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Seeing as how my updates have become quite slow, however, I've thought up a devious plan. I've had this story idea in my head for a while now, about a series of one-shots based around Luffy and Nami being parents and raising their kids (mostly just for pointless fluffy moments) and now that my other stories are taking so long to update, I've decided to create this series of one-shots that I can update more regularly to keep you entertained.

So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy the cuteness that is about to ensue.

A is for Always

It was a Saturday. It was a mostly average weekend in the Monkey household…which obviously meant there was lots of loud shouting in the air. The sun was currently low on the horizon, setting into a crimson sky. The fading light barely managed to illuminate the large field behind the large blue two floor house which the family called 'Home'. Despite the dying day, however, the backyard of the house was alive with movement and noise.

"TAG! YOU'RE IT!" a high pitched voice cried, accompanied by various loud giggles.

"Hey, that's not fair!" another, slightly deeper, voice cried in reply.

"Can't catch me daddy!"

"Oh can't I?" the deeper voice yelled as a long arm stretched out across the yard, grabbing hold of the short black haired young girl who had been running away by the back of her bright red dress. As the arm retracted, the girl struggled against the grip of her father.

"DADDY! YOU'RE CHEATING! NO DEVIL FRUIT POWERS!" Monkey D. Chika announced, pouting sadly as she was dragged back towards him. Luffy hadn't changed that much from how he used to look. His raven hair was still as messy as usual and his smile was still so wide it looked like it was too big for his face. He did seem older now, however, than his prime days. His face was no longer as smooth as it used to be and now Luffy had an unshaven look about him. His trusty straw-hat was still resting peacefully on his head. He was wearing his usual uniform of a red shirt and blue shorts, though this time the shirt was buttoned up completely. It was a good thing too as the instant Chika was back in his arms again; the little girl was struggling against him, wanting to escape from the horror of being named 'it' once more. Luffy gently tapped the little girl's nose with a wide grin.

"Tag!" he whispered into her ear.

"No!" the little girl giggled as Luffy lifted her up in his arms, spinning her around happily "Daddy, put me down! I don't want to be a birdie!"

"You're not a birdie though" Luffy argued with a smile, lowering his daughter to the floor, before commencing to tickle her "you're a little monkey!"

"No I'm not Daddy!" Chika laughed, struggling as Luffy continued to tickle her. After a while, Luffy finally let go of Chika and stood up, glancing around with a curious grin on his face.

"Hey, where are those other two?" he asked with a grin. The answer to this question was quickly answered as two loud voices shouted from behind him.

"QUICK! GET HIM!" the hidden duo yelled in chorus as, miraculously, they managed to leap onto Luffy's back and the pirate king, stunned by the sudden weight on his back, tumbled forwards onto the floor.

"PILE ON!" a voice shouted as a young orange haired boy jumped forwards, landing straight onto Luffy's back. Luffy didn't even flinch as they did so, no doubt using his armaments haki to shield himself from the blow. The second boy smiled and quickly grabbed hold of Luffy's leg with his own, locking them in a hold.

"THE PIRATE KING IS DOWN FOR THE COUNT!" the blonde haired boy announced with a grin. Chika smiled as well, noticing the situation and then quickly ran over to her brother, sitting next to him with a smile.

"YAY! WE BEAT DADDY! MUMMY! MUMMY, COME LOOK!" Chika cried happily with their accomplishment. Luffy looked to his right and, along the grassy field, he could make out Robin, Kaya and Nami talking to one another. At the yell, Nami turned around and spotted Luffy on the floor, with Chika, Haru and Kenichi pinning him to the floor.

"Nami…a little help please?" Luffy asked with a pout, puffing his cheeks. Nami chuckled to herself at the sight and smiled at the brother and sister who were sitting side by side.

"That's a very nice chair you have there sweetie" Nami told Chika a smile "mind if I have a sit down later after mummy's done talking to Auntie Robin?"

"Sure" Chika replied with a giggle.

"BUT HONEY!" Luffy pleaded from his spot underneath his two children.

"~That'll be 15 million beri darling if you want me to help~" Nami taunted with a smile.

"But Nami…" Luffy mumbled, giving Nami a pleading look. Nami, however, turned away from him with a wink "meanie…" Luffy muttered one last time, before turning to the two people quarrelling by the barbeque.

"ZORO! SANJI! HELP ME!" Luffy bellowed, struggling against the three children holding him down. Sanji and Zoro looked over towards their captain from their sparring match and the blonde chef smirked.

"Nice leg-lock Kenichi!" Sanji complimented with a grin.

