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Chapter 11

Day 2 of Fiji Trip

"Tsunayoshi." I heard Kyouya call out in a soft voice and felt his warm fingers tracing the side of my cheek than felt a thumb tracing on my lips. I felt hot breath coming closer to my lips than firmly placed his lips on mine. Kyouya removed his lips from mine and then moved to peck my nose, cheek, and my forehead. I let out a chuckle and wrap my arms around Kyouya, and snuggle close to him. I rub my face in Kyouya's chest, which made him chuckle, and lift my face up to see Kyouya smiling at me like usual. Kyouya peck my forehead again and then kissed me on my lips, but this time a more passionate kiss. Suddenly, Kyouya brush his fingers on my nipples and I knew I just had to stop him before we have sex again. While Kyouya was distracted with my neck, I flip our positions where I am on top while he's under me.

"Sorry Kyouya. No can do." Kyouya scuff at me and turned his head. I shook my head at how childish he is being and got off of him so I can go take a shower. Being the softy that I am, I tug on Kyouya's arm and he finally glanced at me. I pointed to the bathroom and said, "Are you coming or what?" Kyouya gave me a smile then carried me to the bathroom, princess style. I laughed playfully as carried me to the bathroom. After the bath, which led to a quickie in the bath tub, we both got ready to go to dining room to get breakfast. I entwined our hands together as we exit our villa room and into the ocean breeze that you can smell the sweet ocean water, and hear the Seagulls call to one another and ocean waves that gently wave to me to greet me a wonderful morning.

"Someone's happy." Kyouya stated as he gently rock our hands back and forth.

"Who wouldn't be if they saw this beautiful island?" I smiled

"Haven't you been here before?"

"Yes but being here with you just makes everything much better." Kyouya stop dead in his tracks and I knew what he wanted but just seeing how he'll act is priceless to me. I can never get tired of his smiles. Kyouya pulled our joined hands so I can get closer before cupping my cheeks with his left and leaning in for a kiss. At first this kiss will be just like the kiss we shared this morning, boy how I was wrong. Kyouya pulled my head closer to make it deeper and he nips my lower lip, so I let his tongue enter my mouth while grabbing my ass. As much as I wanted to continue, I had to pull away from that skillful mouth of his fast before I give in temptation.

"Don't tell me you're horny again?" I asked as a panted between my words. Kyouya, who couldn't answer, nodded his head. "Kyouya I just gave you a quickie. You just have to wait for tonight."

"But I don't want to wait." Kyouya said as he gazed in Tsunayoshi's eyes. Not the eyes! Not the eyes! That's how he got me to let him have sex!

"Kyouya, if you hold your urge to have sex, then you can do anything tonight." I negotiated, and Kyouya whole face lit up, not really but somehow I can tell. He pulled our joined hands again and cupped my cheek then kissed me, but it wasn't a passionate kiss; it was a nice and slow kiss. He gave me a smile before we proceed towards the kitchen. There we met up with the others and my parents. My mom was the one cooking with Yuni as her assistant. Today she's cooking different kind of breakfast as in waffles, bacon, scramble eggs, sunny side ups, sausages, and the list go on. I literally drool at the aroma that filled the kitchen.

"Good morning Tsu-chan. Had a good sleep?" Mom asked as she flipped the bacon and sausages over.

"Yes I did." I replied but my mom smiled at me and leaned forward. She waved at us to lean forward too.

"You two had sex didn't you?"


"Oh don't worry I'm not going to scold you or anything. I'm just glad you finally lost your virginity." Mom boasted but then she started to laugh when she saw that I was blushing. I left the table to go sit with my dad, who was on his laptop, and I guess he heard it because he started to pet my hair. He didn't say anything which I'm thankful for because I don't think I need my mom to embarrass me more. I peek over to where Kyouya and my mom are and they were talking but I couldn't hear what they were saying. I huff at their secrecy and leaned on my dad's arm, and peek at what he was doing.

