Previously on Fix You:

Damon came back in a really terrible condition, a very powerful witch had put a curse on him.

Bella and Jasper had gotten close.

Damon and Jasper try to help Bella come to terms with her ability.

Edward returned, causing Bella's ability to make her crash down, afterwards, Bella finally confronted Edward and told him what she had wanted to tell him for a very long time.

Bella confirms her relationship with Damon to the Cullens.

Edward and Carlisle reveal Sage's past to the family.

Damon and Bella are headed to visit her mother.

Here we go...

"How do you stop staring into his eyes? They're gorgeous!" my mom whispered.

We were washing dishes while Damon and Phil watched a baseball game on TV. They had picked us up from the airport a few hours earlier, Renee was ecstatic to see us. We had just had dinner.

We finished doing the dishes and went into the living room with dessert.

"Well, I know this is no gelato, but it will have to do," my Mom said as she handed Damon his ice cream.

"Tell us about Italy!" she said in excitement and sat down next to Damon. I sat across from him.

"Italy was really great," I answered.

"Those pictures you sent me Bella, amazing," she said waving her hands in the air, "I printed some of them out. This one is my favorite," she said and took a picture frame that was on the side table. She handed it to Damon.

It was a picture Damon had taken of me. The same one Charlie had liked. I was laughing.

Renee looked at the picture with pride. Her eyes glistened.

Damon grinned, "This one is one of my favorites too," he told her.

"You took this one right?" she asked.

Damon nodded.

"Great picture," Renee said softly, as she contemplated it lovingly.

"You look beautiful Bella," Phil said.

I just responded with a small shrug and a thank you.

"So photography huh?" Renee asked, her tone excited.

I nodded, "I really like it," I told her.

"She's got quite the eye," Damon told them.

They both looked at me proudly.

"Well... Damon gave me the push to explore it," I replied.

"Only after your parents gave you your first camera," Damon added.

"That's right. I we," Renee answered.

I smiled.

This felt nice. It felt good.

"Your father told me you were talking some lessons?" Renee asked.

I nodded.

"Are you planning on taking some more next year?" she asked.

"I think so..." I answered.

"Good. I love it, my daughter the photographer!" she said happily.

We stayed a little more time downstairs talking, before saying goodnight to Renee and Phil. I was staying in the guest room, and Damon was going to sleep on the couch. Phil's orders.

I was in the bathroom changing when I heard footsteps approaching and a knock on the door.

I opened it, and found Renee standing outside, she quickly made her way in. She sat on the counter.

"I love him," she whispered, "So handsome and charming. He has that bad boy look. Ugh, Bella, so gorgeous."

This was awkward. If I could blush, I'd be blushing right now. So all I could do was just stand there in front of my mother, and nod while pulling my hair behind my ears.

"Okay, so, you're being safe?" she asked quietly.

"Mom!" I hissed.

"Come on, how can you say no to a man like that?" she said.

I covered my face with my hands. "Mom, just.. don't," I mumbled.

"What are you using? Condoms? The pill?" she asked.

"Mom!" I hissed.

"Okay, okay, just tell me you got it covered..." she said.

I rolled my eyes. Yes, I had it covered. Vampires have built in birth control, but I couldn't tell her that now could I? We hadn't even done anything yet.

"Mom, I... I know what to do," I told her.

"Good," she answered, and then mischievously looked at me, "is it good?"

My jaw dropped.

"What?!" I hissed.

"It's normal that it's uncomfortable at first Bella," she explained.

"Stop. We're not having this conversation." I told her.

I was fully aware that Damon could hear this from downstairs. This was embarrassing.

"Okay, okay... Just... if he's going to sneak into your room you might want to give it like, half an hour or so, so that Phil's asleep," she winked.

"Mom, just... get out," I said quietly.

She got down from the counter and kissed my forehead, "My baby all grown up." she whispered.

"Good night mom," I told her trying to get rid of her.

She raised her hands, as if saying, I give up.

She had already stepped outside the door when she popped her head back into the bathroom.

"There are condoms on the third drawer just in case," she whispered.

I closed the door immediately.

"Good night baby girl," she said a little louder.

"Go to bed mom," I replied.

I could hear chuckles coming from down stairs. All I could think of was covering my face and thinking how crazy open my mother was.