"Thanks dad!" the blonde haired boy yelled back, tightening his grip at his father's encouragement.

"BUT SANJI!" Luffy protested.

"You can't feel pain shitty rubber man" Sanji called "besides, Kenichi needs to test his moves on somebody…"
"ZORO!" Luffy continued to shout "PLEASE COME ON! HELP ME!" Despite Luffy's pleas, Zoro turned away from his captain, pretending he hadn't heard what his captain was saying. Luffy whined loudly at his first mate's ignorance "COME ON ZORO! PLEASE!" Zoro sighed loudly at this and reluctantly walked over towards the three children and their seat. Noticing his approach, the orange haired boy leaned over to his sister and whispered into her ear. For a while, Chika listened to Haru and then, she suddenly smiled widely.

"Haru, that's a great idea!" Chika shouted happily.

"I know" Haru replied, scratching his nose with a smile. With that, Chika quickly sprung to her feet and ran over towards Zoro. As Chika stopped in front of him, Zoro crouched down to look the little girl in the eye.

"Chika…I need to help your dad, so get out of my way!" Zoro muttered to the young girl. Chika, however, was not afraid of the green haired man's threats and instead, she poked his forehead.

"TAG! YOU'RE IT!" Chika announced with a cheeky grin. Zoro's eyes widened as the little girl started to run away from him.

"Come on Uncle Zoro! Come play!" Haru shouted with a grin.

"Or are you scared Uncle Moss-head?" Kenichi taunted, following in his father's footsteps. At the insult, Zoro suddenly scowled and then quickly ran forwards towards his captain. Chika sped up immediately, whilst Kenichi and Haru jumped up from Luffy and started running away with Chika. Noticing they were fleeing, Luffy quickly sprung up to his feet and starting running alongside Zoro with a smile.

"Hey Zoro, bet I can catch them before you do!" Luffy declared with a grin.

"You're on!" Zoro replied as the two men quickly picked up speed.

Hearing the shouting from their partners, Robin and Nami both looked round. Nami sighed loudly when she caught sight of Luffy and Haru engaged in a glaring contest, whilst Zoro was trying to catch Kenichi, whilst Chika held tightly to his leg to try to stop him from walking forwards.

"Robin, when did our husbands get more immature than the five year olds?" the orange haired mother asked. Robin chuckled at the question and smiled at the scene before her.

"At least they're having fun" Robin reminded her friend, despite Nami's sighs.

"I agree with Robin" Kaya spoke up with a smile "Luffy's like a child at heart but that's a good thing though, right?" Nami gave a nod in reply, smiling as Luffy turned to her with a wink.

"I guess…but you're just saying that though because you know Usopp is actually somewhat capable of not acting like a grown up kid when he needs to focus…" Nami argued, failing to hide the warm smile on her face.

"WHY ARE YOU GUYS PLAYING WITHOUT ME?" a voice suddenly shouted across the yard and Kaya pointed the long nosed black haired man, who had just joined the chase.

"You were saying…" she commented with a chuckle. Nami laughed as well, conceding defeat.

"YEAH! I WANNA PLAY TOO!" Chopper shouted, suddenly leaping out of a bush and charging straight at Kenichi. The blonde haired boy vaulted over Chopper's horns and laughed as the reindeer turned around to chase after him.

"SUPA INTERUPTION!" Franky suddenly cried, leaping out from seemingly no-where before dashing towards Haru. Haru, however, was smarter than he looked and quickly sidestepped Franky, sticking his leg out in order to trip the large cyborg over. Franky gave a loud yelp as he stumbled forwards, falling straight onto to Luffy and accidentally pinning him to the ground. Haru gave a boisterous laugh as Luffy pushed Franky off of him.

"I AM UNCATCHABLE!" Haru declared, sticking his tongue out with a grin.

"Indeed you are quite the sight to behold…" a voice whispered from behind Haru, before he found himself being picked up by a pair of skeletal hands "…but then again, I don't have eyes to see with, do I? ~SKULL JOKE~!" Haru started laughing once more as Brook's bony fingers began to tickle him.

"Stop it Uncle Brook!" Haru laughed, struggling against the musician's grip.

Whilst the gathering straw-hat's continued to run around and play, a pair of uninterested sapphire blue eyes watched them from over her book. These eyes belonged to Roronoa Olvia, who was currently sitting under a nearby tree. Her smooth and short dark green hair rested against the solemn elm tree in the corner of the field. She rolled her eyes at the cheers of joy coming from the light-hearted adults and continued to delve into her book. As usual, her eyes scanned the pages with interest, focusing on each of the words with interest and reading each like it was a finely crafted piece of weaponry used to pierce the heart of the reader…

Olvia sighed. Those were the crazy thoughts created from the daughter of both the world's greatest swordsman and the most famous archaeologist who ever lived…no wonder she fit in so well with this large and strange family.