"Oh stop pouting. We weren't saying anything bad." notified Mom as she placed a plate with an omelet that has ham, tomato, and cheese, with a side of fruit salad and orange juice. I clasp my hands together and thank my food before cutting a slice of my mom famous omelet. As I took another bite, I glanced at Kyouya as he came over and sat across from me. My mom came back and places a plate of traditional Japanese breakfast and a cup of coffee. I shook my head at Kyouya's choice of breakfast. I held up my fork towards Kyouya and he just stared at it before glancing at me with a look saying 'What?'

"Eat it." I demanded and Kyouya sigh as he took my hand and guide it to his mouth.

"Good right?" I asked and Kyouya nodded his head with a smile.

"Oh my god. That was too cute!" squealed mom and Yuni, who I forgot was there. "Damn I should've taken a picture." Yuni agreed with my mom and then went back into the kitchen to finish cooking, but they were discussing about Kyouya and me as they left. I glanced at Kyouya but he was eating like that never happen. Actually I think he is getting use to my mom. I peek over to my dad and he just patted my head, again.

"Good morning!" shouted Byakuran as he and the others came in for breakfast. "What's for breakfast mama dearest?"

"Anything you want, Byakuran dearest." answered mom, then she told him about how he miss my cute moment with Kyouya. Byakuran faked a tear and discuss something else.

"So he does that act with your mom?" asked Kyouya as he watched my mom and Byakuran keeping saying 'dearest' to each other.

"Oh now you believe me." I respond sarcastically.

"I did believe you. I just thought he does that with you only."

"So you were jealous my darling?" I asked as I smiled at him. He shook his head at me with a smile and continued to eat his breakfast. I can tell he like it. When everyone started to sit down at the table, my dad and mom moved into living room, or so I guess. I just know my dad left when it got noisy. Don't get me wrong, my dad loves a lively house, but maybe he left because it got crowded? My dad is turning to a Kyouya.

"Hey Tsuna-nii..." I turned towards Toshio, who wanted to ask me something. I wonder if he wants to know about my job. I really didn't want to tell him here and now. "I was wondering why your last name is different from your parents."

"Oh. That's all?" Toshio nodded his head slowly. "Well I didn't want attention or special treatment anymore because my last name. When I was in Elementary, I didn't mind getting attention but when I hit 6th grade, I hate it how they treated me. They didn't treat me as a regular student but a person who would benefit from. So I changed my last name when I enter the Academy."

"But isn't that your parents school?" asked Kyoko as mom handed her a bowl of oatmeal with berries on top. She wasn't the only one having oatmeal, it seems the other girls also got oatmeal.

"Yeah but no one knew who I was though. Well except them." I pointed to my childhood friends who smiled in return.

"Oh. So how did you come up with Angel?" asked Basil

"My cousin changed her last name to Angel too, so I just named my last name that." I answered as I finished my omelet. I got up from the table and place my plate in the dishwasher, then went back to Kyouya and mine cottage so I can take another shower without Kyouya. I know I took one this morning but we didn't really shower. It was more like water pour down on us while we had sex. When I enter our cottage, I went into my bag and got out my daily shampoo and body wash, and then I went to the shower. After I took my shower, I saw Kyouya sitting on the bed waiting for me. I was surprised that he didn't come in while I took a shower.

"I think you should wear that today." said Kyouya

"I'm wearing nothing." As I looked at myself then give him a confused look.

"I know." smirked Kyouya and I rolled my eyes at him then picked out my clothes for today. I glanced back at Kyouya and he was heading towards the bathroom with clothes and other stuff. I finally put on my clothes, a red short sleeve jacket with red and white swim trunks, and waited for Kyouya on the Patio. Few minutes later, Kyouya came out wearing a black short sleeve jacket with white and black swim trunks, and we both left our cottage to go back to the main house. As we enter the house, I can hear talking coming from the living room and when we got close I can hear Albito-nii and the others; in others, I mean my two sisters, Chiyo-nee and Celia-nee's, and Rizona-nee, who is married to Albito-nii, so she's sister-in-law with their little girl, Rozalina.

