A young woman with green hair walked through a dark forest. She had a stunned look on her face, as if some great sadness had come to her heart and detached her from the real world. Sticks and leaves crunched under her feet as she continued forward.

She stopped suddenly, her eyes drawn to one spot. Two gorgeous red fruit lay in the deep shadow. The woman could not look away. She knew, somehow, that she had to have those fruit. Truly they were a present, a wonderful present from God! The woman knew that they would be happy if she brought the red fruit home. She was so delighted that tears came to her eyes. Those beautiful red fruit… she had to have them.

The moon was very pretty, she noticed, as she quickly made her way home. It shone on the leaves of the trees. The precious red fruit were cradled gently in her arms. The woman started running quickly, because on that kind of dark night, a terrifying bear came out.

Those gorgeous fruit were hers. She found them, somehow. A gift from God. No one, NO ONE, could ever make her give them up.

The woman ran down the forest path, long green hair trailing behind her. She held the red fruit tightly. She would never let go. Surely, if she took the lovely fruit home, they would be happy!

As she ran, a frightful figure appeared behind her. Afraid, she started to run faster. The bear was chasing her.

"I beg you, please forgive me!" she pleaded, still running with the fruit in her arms. "Please, overlook this!" she said, just as she realized that those precious fruit must be the bear's treasure.

The woman kept running. She would never give up those beautiful red fruit that promised to bring happiness.

The bear's form, illuminated by the shining moon, drew nearer and nearer to her.

She ran wildly. Even with the way lost, she kept running and running. Tears streaked down her face. The bear, chasing after her, was weeping too. The two fruit also began to cry.

Finally, she saw it - the door to her house. The hope sped her feet down the path. She opened the door and flew inside, slamming it behind her.

She made it. She was safe from the bear, and she had those precious red fruit. Surely they would be happy now.

The woman's husband, a tall man with blue hair, smiled when he saw his wife, but when his eyes traveled downward and he saw the fruit in her arms, he became very sad.

He stepped forward and placed his hands tenderly on her shoulders. "Look, dear… our child isn't in this world anymore. Please return these babies to where their real mother is," he said gently, sadness evident in his voice.

Reality hit her, drawing her out of her trance. The truth that she had refused to accept before was now tearing her apart. Those warm, gentle fruit… she wanted them at any cost.

She screamed. The truth hurt so, so much. She fell to her knees, the warm, precious babies still cradled in her arms. She couldn't be forgiven by God. Not for the sin she committed with her own two hands.

"Why don't you undo this now?" her husband asked, nevertheless.

A tear ran down her cold cheek. "That's impossible," she said, shaking her head in despair. "Even if I could, it's already…" she trailed off.

Stretched outside the house was the corpse of a single bear - a single woman, and close by it was a small glass bottle of milk.