Half an hour later Damon was sneaking into my room and plopping right beside me in bed.

"Your mom's fun," he whispered as he messed around with the pillow.

"You're only saying that because she complimented you all night," I replied.

"Yeah, that's fun," he answered.

He grabbed my hand and started playing with my fingers.

"How's the couch?" I asked.

"Lumpy," he answered honestly.

I chuckled.

We were quiet for a few minutes. He continued to play around with my hand, pressing his fingers lightly on my palm, intertwining them with his. He had become serious. Something was on his mind.

We hadn't talked about the speech I gave Edward. When we got home, we packed, then threw our stuff in the car, Elena drove us to the airport, caught our flight here, and then Renee picked us up. He had slept the whole flight.

Damon had been very sleepy recently. He took naps in the afternoon, he woke up later than usual, his reflexes weren't as quick as they used to be. I knew the curse had something to do with it. I had to make that mix soon. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off. But I had to do it soon.

His forehead was starting to wrinkle.

"What is it?" I asked.

He shook his head, "Nothing..."

"Hmm... that's a lie," I whispered, I rolled to my side and placed my head in my hand.

He shook his head.

"Tell me," I said.

"It's nothing, I was just thinking about what you said this afternoon," he answered.

"I said a lot of things," I told him.

"I was thinking about the things you said about feeling like you didn't deserve him," he replied.

"I thought that while I was with him, but I don't anymore," I explained.

"I know the feeling..." he told me.

"Do you still feel that way?" I asked.

"Sometimes," he answered.

"Umm... did you hear all the nice things I said about you?" I asked.

He grinned and rolled his eyes.

"That's because your blinded by my gorgeous blue eyes," he responded, quoting Renee.

I punched his arm.

"I'm serious," I told him.

"Bella, Mr. Judgmental Pain in the Ass is right, you don't know me," he said softly, "I've done some pretty messed up things that to be honest, I don't really regret..."

"I know you have... and I don't care..." I answered.

"You should..." he said, and let go of my hand.

"Hey, come on..." I told him, grabbing his face to look at him.

"Don't do that. Damon Salvatore, don't you dare go there. Don't build up your walls now. Stop trying to find pretexts to do so. I know who you are, and I know you've done things. I've done things. I know that you're not a saint, and that's okay, more than okay. That's good. I like it. So don't go saying that stuff to me..." I told him.

"You deserve to be happy," I added, "You make me happy."

He clenched his jaw and stared into my eyes. Then, leaned closer to me and brushed his lips against mine.

"You're too good to me," he whispered.

"Well... you deserve it..." I replied.

He grazed his fingertips over my arm gently.

"You know, I'm going to need another copy of that picture…" he whispered while he traced small kisses on my neck.

"What picture?" I asked.

"The one downstairs," he mumbled.

"Was that the picture you took from the lab at Sage's?" I asked.

He nodded against my shoulder.

"What happened to it?" I asked.

"Witch stole it," he answered, his voice irritated.

"Oh…" I answered. He had lost it on his suicide mission.

He continued to trace my neck with light nibbles.

"Damon…" I said.

"Mmm hmm," he replied.

"Why did you have to go on that mission?" I asked.

He stopped his sweet caresses and lifted his head. He stared into my eyes.

"I just had to go," he answered seriously.

And just like that I knew I had to drop it. He wasn't going to tell me why he had left or what was the real reason behind that mission. His walls were up. I had taken him from being sweet and caring to locked up in less than a minute. We didn't talk after that. We just rested next to each other quietly. He drifted to sleep quickly afterwards. I on the other hand, didn't. I stayed wide-awake all through the night.

"I wish I could get a light tan," I said the next day as we laid on the beach.

"Take your necklace off see how fast your skin changes color," Damon mumbled. He was lying on the ground, his face on the towel we had set on the sand.

"Does spray tan work on vampires?" I asked.

"Do you want to look like a carrot?" He asked.

"No, just a slight tan. I don't want to look so pale," I answered.

"You look just fine," he told me.

He was wearing sunglasses and a hat. Which I thought looked funny on him since I had never seen him wear a hat before. He could totally pull it off though.

I noticed that the bruises on his back had started to appear again.

I was getting worried. I had just given him some of my blood this morning. It was not making effect as long as it used to. I had to come up with making that potion fast.