"Oh, so you're Toshio. So cute and timid." squealed Celia-nee

"Yeah. Almost like how Tsu-chan was when he was little." noted Rizona-nee

"Speaking of Tsu-chan, where is he?" asked Albito-nii, I peek into the living room and saw Albito-nii dressed in a white rolled up dress shirt with brown shorts and sandals, looking around for me. Celia-nee, who was laughing at Albito-nii, is wearing a yellow sundress with white sandals and a sun hat. Chiyo-nee who is staring at her siblings, is wearing a baby blue transparent shirt with white shorts and flip flops. Rozalina who has Chiyo-nee's personality, is wearing an orange sundress with a sun hat. Rizona-nee, who is shaking her head at Albito-nii, is wearing beige dress with her sleeves rolled up, and tan heels. When Rizona-nee stop shaking her head, her eyes and mine locked on and she gave me smile before walking towards me with her hands stretch out for a hug.

"Tsu-chan!" glee Rizona-nee, with a smile, I ran up to Rizona-nee and hugged her. "It has been too long since I last seen you! Do you know how much I miss you?"

"I miss you too Rizona-nee." Rizona-nee started to attack me with kisses and told me how cute I was.

"Don't hog Tsu-chan Rizona." pouted Celia-nee, who tried to hug me, but Chiyo-nee got to me first. Still pouting, Celia pulled me out of Chiyo-nee embrace and into her arms. "Tsu-chan!" Also, having mom genetics, she smothered me in her D-cup breasts.

"Celia you're going to kill Tsu-chan!" shouted Albito-nii as he pulled me out of her arms or breasts and of course, hugged me, and attacked me with the tickle monster. Yes, I still called it the Tickle monster.

"Albito-nii! I...I can't...breathe." I laughed as he kept on tickling me. What I didn't notice was that the more people came into the living room. I couldn't see them though because I am currently being tickled.

"Albito, if you keep tickling him, he'll die of laughter." scolded a familiar voice. Albito-nii stops tickling me but nevertheless stop hugging me. When I finally got my breathe, I peek over his shoulder to see Albito-nii's childhood friends, Alaude, Daemon, Asari, G, Knuckle, and Lampo who is Lambo's older brother.

"Alaude!" I shouted and tried to give him a hug. Key word: tried. Albito-nii restricted my arms and held me in place in his arms. Alaude rolled his eyes at Albito-nii and easily pulled me out of Albito-nii's arms and placed me back on the ground. I smiled at Alaude before hugging him, and he replied by ruffling my hair, then Daemon came over and he picked me up, and decided to twirl me around. When he finally put me down, Asari and G ruffled my hair, and Lampo and Knuckle gave me a quick hug.

"Aniki." greeted Kyouya

"Otouto." I glanced at the two before asking, "You two are brothers?"

"You didn't know?" asked Alaude and I shook my head. I tugged on Alaude's arm and lead him to the couch, and sat beside him on the couch. I think Kyouya wanted to sit by me, but Albito-nii quickly sat beside me. I think he knows but on the other hand, he is Albito-nii.

"It's probably because you're blonde." teased Lampo and a glare was sent his way by Alaude and decided to sit far away from Alaude.

"It's not like I choose to be blonde." argued Alaude. I heard that his mother is half-Japanese and half-English, but she have black hair. However, I think she might have bleached her hair or he got the hair color from his grandparents on his mother side.

"Then why didn't you just bleach it?" asked Rizona-nee

"Mother wouldn't let him. She said, as I quote, 'Bleach your hair and you die'." responded Kyouya. I've never met their mother before but I can tell Kyouya is not lying. I don't think Kyouya can lie. Well he can lie; I just don't think he will. I don't think his pride would let him lie.

