dedicated to thee darling blue (blueeyes444), who, conicdently, dared me to write this lovely freeverse.

prompts: white gown, slippers, midnight, fairytale, questions, whisper, shadow
pairing: bellaalecto

she's the q u e e n of c o l d

you're the girl who playedwithfire

you clash fiercely,
(( fire & ice have never gotten on too well ))
but it works.

she's the yin to your yang,
you balance each other out,
and you're,
dare i say it,
in l-o-v-e.

you've finally gotten that
you've spent your whole life searching for.

complete with
stolen glances && sweet nothings whispered into your ear.

but, girl,
do you even know the meaning of love?
do you know how to love?

no, i don't think you do.

and, so it falls apart,
and there's screaming & fighting & words are said,
and you wish you could take it back,
but you don't - you can't.

and you know nothing,
nothing but pushing people away.

and, so the clock strikes midnight
&& your fairytale falls apart.

there are no glass slippers,
no white gowns && no balls, where you can dance with your
p r i n c e s s c h a r m i n g


don't let her go,
the words are faint,
lurking in the shadows of your mind.

you distantly remember cissy telling you
once you find love,
you have to fight like hell to keep it.

thoughts echo in your head,
screaming so loud,
filling up the empty space in the air.

don't question yourself,
or you'll go even more insane

don't fight it,
fight for it.

you love her,
don't let her slip away.


it's a rainy tuesday,
and you aren't sure what you're doing,
you could get caught,
get sent to Azkaban,
but you don't c a r e.

you need to see her,
and so you sneak into Hogwarts,
and up to her room.

words are said,
kisses are exchanged,
and the next thing you know,
clothes are shed && your fairytale is back

and better than ever.

a/n: i don't even. i just made bellatrix and alecto shag. what is life.
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