Concrete Angel

Short story inspired by the song Concrete Angels , sung by Martina McBride

It's is about child abuse, and the song tries to raise awareness of child abuse, and/or the signs from children who are abused

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That morning she managed to get out of the house without being seen. In her bag were her books for school and her lunch. She walked slowly to the building, while other kids ran past her with smiling faces. Nobody looked back at her. It was her second day at school, and she had no other clothes than the dress she wore. The same one that she had worn the day before. Fortunately for her the dress had long sleeves so no one could see the bruises her father had given her.

Later that day Bella – the little girl – got it warm and she rolled her sleeves up, without thinking. Right at that moment she saw the teacher looking. First at the bruises, then to her face and then back to the bruises. There lay an unspoken question in her eyes, but the teacher kept her mouth closed.

The break came, and most kids ran outside to play. By accident a kid ran into Linsey. It hurt, but she didn't show it. The boy apologized and said: "hey, I'm Edward, you're pretty new, aren't ya?" the girl thought to herself that it would be nice to have a friend, so she said: "I'm Bella, and it's my second day here." They went out together and kept talking. They found out they had a lot in common, and at the end of the day they were inseparable. Luckily they lived next to each other, and so they walked home together. While they were walking Bella couldn't help but hope that she could one day live without being afraid of her dad.

That night her father was angrier than usual. At 6.30 he sent her to bed, without food and – surprisingly – beatings. Edward saw her come into her room, he opened his window and called out for her. She heard him and also opened her window. They started talking. Apparently her dad heard people talking because he came walking into the bedroom. When he saw her, he walked over to her and began to hit and kick her. Edward saw it happen and called to his mother, and when she came into the room he said: "Bella's father is hurting Bella, we have to do something" his mother took out her cell-phone and called the police.

That morning Edward heard that the police came too late, Bella died before the police arrived. The day after that Bella was buried, 6 feet under the ground. Edward stood there motionless, watching the gravestone where was written:

Isabella 'Bella' Swam

Beloved Friend

Rest in Peace, Your Time Came Too Early

Later that day a statue was placed at the school. It was an angel with a young girls face, and on one of her cheeks was one little tear to be seen. But only the ones who looked very carefully. And Edward then knew that Bella would be in his heart forever, and he would never forget her

The end

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