Here is the final chapter! Oh but don't worry I have a few more ideas for sequels. This story might have 3-5 more sequels.


An evil which was right in front of the Castle That Never Was. She was plotting her next plan. She had heard that the 'Princess of All Light' Lived in this wretched castle. This did not look like a place a 'Princess of All Light' would be living in.

She wanted to take over this world, it's castle, and kill the 'Princess' that lived here and use this girl's heart to make of hell of the heartless.

And after that she would take over the next world, then the next, then the next, then finally take that Kingdomkey Bearer's heart and make another hell of a heartless.

Oh she was Maleficent. The witch that almost killed princess Aurora and almost took over that world. But this time she would succeed. And she will be the ruler of all worlds.

She then made a fire corridor that would take her back to her temporary castle.

"Pete," she called as he came running into her 'throne room',"Round up some heartless and kill that wretched 'Princess of All Light'." She said using sympathies on the 'Princess of All Light' part.

She smirked. She knew there was no way she would lose.


Oooohhhh mysterious and if anyone has any ideas for the title of the next part then I would gladly appreciate it.