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Chris's POV

I can't believe they're doing this to me. I was sitting in the chair outside the heads office while my dad talked with her about my enrolment…to an all girls school. I feel I should explain. My name is Christopher Walker, or Chris for short, and I'm being forced into joining St Trinians school for young ladies due to some financial trouble with the boys school down the road. The schools held a meeting and came to a decision to try co-habitation between the schools. And that's why I'm here, to stay for a term and test out the waters-you know see if boys are accepted, if I can stay focused yadda yadda yadda.

Obviously I'm pissed about this. I've been forced from my friends to come to a school filled with snooty, stuck up girls. It was the first day of term and I was passing the time by watching all the girls as they ran around, meeting up with friends or unpacking. My eyes were especially drawn to the girls around my age. Some were definitely not my type, big girls with glasses and their heads stuffed in math books or ones that wore way to much make-up and talked like someone who came from the east end of London. But some were different. I'm talking about the ones who all showed up in their own soft top cars and talked like they were raised by the queen but had the brains of a Barbie doll.

I was started from my people watching by a shape coming between me and a girl wearing a short skirt who was just bending down to pick up her bag.

"Hey! Move it would you!" I yelled, earning a few stares. The girl just laughed dryly.

"Don't try and act jockish around here kid. This school belongs to my aunty and the people here are like my family so don't try anything with any of them. Just wait out your time here before you can slink back to your man infested, hormone filled cesspool of your filthy school." the girl said, a glare on her face. I stared at her. She was tall and slim, probably my height with long dark brown hair. She was wearing a school uniform that complimented all of her curves. I hated to admit it, but this girl was hot.

Well she didn't give me the good morning I was expecting. Instead she dissed my school and my friends. I smirked up at the girl before I stood up, coming into her personal space. She gulped as she stared up at me. I could feel my smirk growing. I could only thank my dad for scruffy brown/blond hair and blue eyes. Plus there was the whole football training giving me a nice athletic physic. Just by looking at the way this girl was now glaring up at me, I could tell right away that we weren't going to be friends.

"So you're Annabel huh?" I asked. I had been told to watch out for her. She nodded grimly. "I was told you were a prissy, skinny, bad haired girl." her eyes turned to fire. I think I touched a nerve there.

"Listen yo-" she was abruptly caught off guard by the door she was standing in front of as it opened, banging into her and pushing her into me. I caught her, like a gentleman would, hands on her waist and hers on my chest. She blushed, clearing her throat.

"Annabel, stop flirting with the new boy and come in." a voice snapped. Annabel stiffened and she fled from my arms and into the office. Just before the door shut I caught a glimpse of the head, Miss Friton. She was tall with wavy blonde hair that reached past her shoulders. She was ok looking, even if she had a bit of a funny front tooth. The door shut, leaving Annabel to her aunties fate. I waited, wondering what they were talking about. After a few minutes, Annabel came back out, looking a bit shaken. She was holding a letter in her hands, reading it intensely. Miss Friton followed her, standing beside her and pointing a long finger at me.

"You, Mr Walker, will be following Annabel. She will show you up to the attic which will serve as your room for the next term." Annabel's head snapped up.

"But aunt-Miss Friton, I thought I was getting the attic room this year." she cried desperately. Miss Friton stared down at her. "Normally yes, but Mr Walker here will need his own room away from the other girls. They will need their privacy and he will need an escape from all the attention I'm sure he will receive. I hope you enjoy your time here as the first male student of St Trinians." she said to me before retreating back into her office. Annabel turned to me, her glare back. I smirked at her.

"I'm the guest and she's just being accommodating." I said in a fake posh voice. She grunted as she walked off, beckoning for me to follow. I did, weaving myself through the mass amount of girls who were all dragging boxes and bags around as they prepared themselves for the new term. Annabel was reading the letter again, stopping every now and then to look at her fellow students. When she finally stopped reading the letter, I came to walk beside her.

"So who's that from?" I asked casually. She turned to glare at me again. Was that her only facial expression?

"Someone who you don't need to know about." she snapped. She was goanna be like that huh. Quick as a flash I snatched the letter from her and ran off, reading it as I went. Well whoever this Kelly girl was, she was definitely respected here. I stopped when I finished the letter, realising I had come to the end of all the stairs.

I was standing at the beginning of a long corridor, only one lamp at the end lighting it. There was a draft, causing me to shiver. Annabel finally caught up to me, freezing to her spot next to me.

"I hate this corridor." she mumbled, taking the letter back when I handed it to her. I was to stupefied to fight with her, freaked by the eeriness of the corridor.

"That's the only way to m room?" I asked. Annabel gulped.

"Yep." she answered simply before heading down it. I followed her, finding her presence comforting. An extra cold gust of wind burst through into the corridor and Annabel jumped, coming to stand closer to me. Unconsciously I made a grab for her hand but quickly pulled back. We soon reached the door and Annabel ran through the door, eager to get out of the corridor. I followed suit, sharing her discomfort. The room was rather basic. It was huge, with one double bed at the very end, sitting in front of a massive window that took up nearly the whole wall. There was a ledge outside it that I could see lead off to a small ladder which looked like it lead to the roof. Finally there was a wardrobe sitting in the corner, more then big enough to hold all my clothes.

"Here's your room, enjoy. Come downstairs when you've settled and I'll introduce you to the girls." Annabel said dryly before heading for the door. Wanting to see if I could really push her buttons I turned.

"Wait! How comfy is this bed?" I asked with a sly grin. Annabel looked confused.

"I don't know. Why?" she asked cautiously.

"Well I was just wondering in case we needed to…test it out." Annabel's eyes widened.

"You pig!" she shrieked walking out, slamming the door behind her. I chuckled. I liked this school.