"Let's rent a jet ski," I proposed, I wanted him to get up, he was drowsy and pretty soon he would just fall asleep.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Please?" I begged and gave him the biggest smile I could.

He chuckled, and did that thing that told me that he was rolling his eyes under the sunglasses.

I extended my smile wider.

He stood up.

"Let's go," he said taking my hand.

After a relaxing morning at the beach we headed back to my Mother's. We had had so much fun riding the jet skis, but now, as we drove back I could tell Damon's mind was very far away. He had that empty, worried gaze that spread beyond the road that was ahead of us. Even with sunglasses on, I could still see his eyes. I wondered if he was still thinking about what had happened back home, or if he was still giving some thought to the conversation we had had last night. I understood why had said the things he said, and why he felt the way he did. I only wished that he knew how much he meant to me, and how I didn't care about all those things that worried him.

"You should spend some time with your mother today," he said, breaking the silence.

"What are you going to do while I'm out with her?" I asked.

He shrugged.

"I'll… steal from the local hospital?" he answered, a small forced grin on his lips.

He was hiding something. That grin was one of his many masks. I knew this by now.

"Save me a bag will you?" I asked.

"I'll save you two," he replied and leaned to give me a small peck on the lips.

That afternoon while Renee and I went out we bonded like we hadn't done in a while. I realized I had missed my mother. She took me to a flea market, we bought some silly knick knacks, tried on a few hats, and drank some smoothies.

"So you're happy?" She asked me for the one-hundredth time.

"Yes Mom, I'm happy," I assured her.

"But you look... worried," she pointed out.

I sighed, "I think there's something wrong with Damon," I confessed.

She frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Sometimes, I think he's miles away from me. I mean, he's there, right next to me, but his mind isn't," I explained.

"Well sweetie, we all get like that sometimes. Have you asked him about it? Maybe there's something going on with his family, or work," she told me.

"I haven't asked him directly… and it can't be family because it's just him and Stefan," I replied.

"You told me he has inherited some family business, maybe it has to do with that?" she suggested.

I knew it had to do with the "Family Business" which translated to Volturi Business, aka the suicide mission.

"He'll probably tell you when he's ready to open up. Don't worry about it Bella," she told me.

I nodded absently.

I knew what had to be done. I had to complete that damn potion.

When we got home that night, we found Damon in the kitchen, an apron tied around his waist.

"Wow! This is a surprise!" Renee exclaimed once she saw him, "Are you trying to impress me Damon?"

"Is it working?" he asked.

"Well, a man that can cook is good on my book," she replied.

He chuckled.

"I made reservations for New Years," he said.

Renee was surprised, "Oh Damon, you didn't have to do that!"

He shrugged, "We can have a nice night out."

"I think it's a great idea," I told him, and then walked up to him and placed a kiss on his cheek, "Thank you."

That night, after Renee and Phil went to sleep, Damon sneaked into my room again. He fought with the pillows for a few seconds before finally getting comfortable next to me.

"So, where did you go with your mother?" he asked quietly.

"Flea market," I answered.

"Did you have fun?" he asked.

I nodded.

"What were you up to?" I asked.

"Stole some bags, and made dinner," he replied.

"Hmm," I answered.

He rested his head on his hand, and then, with his free one, he started playing with the rim of my shirt.

"What's going on?" I asked.

He smiled, "Nothing. I like this."

"My shirt?" I asked.

He chuckled, "This," he said moving his hand pointing at the two of us.

I smiled, "I like it too."

We spent New Years at a hotel restaurant where Damon had made the reservation for the four of us. We ate dinner together and chatted away through the night. We drank champagne. We danced. By the time midnight passed, Renee and Phil told us to go have some fun on our own, they'd be heading back home and didn't want us to call it a night so soon.

"Mom, are you sure?" I asked.

"Go party! You're young!" she told me, grabbing my face with both hands. I gave her a hug and then they left.

"So, what do you want to do?" I asked Damon.

"Hmm…" he said with a smirk on his face.

I raised an eyebrow.

"There's a new club upstairs," he suggested smugly.

"Let's go," I replied.

We took the elevator and when the elevator doors opened we were greeted by a very intoxicated crowd of people, loud music and bright lights. I glanced over at Damon, who just smirked and took me by the hand, guiding me to the bar.

"Bourbon and tequila please," Damon said loudly to the bartender and then turned to look at me.

