You Are My Choice

A/N: The song I was thinking about during the part where Ayaka plays the piano is called Love Song it was used in the Tomoyo chapter in the anime Clannad.

"Why exactly are you doing this though? You can't expect me to believe that your making Kyoya Ootori fall in love with you for reasons other than self gain. Your both very Cynical people Aya." Kristen said crossing to the window. She was having some serious doubts about the entire situation. Ayaka sat at the piano looking at her friend.

"It's complicated. It's a few things..." Ayaka said twiddling her fingers. Kristen turned to look back at her.

"Well I'm not mad or anything and you know I love you like a sister but Aya, I can't keep following you or helping you if I have no idea what your motives are... So please.. For my sanity please tell me." Kristen begged walking over to the piano bench and sitting down next to Ayaka who sighed.

"Its a combination of things... It's because he's always using people to get what he wants... It's because I've never liked Miyuki not even when we were children. It's because I don't like her mother either... It's because I want to help my Aunt, and in part myself. She couldn't live a middle class life Kristen. I probably could manage and sometimes I wish I could but I'm to used to the life I have... Also Kristen if you tell this to anyone I'll hurt you very badly... Kristen it's because I think I've been slowly developing feelings for him. The sooner it happens the sooner it ends and we can all live happily ever after. Ever since we were children. Ever since that one day I went over to his father's home to play..." Ayaka said looking into her lap. Kristen smiled. Then put her hand on her friend's.

"So would you say it's more about the money, or wanting him to accept your love?" Kristen asked quietly. Ayaka thought about it for a moment.

"That's the real question Kris, It's both... I'm not even sure If I'm conning him anymore... I'm not even sure if it was a con in the first place... In a way I'm not being dishonest. I do have feelings for him... but in another way I'm being extremely dishonest in separating him from Miyuki. Regardless of my feelings or the situation in general. My aunt and I are Con artists. If anyone were to ever find that out, then it all ends. Then I guess we could actually call it a Con. Right?" Ayaka asked fiddling with a ring on her thumb.

"Well I won't say anything... You know that. But hey look Aya, I have to go. I'll be back later though." Kristen said hugging her friend and standing up. Ayaka said goodbye and once Kristen was out of the room she softly touched the ivory keys. The melody started slow. Then after a while it seemed to take on a Cheerful tone that was somehow dream like. The melody reminded her of days long ago when Kyoya and herself would play in the gardens at her home. The melody also reminded her of her parents and a tear slowly slid from her eye. She closed her eyes for a moment taking in the melody and her memories. She heard a soft click from somewhere in the room but ignored it and kept playing. After a few minutes she looked up, and hit a sour note as both Kyoya and his father were standing before her. It startled her to see them in her home. She quickly stood up and moved from behind the piano. She bowed deeply and greeted them, Kyoya's father first.

"Good afternoon sir, It's a pleasure to see you again." Ayaka said as her red hair fell over her shoulder. When she straightened up Kyoya was smiling.

"I can see all those lessons paid off my dear." Yoshio said with a smile. Ayaka looked to Kyoya who smiled.

"Yes you play beautifully." He said approaching her. He took her hand and led her over to a small table with four chairs. Ayaka was the first to sit, followed by Kyoya's father then Kyoya himself. Krista entered the room with a tea tray.

"Thank you Krista." Ayaka thanked her with a smile as she turned to leave.

"Please help yourselves, Mr Ootori, I have to say I am quite surprised to see you. What brings you here today?" Ayaka asked with a smile as she poured his tea. He looked at her.

"I'm here on both business and pleasure. You see, Young Miss Ichinose has caused somewhat of a commotion lately, and first and most importantly I came here personally to see if you and your dear aunt were alright. It must have been quite a fiasco." Yoshio said taking a sip of his tea. Ayaka's smile faltered for a moment.

"Yes well, I would have never expected Miyuki to do something like that." Ayaka said quietly. She then smiled.

"But we are fortunate that events unfolded as they did. I would like to say that there was no harm done but there was, never the less. Miyuki was caught, and the memorial was restored along with the necklace. For that I am grateful." Ayaka said pouring her own tea. Kyoya remained quietly sitting at Ayaka's side while Yoshio sat across from her.

"I am very happy that your mother's necklace has been restored to you Ayaka. I can say that your mother would have been absolutely livid. I can also say that your mother probably would have broken down Lady Ichinose's door simply because of the principal." Yoshio chuckled as he recalled her mother's personality.

"Which brings me to business. Ayaka you should know better than most the standards that I hold my family too, it is because of those standards that I can not allow my son to take Miss Ichinose's hand in marriage after he graduates. I had thought her to be quite a respectable young lady. It seems though that my judgement was off. I've actually come here today, because I know that my son and you are close, are you not?" Yoshio asked his voice was cautious. Never giving away more emotion than needed. Ayaka looked at Kyoya and smiled.

"I'd like to think we're close, sir. I will say though that we were closest when we were younger." Ayaka smiled as she thought of a younger version of herself and Kyoya playing together. Yoshio nodded slowly. He looked to his son.

"Yes I remember quite well." Yoshio said quietly. He finished his tea and looked around. He then looked at Ayaka.

"If you wish to remain as you are with my son then I must ask you to not do anything foolish." Yoshio said standing up. Kyoya stood up as Yoshio walked out of the room. Ayaka looked to Kyoya as he sat back down.

"Kyoya, your father never comes to visit. Is something wrong?" She asked looking at him. Kyoya smiled at her.

"Not at all, actually Ayaka I have a question I need to ask you." Kyoya said looking into her eyes. Ayaka gave him a funny look.

"I know this may seem sudden, and you may not be ready for it, but after the other night I've given a lot of thought to this, Ayaka, if I'm being forced into marriage after I graduate from Ouran Academy then I can think of no one else I would want to marry than you." Kyoya said pulling a White gold, three stone princess cut ring out of his pocket. Ayaka looked at him for a moment. She was stunned. She looked at the ring.

"What about Miyuki? Ayaka asked quietly. Kyoya looked her in the eyes.

"Miyuki Ichinose was my father's choice, My father's choice turned out to be a lying theif. Ayaka you are my choice, and my choice alone." Kyoya said softly. Ayaka looked him in the eyes and nodded.

"Yes then." She smiled as he slipped the ring onto her ring finger. She then threw her arms around his neck and smiled.

"You have no idea how out of character this seems for you." Ayaka whispered with a giggle. Kyoya chuckled.

"Well I don't suppose many people get to see all sides of my personality." Kyoya said holding her around the waist for a moment. Ayaka bit her lip.

"I actually have to go for a while, but I'll come back later and perhaps we can do something together? Yes?" He asked standing up and taking her hands. Ayaka held on for a moment before nodding.

"Yes of course." She said softly.