Speaking of strange family members, one of her extended family members was currently sitting next to her, tapping the side of the tree as he watched the game of cat and mouse with interest. His hair was a light blonde and wavy like his mother's, whilst his nose was long and somewhat pointy like his father's. She smiled noticing the boy squirming, fingers tapping the tree as if he was trying to restrain himself. It was obvious what he wanted to do.

"You know, you could go and play with them if you want to Aesop" Olvia reminded him with a smile. Aesop jolted up at Olvia's words and laughed loudly, as if the idea had never come to his mind.

"Please! As if I, the great Aesop, would ever consider going over there and running around like that. It's so immature! After all, I have a sophisticated mind! A true man of science, philosophy and…"
"Aesop…" Olvia murmured sternly. Unlike his father (or possibly like him) Aesop was always such a terrible liar. She could read him like a book. Aesop quickly glanced at her and then looked away, fiddling with his fingers.

"But…then…I-I-I I'd be leaving you all alone, wouldn't I? Abandoning you would just be rude, totally ungentlemenly…unlike me…"

"I think I can survive without you holding my hand for half an hour" Olvia replied calmly. Aesop quickly became flustered, turning as red as a tomato as he shook his head in denial.

"I-I-I didn't mean it like that!" the long nosed teen insisted "I know you're not like that! I mean you're smart, you're capable, you're beau…" Aesop quickly stopped talking and looked over at Olvia, who was now giving him a knowing smile "…and I'm waffling again, aren't I?"

"Oh don't let me stop you" Olvia replied with her usual sweet grin "keep going if you want…" Aesop didn't really know to respond and once more, his stutter returned.

"Yes?" Olvia egged him on, shuffling closer.
"You're…" Aesop began
"Hm?" Olvia purred, her mouth right next to Aesop's ear, causing the timid teen to shiver.
"Y-y-you're…you're right!" Aesop yelled, standing up with a determined grin on his bright red face "I should go over there and play! After all, I need to show those idiots how it's done!" Olvia's hopeful smirk suddenly turned into a calm and melancholy expression as she returned back to her normal place and picked up her old book.

"Well then, you best go show them what you're made of" she murmured. Aesop was about to go, when he stopped and turned around with a sad frown.
"Are you okay?" he asked, noticing Olvia's disappointed expression.

"Of course…" Olvia lied, putting her nose back in her book "but you go have fun, okay?" Unfortunately for Olvia, Aesop was persistent.

"You want to play too? I'm sure Luffy wouldn't mind"
"I…" Olvia began, ready to shoot down Aesop's idea for being absurd, when suddenly; she noticed the intensity in the long nosed boy's eyes. If she was someone who could read his, then he was definitely someone who could change hers…

"…Okay then, in a bit, just let me finish this chapter" she replied with a soft smile. Aesop smiled back at her.

"Cool. Make sure you stay close to me though when we're playing. After all, I'm the master of Tag!" Aesop announced with a laugh. Unfortunately for him, it was at this moment when Luffy raced up behind Aesop and gave him a hard pat on the back, sending him straight to the floor.

"TAG! YOU'RE IT!" Luffy announced boldly, before racing off with the others. Aesop stumbled to his feet, blushing as Olvia laughed at him.

"Ah yes, the master in action…" she said with a chuckle.

High above the action at the bottom of the tree, a boy with long shoulder length dark hair sighed. He scratched the freckles on his cheek as he watched the chaos unfold, taking a strange interest in the unrest. In a way, he was almost a little perturbed by this.

After all, things were always like this whenever the crew got together for a visit. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen Uncle Franky and Uncle Brook together. Even seeing Uncle Sanji and Uncle Zoro fight was a real rarity. In a way, it made his fears disappear to see that despite how much each of the crew had changed and how they had all grown up, they were still always family and they would always remain a family no matter what.

"Wow, your dad's kinda strong" at the comment, the dark haired thirteen year-old turned to look at his companion, who he had almost forgotten was there. Her green hair was much lighter but also much longer that her sister's and instead of having light blue eyes, her eyes were a dark brown in colour. Her hair was tied back in a long flowing pony tail and at her side, still its sheath, was a sword with a dark black hilt.