"Thank you for tonight," I told him and leaned in for a quick kiss, "Thank you for this nice night out with my mother and her husband, it really means a lot to me."

He grinned and handed me my shot of tequila. We clanked our drinks together and drank them down.

"Wanna dance?" He asked.

I looked at the crowd of people and then back at him, I nodded.

We started moving to the music, our bodies swaying to the rhythm of the songs that were playing. It was amazing how much I was able to just be free and careless when I was in his presence. Having fun with Damon had become one of the easiest things to do. We had a few drinks and continued dancing. Occasionally we would kiss in the middle of songs. We were surrounded by a crowd of people but in this moment it seemed like it was just the two of us.

I was happy.

I had managed to forget the last few days and how angry I had been with the whole Edward incident, and how worried Damon's current health situation had made me. Right now, it was just him and me, and nothing in the world mattered.

It was a few hours past midnight, we had had more than a few drinks when it happened. I don't know if it was the crowd and it's energy, but as Damon held me close and our bodies moved together I was trapped and mesmerized by the collective mix of needs I perceived in everyone around me. For the first time since I discovered what my ability was I felt like I was part of something bigger than me. I felt this amazing energy that happens when people come together. I started noticing how despite the superficial differences that we think define us, deep down we're all the same. We have the same secret needs. I realized that we walk around thinking that that secret pain or that secret joy we carry quietly within us is so unique, when really we all want the same things: to be happy, to be safe, to be loved. And for the first time I wasn't scared.

I lifted my head from Damon's shoulder and stared at him.

His eyes glistened. He was happy too.

"Let's do it," I told him.

He raised an eye brow, "Do what?"

I looked around, "Teach me," I told him.

He opened his mouth slightly, surprised.

"They're pretty wasted, no one will notice," I told him.

He looked to his right and then to his left, and then back at me.

"Let's do it together," I said.

He sighed, "You really want to do this?" he asked.

I smiled and then standing on the tips of my toes placed a soft kiss on his lips.

He smirked. I could tell he was excited and that he had been waiting a while to teach me this.

"Pick one," he told me.

I started examining the people that surrounded us. No ne really popped up.

"Close your eyes," Damon told me and then turned me around, my back on his chest, he leaned into my ear and whispered, "take a deep breath and let their scents in."

I did as he told me. I was attacked by hundreds of different scents at the same time.

"Concentrate on the one that appeals the most to you," he told me.

I breathed in again, going quickly through the scents that I could pick up. Then, after a few breaths I finally found one that smelled so good. I felt my mouth water.

"Hold it," he whispered.

I opened my eyes and took his hand.

"Follow it," he said.

I started walking through the crowd. Trying to find where that delicious scent was coming from. I let it travel from my nose to my throat, which started parching every time I took another breath in. Damon followed close behind me, never letting go of my hand.

Then I spotted her.

It was a girl. She was dancing happily. Her eyes closed, right arm up in the air, and a cocktail on her left. She was pretty drunk and apparently she was alone. Everyone around us was completely intoxicated.

I looked back at Damon and nodded, telling him I found her.

He walked up to the girl.

"Hi," he said in a flirtatious manner.

The girl giggled, surprised by his presence.

"Are you alone?" he asked.

"My friends left," she said in between slurs.

Damon smiled and then glanced up at me, "This wont hurt, don't make a sound. Enjoy it," he told her, as he took the strands of hair that fell on her shoulder and placed them to the other side of her neck. He extended his hand to me and pulled me to the girl.

"Hold on to my voice," he said to me and then smacked a kiss on my lips. I smiled and then leaned in to the girl's neck.

It smelled so good.

Concentrate Bella. You can do this. You're not going to kill the girl.

I opened my mouth and sank my teeth into her neck.

I had never tasted anything so good in my life.

"That's it," Damon whispered.

I continued feeding slowly from the girl. Feeling her pulse start to race with every drop I swallowed.

I can't even start to describe the things I felt while I was doing this. My senses were suddenly heightened I couldn't possible imagine how long I had deprived myself from this.

"Easy," Damon said.

Pull it together Bella. Enough.

I lifted my head and looked at him his eyes were foggy, and I could see this longing in them that I had never seen. Damon had never looked at me this way before. I pushed the girl gently to him. It was his turn.

