So I saw a confession on the CastleConfessions blog about how someone wants someone to ask Castle and Beckett if they're together again, and for them to swap lines this time. And, well, I couldn't resist. :P

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Swapping Lines

Their suspect's eyes were darting left and right, looking from Beckett, to Castle, back to Beckett again.

Leaning forward in her chair, hands clasped in front of her, Beckett went in for the kill. "Where were you between ten and eleven last night, Miss Drummond?"

Castle kept his gaze steady on the young woman sat across from them; somehow, this didn't add up. She looked way too relaxed. The combination of perfectly curled blonde locks, pink lipstick and Dior jacket didn't really equate to the sort of person who would behead a guy with an axe, in his mind, either. But this was a Beckett-flavoured case, so he let her take the lead. He could feel his favourite Detective tense in the chair next to him; the violence of this murder had shaken her up bad, and he knew how desperate she was to solve it. A part of him thought she was still trying to prove herself to Gates. Didn't she realise that she never needed to prove herself to anyone? She was, and always would be, extraordinary.

However, Annie Drummond didn't seem interested in answering Beckett's question. She wanted to ask one instead. Looking between the Detective and the writer, she smiled and sat back in her chair, flicking her hair over one shoulder.

"Are you two together?"

Both their replies came at the same time.

"Not yet."


Castle froze. Annie smiled at the way his eyes seemed to widen slightly in surprise. Her gaze flickered to look at Beckett again, who was blushing slightly and looking down at the desk, something halfway between a smirk and a smile teasing her lips. Castle slowly turned his head to look at her, amazed.

"Not yet, Detective?"

The slight dusting of pink across Beckett's cheeks turned into a full-blown blush as she looked up at him, not knowing whether to laugh, or get out of the room as fast as she could. She honestly couldn't believe she'd just said that. They'd swapped lines.

She settled for just fixing him with one of her 'looks' and sat up a little straighter, trying to retain a little bit of dignity and act like she hadn't just embarrassed herself in front of a suspect. Albeit a suspect who even she didn't think capable of beheading someone in an alley.

"Shut up, Castle," she said, and turned back to fix her steady gaze on Annie Drummond once more.

For once, the writer did as he was told. Because to be honest, he'd never been happier. Yep, he was contented to sit there until this interview was over, not saying a word, not even smirking.

Which in truth was hard to do, because she had said not yet. They'd swapped lines. When asked if they were together, Kate Beckett had replied not yet. A huge grin spread across Castle's face.

She was so never hearing the end of this.

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