"Sounds like your mom." stated Albito-nii

"So Tsu-chan, how did you meet my otouto?" asked Alaude. If you knew Alaude, then you would know that he hates to shorten people names or giving them a nickname for that matter. I, on the other hand, am the only has that privilege. I don't know why but like always, I'm not complaining. I actually feel happy when he calls me Tsu-chan.

"At our school festival." I responded

"How did you become friends with anti-social here?" asked G

"You know. I don't really know. We did go to the amusement park and I had lots of fun."

"The little birdie actually went to an amusement park? You must have him whipped." stated Daemon as he smirked towards Kyouya who glared at him in return.

"It wasn't just the two of us, at first. Yuni wanted to go to the amusement park and she so happened to bump into Toshio who was going out with Kyouya."

"So Toshio and Kyouya are together? Or were together?" asked Lampo with a smirk and G decided to throw a pillow at Lampo. Lampo stuck his tongue at G and sat there quietly.

"I don't know but they were going somewhere that day." I replied

"We, as in Toshio and I, were never together. He begged for me to go somewhere so I went to shut him up." clarified Kyouya

"That's mean Kyouya." pouted Toshio and my sister, Celia-nee, was right there to smother him with love and her breasts.

"So Yuni and Toshio left you two for some reason, and you two were alone and Kyouya didn't just walk away?" asked Asari

"I asked him if he wanted to go home and he replies, as I quote, 'If you want to'."

"You mean to tell me that little birdie was being considerate towards a human being?" asked Daemon and I nodded my head. Next thing you know it, Daemon was on the floor laughing. He was laughing so hard that tears came out his eyes. I ignored Daemon and continued my story.

"After that we went to Kabuki to eat then I drove him home."

"Aw come on Tsu-chan. Details! Details!" shrieked Celia-nee

"But nothing happened." I stated and Kyouya scuffed but no one heard him. I guess they couldn't because Deamon was still laughing and just now calming down. Is it that funny that Kyouya showed consideration for me? Or is it unbelievable that he showed consideration?

"As much as I want to believe you Tsu-chan, but I think Kyouya did something. Nothing big but something significant." noted Alaude. I was going to protest but, of course, someone got it before me. When I mean someone, I mean Yuni but it also applies to mom. Yuni is like my mom but water down; she's like her mom also but she spent most of her time at my house, so she picked up some of mom brave behavior. When I mean brave, I mean honest or blunt. Blunt mostly though.

"I thought he stole your first kiss?" asked Yuni as she came with my mom into the living room. I knew what she was doing and I didn't like it at all. I didn't want drama, well not today at least. I just wanted to spend more time with Kyouya and my friends. Swim in the ocean or jump high cliffs or just chill on the beach but I don't think so anymore.

"He didn't steal my first kiss." I scuffed

"What you mean I didn't steal your first kiss?" asked Kyouya as he glared at me.

"It means that you didn't take my first kiss." I explained

"Then who took your first kiss?" asked Kyouya, still glaring at me. I leaned towards Alaude and laid my head on his left arm. I glanced at Alaude then back at Kyouya and he growled out, "You didn't?"

"I did but I was like 8 years old when I did it."

"Wait what?" asked Rizona-nee as she glanced at Kyouya then at me, looking rather confused.

"I kissed Alaude when I was 8. When he was leaving for America to study aboard and he promised me that when he comes back, we'll be together forever. So I kissed him to seal the promised."

"That's not a first kiss." pointed out Kyouya with a smirk on his face.

"It is if I say so." I argued then stuck my tongue at him. Kyouya rolled his eyes while I snuggle up to Alaude.

"So wait. Kyouya is dating my baby brother?" asked Albito-nii and everybody nodded their heads. "I do not approve of this!"

"And why not!?" asked mom as her and dad walked in the living room with cups of tea. Thank goodness mom didn't carry the tea or it would be lying on the floor, shattered in tiny pieces with tea spilled all over the beige rug. Instead dad is carrying the tea.