He stared at me and with his thumb cleaned up the corner of my mouth that was dirty with smudges of blood. Then he sunk into the girl's neck, his eyes open, locking his stare with mine.

My stomach started doing that contorting thing it liked to do.

For some reason, Damon had never looked so sexy before and the way his hand was holding that girl's neck was making my mind fuzzy and foggy, and all I wanted to do was making him stop and have him holding me like that.

It wasn't jealousy, no. It wasn't anything like that.

This… this was lust, and he knew what he was doing to me. I watched his hand run down the girl's back and how he held her closer to his body.

Oh boy. This… this…

I couldn't form coherent sentences in my head.

I clenched my jaw.

He stopped drinking from the girl, "You'll forget this ever happened, don't let anyone see that bite mark," he told her and then added, "Go home."

The girl covered her neck and left.

Damon took my hand and led me to a corridor. He pushed me against the wall, one hand firmly holding my neck and the other placed above my hip holding it roughly. His lips crashed onto mine and kissed me passionately. I ran my hands up his back and through his hair.

God, I had never wanted Damon more than right now.

He broke the kiss looked into my eyes, and that's when I felt it. This incredible pull that every inch of my body was feeling. He wanted this badly, and so did I. I inclined my neck to the side and pulled my hair back. He trailed kisses down to the base and then sank his fangs in.

I closed my eyes.

This. Was. Amazing.

I was trapped in a daze.

He pulled me closer to him, his fingers holding me tightly.

I flipped our position, now he was leaning against the wall. He let go of my neck I started kissing him, tasting my blood on his lips. Then, without thinking it twice I found my way to his neck and bit him. He held me there, his hand on my head, he wanted me to drink from him too. So I did.

If I thought that the girl's blood was delicious, it had nothing on the taste of Damon's. I had never been high in my life but I imagine that this had to be the way it felt to be on LSD or any other drug. It was intoxicating and I had never felt more connected to him that right in this moment. This was better than Sage's wine or my own.

"Bella… Bella…" he whispered in a hoarse voice.

I stopped drinking from him and raised my eyes to meet his.

"Let's… let's get out of here," he said, begging me with his eyes.

I nodded. Right now, I would do anything he told me to.

I followed him out of the club in a complete daze. He was desperate to get to the lobby.

"I want a suite," he said, slamming his credit card on the front desk's counter.

The woman smiled politely and took the credit card.

"We have two suites available, the fir-" she started explaining.

"The biggest one, I want the biggest one," he said.

The woman eyed us judgingly,

Damon smiled at her and then captured her gaze, "Hand me the card key, we'll do the paperwork in the morning, and there will be no problem whatsoever with that."

I liked this. This urgency he had to get me into a room with him now, in this very instance. He had no patience and honestly neither did I.

The woman nodded absently and handed us the key to our suite.

In all the blur up to the room we managed to move quickly at the most natural human pace we could master. When got into the elevator, another couple got in as well and all we could do was stand there next to each other, his hand running over the side of my torso. Finally when we reached our floor and were inside the room Damon took off his blazer and threw it away. I started unbuttoning his shirt quickly while he placed savage hungry kisses on my neck. I got desperate and just opened his shirt, buttons flying in every direction. He pushed me against a wall and tried finding the zipper of my dress. He was eager too but he managed to find it and unzipped the dress quickly. Before I knew it he had carried me into the bedroom and thrown me on the bed.

I was apparently out of breath and hadn't even noticed it. He climbed on top of me and we continued kissing.

Then he suddenly stopped and stared at me.

I stared back at him.

His ravenous eyes had turned sweet in a second, his eye brows together, questioning me.

That's when I realized what was happening, what he was asking with his gesture. He was stopping in the middle of this frantic lust daze we were in and he was asking me permission to continue, he was asking me if I really wanted this to happed.

My heart burst and smiling, I gave him a nod.

I was sure. This was what I wanted.

I opened my eyes slowly. The tingles that were running down my back had woken me up. I turned my head to the side to find Damon grazing his fingers gently down my spine. He smiled at me. I smiled back.

"Morning," he said.

"Good morning," I answered back.

He continued to trace random shapes on my back.

"How long have you been up?" I asked.

"A while," he replied.

I sighed.

"We better get going…" he mumbled.

I grunted, "I don't want to."

