Chapter 1

She's The Cure

Bella's POV

The helicopter was running out of gas. Fast. We're not going to make it to Portsmouth "Shit!" I whispered

"What's wrong?" Nessie asked, sitting in the co-pilot's seat and putting on the helmet

"The helicopter's running out of gas" I replied

"Holy shit" Nessie whispered

"It's going. Going, going and gone" I said, just as the helicopter fell out of the sky. We landed in an empty field. Thankfully no serious damage "Is everyone ok?" I asked, getting out of my seat and looking at the others

"Yeah" Edward replied

"Let's go" Nessie said, picking up her gun and jumping out. I jumped out after her. All we saw was ash. It covered everything, like snow "Where are we?" Nessie asked

"I don't know" Alec replied, looking at the map.

"Stop! Someone's coming!" I said, holding my gun closer to my body "Nessie, come here" I whispered, curling my finger behind me as a signal to her

"Yes Bella" Nessie replied, walking beside me

"I want you to walk to that gate and signal me if it's clear" I whispered, pointing to a metal gate

"Ok" Nessie said, walking cautiously towards the gate

"Why did you pick her?" Edward asked

"Because she's immune to the virus and she's the best fighter" I replied. Nessie gave the signal, it was safe. Just then someone came up behind her and took her

"Nessie!" Alec shouted, running after her

"Alec!" I shouted, running after him

Renesmee's POV

Someone was carrying me. I felt a needle go into my arm. I screamed in pain. After a while the pain numbed. In fact everything went numb and started to blur. I felt like I was floating I closed my eyes and embraced the darkness.

I woke up in a room with a glass window and people watching me on the other side. My vision was still slightly blurry. I found I was lying on a bed; I sat up and tried to get up. I felt someone push me back down

"I wouldn't do that" A voice said

"Why not?" I asked

"You need to answer a few questions. Is that ok?" The voice asked

I nodded my head and tried to focus on the person trying to talk to me

"Ok. How old are you?" The voice asked

"16" I replied

"What's your name?" The voice asked

"Renesmee Cullen" I replied "What's yours?" I asked

"Tanya Denali" Tanya replied "How long have you survived?" She asked

"Four years" I replied

"Ok. I'm going to take a little blood sample. Is that ok?" Tanya asked, pulling up my sleeve. She stopped when she saw my bite mark "Have you come into direct contact with the infected?" She asked

I nodded my head. And Tanya put in the needle. It hurt like a bitch but had a feeling that this wasn't the last time this would happen to me.

Tanya's POV

I put Renesmee to sleep and quietly left the room. I shut the door and sat down at my desk and put the blood sample under a microscope

"So, what's the verdict?" Emmett asked me. Emmett McCarthy was the senior officer of defence. Basically he runs this place. When he gives code red, he means it.

"She has the virus but she isn't showing any symptoms" I replied, looking at the blood sample under a microscope

"Is she a threat?" Emmett asked

"Only if she's let out. She can't leave that room" I replied

"How can it be passed on?" Emmett asked

"Blood and it can be passed on like a cold. Coughing, sneezing, that type of thing" I replied

"We've struck the jackpot" Emmett said, looking at the results

"What do you mean?" I asked, taking the piece of paper from him and looking at it

"She's the cure" Emmett replied. After four years of searching. We've found it. The cure.

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