"Mom you approve to this? What about Tsu-chan chastity. " asked Albito-nii

"Yes I approve of it! Kyouya is Alaude's little brother, which means he is respectful, diligent, handsome, and above all, he loves Tsu-chan! If it was somebody else, I would have gave them a 3 hour heart to heart talk, let your dad ruff him up a bit, and let you and your sisters drill him." explained Mom

"I just think he's too young." pointed out Albito-nii. Mom smacks her lips and rolled her eyes at Albito-nii.

"And when did you start to date?" asked Mom

"At 14." mumbled Albito-nii and mom just left it to that. She took the tray from dad and passed out the tea to my siblings and their friends. Albito-nii sat there sulking until I gave him the sad puppy eyes and finally gave me a smile; wasn't his usual, but at least he gave me a smile. Afterward the whole ordeal of me being with Kyouya, we all headed out towards the beach or stepped out of the house and onto the beach. I grabbed Toshio's hand and lead him to the shore. We stood there, watching the waves hit our feet and our hands clasped together. The sand beneath our feet started to fade away so we started to walk deeper into the ocean but Toshio fell. At first I laughed at him but he dragged me along with him and this time, Toshio laughed.

"Thanks Tsuna-nii." said Toshio as he gains back his composure.

"For what?"

"For bring me here." I smiled at Toshio as he blushed and collided our foreheads together.

"You're welcome."

"Hey no twincest!" shouted Yuni from the patio. We both looked up and saw that everybody was staring at us. Also, my mom was shouting at dad to get the camera. Poor dad.

"We can do whatever we want!" I shouted back

"Not without me you can't!" shouted Mukuro who was walking towards us with Kyouya carrying two tubes: an orange and a red.

"Mukuro you pervert!" shouted Toshio and me but we laughed at the end. Kyouya and Mukuro present to us with the tubes and we both headed out towards the ocean. At first, Toshio and I were just floating and staring at the blue endless ocean but of course the gang came over and messed that moment up. I also noticed that Byakuran was pushing Toshio further out in the ocean, away from the others. I'm not worried since I trust Byakuran and my family would just kill him if anything happen to Toshio. I glanced at Mukuro and he was with Chrome, teaching her to swim. Reborn was also pushing Lambo away but he was going under the patio. I wonder why? Before I can look at anybody else, I felt my tube being pushed. I pivot my head to see over my shoulder and saw Kyouya behind me. I should've known it was him. I shrugged my shoulders and relaxed as he pushed me away from everybody. When I felt that he stopped pushing, I pivot my head again and saw that Kyouya was staring at me; staring with his deep gray eyes that calm my soul and held me captive at his will but made me fall in love with.

"What?" I laughed and he just shook his head with his eyes closed. "Hmmm…" I turned my body towards him and moved my face closer to him. It was so close that I can smell his warm minty breathe and feel the heat from his cheeks. It was so close that I can lean even more close and close the gap between me and him with our lips. Kyouya opened his eyes and stared at my brown ones. His hand reached up and brushed my hair slowly, but came to a stop at my neck. He pulled me closer and our lips touched. It only touched but Kyouya pulled us even closer and moved his lips slowly in a dance of tango. A tango that was slow and calm but was soon turned to a fast pace or accelerating and feisty tango of kissing. The tango of kissing was going even faster but was interrupted by a standby or standbys.

"Hey Kyouya! What the hell are you doing with my baby brother/nii-san!" shouted Albito-nii and the twins. Kyouya and I stopped what we were doing and glanced at the beach. Albito-nii was holding Rozalina on his hip and the twins were with dad. Rizona-nee came over and hit Albito-nii on the head for interrupting us. She also told us to go back to what we were doing while holding a camera. I don't know if she was taking pictures of us or Rozalina, but I'm going to assume both. The fujioshi's in our family.

"Sorry." I apologized to Kyouya but he shook his head and said, "No worries. I do have you all to myself tonight." Then he gave me a quick kiss.