"We have a plane to catch in a few hours," he said.

I rolled my eyes, "Okay, let's go," I said and stood from the bed taking the sheets with me

He was lying on his side, his head resting on his hand, naked, like some sort of Greek sculpture, and smiling like an idiot.

"Stop it," I told him as I picked up my clothes from the floor.

He chuckled, and I threw his pants at him.

Later that afternoon I opened the door to my storing unit. I took out the transfusion kit I had stolen from the hospital and pressed the needle on my skin. Blood started filling up the bag.

The mix would still be in my system. I needed 24 hours for every trace of Damon's blood and the human blood to dissolve. I still had more or less four hours left.

I filled up three blood bags and stored them in the freezer I had installed in the unit before leaving to Florida a few days ago.

I took out the bottles of wine and injected the needle through the cork, letting only 3 drops of my blood fall into the wine.

I was nervous.

As the drops fell and mixed, the bottle that was first a clear color, started bubbling up, then turned blue, purple, pitch black, and after a few seconds, pink.

I stared at it for the next half hour.

It stayed pink.

This was not the same wine Sage had in his cellar. I took out my phone and dialed his number.

"Mon Petite Enfant! This New Year welcomes you!" he exclaimed as soon as he picked up.

"Hi Sage, you too," I replied awkwardly.

"How is January treating you my child?" he asked.

"Good," I answered.

"Perfect!" he exclaimed and then asked, "Tell me, have you completed the potion yet?"

"That's why I'm calling..." I told him.

"Ah ha," he said.

"I did what you told me... but it didn't turn out like your wine," I said.

"What color did it turn?" he asked quietly, intrigue in his voice.

"Pink," I replied.

"Ahhh," he answered, a bit in awe, "Excellent!"

"Wait, isn't it supposed to be black?" I asked, confused.

He chuckled, "Dear Isabella, I wish we had more time together when you were here. There is so much I want to share with you!" he exclaimed.

"Sage why is my wine pink and yours black?" I asked I had no time for his riddles right now.

He sighed.

"It's because of the nature of the potion. Under the circumstances it was made..." he explained, and then added, "You see mon amie, my wine isn't made with the blood of mon amour, my wine was made quite differently," he answered.

Mon amour? My love?

"Will it work the same way?" I asked, ignoring that last part.

"Absolutely! I believe your wine is more bubbly, it's effect might be stronger, so be careful," he warned.

"So, how do I do it?" I asked.

"It's very simple mon petite fleur, he just has to drink a glass of it, he'll fall in a deep slumber afterwards, don't be alarmed if he sleeps for days," he answered.

"Days?" I asked surprised.

"Three... maybe four, considering how long he's been spelled..." he explained.

I sighed.

"Do I send you a bottle Sage?" I asked. I wanted to thank him for his help.

"Next time you come visit! We'll have a testing together!" he exclaimed.

"Alright," I answered.

"I must order cheese my darling, we'll talk soon, au revoir mon petit enfant!"

"Bye Sage," I said and hung up.


Sage perplexed me beyond anything I could explain, but I trusted him. I respected him. He was very wise. I could understand why Damon went to him for help and advice, why he looked up to him the way he did. Now, learning that Sage and I were more alike than I would have ever imagined, and that we shared this huge secret no one else could know because or lives depended on it, I couldn't help but trust him. Because I don't think singers come around often. Because I know the Volturi wanted to find the source of the magical wine. That had to be why Damon had been on that suicide mission.

A few things confused me though. If Sage knew how to get the spelled bottles of wine that had the squiggly logo, that same squiggly logo Damon had been branded with on his back after he returned, that meant that Sage had to know how to contact the witch. So, if he knew the witch, and Damon was his friend, why would he send him on that trip knowing how dangerous it was? I mean, wouldn't he have warned him? Or wouldn't he have sent him with some sort of message so that she knew that Damon knew him?

I wanted answers to all these questions, but right now, the only thing I really wanted, was to make Damon better. I took one of the bottles, put it inside my bag, left the storage unit, set up the alarm, and got on my bike.

On the way back I drove past Carlisle's car. I gave him small nod, he did the same. I was in a rush to get home and have Damon drink the wine as soon as I could serve it to him. I was not going to stop to say hello.

Now they knew we were back.

