A/N I'm edging closer to my target of 100 fics. This is one I had the idea for a couple of months ago, but I only just came back to it and managed to finish it. It's a bit different... hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Fox own this awesome show, and decided that we couldn't have it all. Or even a season four. But let's not dwell on that.

We Could Have Had It All

There was once a time when she thought they could have it all; their business, a solid friendship, love. Perhaps even more than that – marriage and kids and a house that smelt of chocolate chip cookies and peaceful contentment.

Of course, there were days when she rationalised that such things probably weren't within reach. At least, not yet. But, one day, she truly believed they could have it all.

Decades slipped by - relationships came and went for both; their business grew, dipped, rose again; his daughter graduated from college, got married and had a daughter of her own. There were health problems, although thankfully nothing serious, financial crises, family dramas. The rise and fall and ebb and flow of life, playing out before them and around them.

Looking back on it all now, she marvels at the journey they've taken, as individuals and as friends. She thinks of the highs and the lows, the things they've learnt, the friends they've made. Old age crept up on them, and while she recognises that they never crossed that line and chanced something more between them, there's a quiet relief in knowing they're still together, in one sense of the word.

There is some disappointment, of course, attached to her musings; partly regret, that she never pushed for more, and partly hurt that he didn't either. She knows the days where she imagines they're heading for something more between them are long gone; she accepts what they have now, she's happy with the life she's led, and she's grateful that she still has him in her life.

She can't help thinking, looking back, we could have had so much more. But then, she thinks, they could also have had a lot less.