So I realize that this is incredibly short, but I have plans to write more for this. I have a thousand ideas in my head now that the season has started, and if I don't start them now I will never remember them when I wake up.

Rating may increase but I will of course give a warning if it does.

It's 6:45 am and I have yet to go to bed. This is completely unbetaed because that's how I roll. All mistakes are my own and I hope you enjoy.





She supposed that James had been quite right in telling her that her death wasn't the answer.

Helen had stood there on the rooftop leaning against James watching the colors in the sky change for longer than she had realized. He was silent, though she knew his mind was turning out thoughts and ideas for her future in seclusion.

She had smiled at him and silently agreed that she could go into hiding, but her doubts were still there. 'Step on a butterfly, change the course of history Helen,' she told herself. She had already done so much damage, each moment that James stood here was another change. Having spoken to the Adam of this time period, being brought in by James' colleagues, making a scene people were sure to remember, even the removal of a single dress from her own closet could have repercussions beyond anything she could imagine.

She shifted her weight away from James once more and spoke. "Alright, seclusion then. I suppose I can hide myself away. Any ideas?"

James looked thoughtful, his arm dropping away from her. "Perhaps it would be best if you chose a place that you knew would still be somewhat remote in your time. Somewhere where you are unlikely to come into contact with people you know. But for now, I think a cup a tea would do us both some good."

She nodded her head and together they headed down from the rooftop.




10 days later she found herself standing with James preparing to board a ship.

She had procured funds, clothing and other essential items with his help. They stood silently looking at one another for several moments before he spoke. "I do believe I shall miss you Helen." She frowned at that. "You cannot miss me James. You can't know me or see me or allow yourself to," she trailed off as her gaze broke away. The thought of this being the last time she would see him was a painful one. She hadn't let herself feel much of anything since her arrival. Now she couldn't shake the feeling of his loss all over again. Tears glossed her eyes but did not spill.

He reached out and tilted her face up again to look at her. "Goodbye Helen, I will miss you. Good luck and if you need anything..." "I can't, goodbye James."

He nodded, dropping his hand and moved to turn away but a hand stopped him. A split second later and she had pulled in towards her, lifted onto her toes and wrapped herself around him in an embrace. He could feel her breath, her warmth, and finally her lips against his face. And as quickly as she had been, she was gone. He hadn't even had the time to reciprocate.

His brow furrowed and he watched her walk up the ship's ramp to join her already boarded luggage. To hide away for more than a lifetime.

TBC ...