I had no idea what was going to happen next with the Cullens. I think that the speech I gave Edward might have been strong. I didn't know how Jasper or Emmett had taken it. Because I had said some things that affected them too.

In reality I just wanted their presence to be tolerable. I wanted to clear the air and just move on.

When I got home, Damon was drinking a beer with Stefan in the backyard. From the looks of it, they were having a serious conversation before I arrived. I had interrupted them.

Stefan had worry written all over his face, no matter how he tried to hide it.

"Where did you run off to?" Damon asked as I walked over to him and he extended his hand for me to take.

I grabbed it and he pulled me towards him, making me sit on his lap.

Stefan gave us a weak smile.

"Just went for a drive," I answered.

Stefan excused himself and went back inside.

"What's going on?" I asked.

He squinted his nose, "Oh, you know, Stefan being Stefan," he answered.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing for you to worry about," he added.

I rested my head on his shoulder, he ran his hand over my back.

We were quiet for a few minutes.

Something had happened while we were away. It had worried Stefan.

"Hot bubble bath?" He suddenly asked.

It was the perfect way to sneak in the wine and have him drink it.

"Sure," I answered, "why don't you go upstairs and start the bubble bath, and I'll be there in a minute..."

He eyed me. His eyes inquisitive.

"You're up to something..." he told me.

"I just want to get us some drinks…" I answered, standing up from his lap, giving him a smile.

He squinted his eyes, and gave me a kiss on the cheek before heading inside.

Once I heard the water start filling up the tub I headed downstairs to the wine cellar. I found a near empty bottle of a wine that was the same color as the one I had made and emptied it. I poured my wine in the other bottle, got two glasses and went upstairs.

Damon was already inside the tub.

"Hmm, Rosé Wine, good choice," he said as he eyed the bottle I was carrying.

I smiled and handed him a glass.

"So? What are you waiting for? Get in here," he told me, his smile beaming.

To be honest, I still wasn't used to this. To this thing we had going.

I wasn't used to the way he looked at me.

I wasn't used to the way he made me feel. Like, when I was with him I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever laid eyes on.

I wasn't used to his serene face, his walls down.

I wasn't used to the constant butterflies that lived in my stomach now.

So when he told me to get in there with him, the only thing I could do was take my clothes off and jump inside the tub with him.

I didn't even feel self-conscious.

Not anymore.

He served a glass of wine for me. I was afraid of drinking it, so I took just a little sip. A very small sip. It was extra bubbly and sweet.

Damon was surprised by the taste too.

"Where did you get this?" he asked, as he took the bottle that was on the floor and raised it to inspect the label.

I shrugged. "It was sitting on a dusty shelf downstairs," I mumbled.

"It's delicious!" he pressed his lips together and then took another sip. He closed his eyes, savoring the taste.

"Hmm," was the only thing I could think of saying. I was more interested in making sure he drank it all and having the mix work it's magic in his system, making those bruises just fade away and bring back the strong Damon I knew.

"I'm asking Stefan where he got this bottle," He said, reading the label again, "What year is this from?" he whispered as his eyes ran through the bottle.

It's like an hour old. I thought.

He quickly finished the first glass and poured himself another one.

"Why are you not drinking this?" he asked in amazement, "I may dare to say this is better than Sage's wine," he mumbled.

I took another sip.

He suddenly started chuckling, and then the chuckles turned into something else, he had started laughing hysterically.


In a swift movement, he took my leg and pulled me towards him. Taking my face in his hands and brushing away strands of loose hair.

I stared into his blue eyes, trying to figure out what was so damn funny. He was acting crazy.

He abruptly stopped laughing and stared blankly at me.

"Bella," he whispered.

"Damon..." I said back.

"I-" he started saying, but suddenly stopped, his eyes rolled back, he dropped the glass, causing it to shatter on the bathroom floor, and then fell back into the tub, completely unconscious.

"Damon!" I shouted, climbed over him and pulled his head out of the water.

"Damon!" I said again, I shook him by his shoulders.

He was stiff as a board.

I carried him out of the tub, wrapped him up in a towel and placed him on his bed.

Was this it?

Was that what the wine was supposed to do?

What if it was some sort of allergic reaction?

What if the potion didn't work?

I put some clothes on and then dressed him. I plopped right next to him. Watching him closely.

Then I waited, and the hours passed… one after the other.

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