus to screw him into the bed, and never to stop. Severus eyes rolled back into his head as that velvety tightness enveloped him. Harry was just so hot and tight, Severus couldn't see anything, couldn't hear anything. All that existed in his world was Harry, and that hot tightness gripping him; sucking him in.

By the time Severus was fully seated Harry was, once again, speaking English. Even then, though, Severus could only make out, "Please, oh PLEASE! Severus deeper, I need you! Please, Severus Severus Severus!" chanted over and over. Severus felt a massive throb work its way through his cock, and judging by his groan and efforts in pushing Severus deeper, Harry felt it as well.

Severus couldn't wait anymore, and struck. He pulled out until he was just barely within, and thrust forward, pushing Harry up the bed, and causing a cry of pleasure to ring itself from Harry's throat.

"SEVERUS!" Harry cried. He could feel every inch of Severus thrusting inside him. No amount of specially designed pleasure toy could compare to the feeling of Severus long thick penis thrusting in and out of his body. No toy could simulate the feeling of Severus hot body above him, strong arms holding him in place to keep his head from hitting the headboard, and all in all creating a complete and total sensory overload for Harry.

"Aaah... haah.. Harry... Oh Harry... so tight... nnnggghh... can't wait... have to cum..."

"S-Severus! Oh Merlin PLEASE! Cum! Cum i-inside me! Fill me with your semen! Please! I need it! I need you!"

Severus began thrusting wildly, erratically. Harry had moved his own arms above his head, and onto the headboard, keeping him from hitting it, and allowing him to thrust back against Severus, making his thrusts, deeper and harder, and oh so much more amazing. Severus himself, placed his hands upon the wall above the headboard and put all his power into the thrusts. Harry was just sooo tight... he felt his completion rapidly approaching.

He grunted repeatedly before finally, feeling himself throb almost painfully, yelling "HARRY!" And releasing his load within his body.

Harry's eyes rolled into the back of his head as his back arched. He reached a single arm down and stroked himself in time with the last of Severus thrusts, and the deep, powerful throbbing he could feel coming from Severus penis as he released load after load of semen within him. Harry came with a long drawn out groan of "Ssssevvvverussssss!" his semen coating his chest, stomach, and even a small part of Severus chin.

Harry panted, and groaned, his own penis throbbing in time with the throbbing inside him. Severus was panting rapidly, the occasional thrust still making its way through as he slowly came down from his post orgasm high. He looked below him at a very satisfied, and purring Harry. That last part came as a shock to him. Harry was purring; like a fluffy kitten, and very much unlike the snake the young man had become. Severus couldn't be bothered to pull out of Harry, and merely adjusted the two of them, to a more comfortable position, pulled the covers over the two of them, and quickly fell asleep, as did Harry. Satisfied, and thoroughly worn out, the two men met each other in dreams, where they continued to give and take pleasure in each other, while their bodies rested from the very real sex they'd just had.

Took awhile I know. It's very hard for me to write smut. But I do try. I try to make it hot, and VERY enjoyable for my fellow total pervs out there. Hope you enjoyed it, because we get back to the plot next time! :D