"Pervert." He gave me a smirk and pulled me back closer to the shore. When we got to the shore, I declared a traditional watermelon smashing, so 1) Albito-nii can stop lecturing me and 2) we are at the beach, it's traditional. We let Toshio, Rozalina, and Reborn, who never played this before. First up was Rozalina because it was her first time too. It took her sometime before she actually hit the watermelon but it was rewarding when she smiled at us. Next up was Toshio, who took longer than Rozalina to smash the melon. I guess it was Mukuro's fault who gave him false direction but I can't believe Toshio listen to the pineapple teen. Last but not least was Reborn, who we all thought was going to take longer than Toshio but no, he transformed his bat into a gun and shot the watermelon after we spun him around. The sequence went spun and shot. Reborn is freakishly awesome but still a bit off. Reborn gave me a glance and I smiled at him. After the watermelon smashing, I went cliff jumping but that ended quickly when Albito-nii and surprisingly Kyoua came and scolded me. I ran to Alaude and ignored them both until Kyouya picked me up bridal style and tossed me into the ocean. When I got back towards Kyouya, I told him to throw me higher and that's what we did for 15 minutes, but we got tired so we decided to rest under the big umbrella. However, we quickly fell asleep in each other arms and when we woke up, it was time for lunch. For lunch, dad grilled squid, hamburgers, kebabs, fish, and hot dogs with lemonade to drink.

After that, Kyouya and I went walking to help digest our food; actually Kyouya, Rozalina, and I went walking. Rozalina gave me the eyes and I couldn't resist; no words were said, just the eyes staring at me in a calm but cute matter. The quiet ones are always the ones that get you. As we came back, Rozalina showed her parents the shells that she found. Eventually, Kyouya and I went back in the ocean and swam together, but Kyouya brought back the tube so we relaxed and talked a bit. After another make-out session, without any interruptions, we headed back to the shore for a water gun fight. Reborn was on board for that and Toshio wanted to back down because Reborn is playing. He thought it was unfair that a skilled assassin was playing. I persuade Toshio to play and I decided to team up with him so it will be fair. Reborn insulted him with colorful words and the games began! The results were what Toshio predicted, Reborn won. I guess it's true; Reborn is the greatest hitman out there.

"You two need to work on your gun skills." stated Reborn as Leon transformed back into a chameleon.

"Someone looks happy for beating a couple of kids." I pointed out sarcastically but Reborn just smirked and said, "Yes I am." I rolled my eyes and asked if Toshio wants to play volleyball. He did and so did Yuni and Kyoko, so Toshio and Yuni were a team and Kyoko and I were a team. I thought it would be fair since Yuni and I are competitive players. Surprisingly, Toshio and Yuni team won. I went soft on them though. After Yuni gloat about her win, Giotto and Alaude wanted to play so I team up with Kyouya. That battle took over 30 minutes to finish and I forfeit the battle. Too tired to fight for another 30 minutes and get this; neither of us scored a score! It was like playing hot potato with each other but the difference was that we had a net between us. To end the game, I took the ball and threw it on the ground, and shouted, "I quit", then dragged Kyouya to a chair, pushed him into one and sat down on his lap. After about 5 minutes of sitting, the twins and Rozalina asked me to build a sand castle. We build a medium sized castle but it got washed away by the waves. I'm glad my mom took a picture of us before it did though. When the sun finally set, we had dinner early then finished the day with a bang. My dad bought sparklers, mini rockets, and big rockets, but not too big. We started with the sparklers then the rockets and we almost had an accident. Reborn wanted to try something and almost ended up burning the villa up but thank god, the rocket went pass the villa and not into it. Reborn is truly lucky.

Now here I am, sitting on a rock, waiting for Kyouya because he told me to wait for him at this spot. We saw this location when we went walking early today and it's pretty secluded place. Kyouya also told me to come in my swimming trunks only and I couldn't protest since I did promise him that I'll obey his damn wish tonight. I stared into the dark night that made the deep blue ocean appear bright and majestic. I can stare at ocean forever, but Kyouya had different plans. Without me knowing, he wrapped his arms around me and buried his head in the crook of my neck. First he just sat there, doing nothing but he soon started to nibble on my neck and leave small kisses.

"Kyouya…we shouldn't…hn…do this in the opening." I groan out as he started to bite on my neck.

"Embarrassed?" asked Kyouya

"Yes…Ah!" I shouted as Kyouya pinch my nipples while biting my sensitive spot.

"Good." chuckled Kyouya and then he started to pull on my trunks and before I can yell at him, he took them off.

"Wha-!" I started but Kyouya stripped me of my trunks and threw me into ocean. Thank god there were no rocks or I would've been badly injured. "Kyouya you ass! What the he-!" I started again but this time I stared at Kyouya who was starched naked and smirking at me. He jumped into the ocean after me and helped me up.

"You like?" asked Kyouya, I hit his chest and glared at him. "You ass." He just laughed at me and covered my lips with his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me as he stuck in tongue in my mouth. God Kyouya's a good kisser. Kyouya pulled me up by my waist and I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist and I felt a cold surface on my back. I don't know what it is because Kyouya is distracting me with his skillful mouth. Leaving my mouth, Kyouya started to nip on my neck again and pinched my ass. I glared at Kyouya and he can tell I'm calling him an 'ass' and just chuckled.

"In this situation, it's your ass not mine."

"Shut up and just stick it in me."

"Patient my dear." Kyouya placed a finger on lips to shush me but he pinches my ass again and this time I let out a squeak. When he started to lick and suck on my nipples, he started to push a finger in my entrance and it didn't hurt that much. I guess because I'm in the water and that replaces the lube. While I was thinking, Kyouya pushed in two more of his fingers and was stretching my hole.

"AH!" I moaned as Kyouya hit my sweet spot dead on. I felt Kyouya smirk on my neck and proceed to penetrate me with his fingers. My body felt like it was on fire as he hit my sweet spot and pumps my erection at the same time. The water wasn't helping me calm down, but making it hotter as it slipped inside me and swish around inside of me. Moaning like a, excuse my language, whore, Kyouya pulled his fingers out of my ass and leaned forward. He placed his erection on my hole and asked, "Ready?" I nodded my head and he slowly pushed inside, but not fully inside.


"God you're so tight." Kyouya slowly pushed in further inside and when he finally got his erection fully in, he sat there so I can get use to his side. When I adjusted to his size, I nodded my head so he can move but he moved in a slow pace. However, it was still hurting, so Kyouya placed his lips on mine and distracted the pain as he moved his skillful lips in slow but passionate kiss. As my body getting hotter and Kyouya going awfully slow, I separated from his lips and shouted, "Kyouya…faster!" Kyouya obliged to my demand and sped up his pace, and God did it feel great. How his penis was hitting my sweet spot while going deeper and at the same time, pumping my erection. The heat was unbearable but damn, it feels good!

"You're so hot." groan Kyouya

"Haa…harder…Kyou-hn…faster!" Kyouya spun me around and now I'm facing a rock as he thrust even faster and harder than before. I moaned out even louder as groaned out in my ear then licking it. Feeling a certain rush in my lower stomach, I can feel myself about to come.

"About to…aah…cum." groan Kyouya as he thrust me harder but it stopped deep inside of me and came inside of me. I clamp down on his penis and came, also, on the rock, but it was wash away by the waves. I pant deeply and heavily as I got the best sex experience of my life. That's it, I declare Kyouya the Sex God.

"That…that was…" I pant

"Amazing?" I nodded my head and turned my body around to face Kyouya. Kyouya smiled at me and leaned in towards my lips. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and deepen the passionate kiss that we shared. After the make-out session, Kyouya carried me back to our cottage and there we slept like a baby; cuddling together in each other arms. Day 2 of Fiji trip is facially over.