Kuina wasn't the kind of person to leave her sword any less that ten centimetres away from her person at all times and the fact it was now hanging quite securely from a belt attached to her jeans was no surprise to Daichi.

After all, he had been her friend long enough to know that Kuina didn't take chances and if she did, she made sure that the odds were as closely in her favour as possible. Even now, sitting this high above the floor in the tree, which was a great risk in itself, she was making sure to sit as closely to him as possible, so that if any of them stumbled, the other would be there to catch them. Of course, Daichi was not complaining about this in the slightest.

"Yeah…he is…" Daichi finally replied, watching as Chika, with Chopper giving her a boost, grabbed hold of Luffy's nose it and pulled it hard, causing Luffy's face to stretch "but I'm stronger…"

"I bet" Kuina muttered with a smile. Daichi smirked at the green haired girl's statement, watching how the wind gently seemed to blow her ponytail in the breeze.

She was always so confident about everything and was always willing to stand by him. He really liked that about her. Suddenly, Kuina turned to look at him and her dark brown eyes linked with his black ones. To be honest, Daichi could have stared into those eyes all day if he had the chance…unfortunately though…

"~Daichi and Kuina sitting in a tree~"
"~K-I-S-S-I-N-G~" the mocking song quickly caught Daichi's attention and he looked down to see Chika, Haru and his dad smiling up at him. Worst of all though, was Kuina's father, who was glaring up at him and looked like he wanted to slash him up with those fine swords at his side…

"WE WEREN'T KISSING!" Daichi complained with slightly red cheeks "WE WERE JUST TALKING!"

"~Daichi and Kuina sitting in a tree~"

"DAD! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" Daichi shouted angrily, only for Luffy to laugh at his son's rage.

"So Dai, wanna come down and play buddy?" Luffy asked with a smile

"No thanks dad, I'm busy…" Daichi replied with a bored sigh.
"Making out with your girlfriend?" Luffy taunted.

"SHE ISN'T MY GIRLFRIEND!" Daichi shouted back down, his cheeks still a rosy pink in colour.
"You tell 'em honey!" Kuina chuckled from beside him. Daichi turned to her in disbelief.

"Stop encouraging them!" he whispered to her through barred teeth.

"They're just having fun" Kuina responded, giving him a gentle nudge "you should stop being so serious all the time. Try lightening up a little"

"I can't 'lighten up a little'" Daichi growled, mocking Kuina's voice with a high-pitched voice as he spoke her words "SOMEONE in this family has to be mature…usually; you'd assume it'd be the adult but in this case, it's me!" Daichi then looked down at his father, who was once again busy picking his nose.

"It is surprising" Kuina agreed with a sly smile "who'd have thought that the son of the pirate king would be such a stick in the mud"
"I AM NOT A STICK IN THE MUD!" Daichi argued, giving Kuina his hardest glare, though this only proved to make Kuina laugh.

"Prove it then" she replied, sticking out her tongue in defiance of Daichi's attitude.

"~Daichi's a stick in the mud! Daichi's a stick in the mud!~" Chika and Haru sang below with a laugh. Finally, Daichi growled and pushed himself of his perch, swinging down skilfully off the branches towards the two children. Haru and Chika spotted him and quickly took off, before Daichi landed and followed them in pursuit.

"Get back here you brats!" he yelled as he raced after them. Haru and Chika, however, ignored their brother and quickly took off running towards their mother, who they hoped would offer them protection against their smelly older brother.

Nami was quite confused indeed when Chika and Haru ran straight at her and then proceeded to hide behind her jeans.

"What are you two doing?" she asked, trying to turn around to look at the two of them, but Haru and Chika kept shuffling around as she did so. Of course, the two of them were promptly followed by Daichi and the moment he appeared, Nami realised what she had just been pulled into. As Daichi ran round her to the left, Chika and Haru ran to the left as well and when Daichi ran right, they followed, always keeping Nami between them and Daichi.

"You three stop it right now!" Nami yelled, but her cry fell on death ears as Daichi continued to run after his prey and they continued to flee. Quickly, Nami found herself quite dizzy with her children running around her and the first second, Haru and Chika took off in another direction, she stumbled a little backwards…only for someone to steady her by grabbing hold of her waist. She could tell by touch alone who it was. There was only one person in the world that would hold her like this.

"Luffy…" she muttered, her hand grabbing her forehead in a futile attempt to stop her being dizzy "we are NOT having any more kids…"
"I make no promises…" Luffy murmured with a chuckle. Nami gave a sigh and then, grudgingly, she smiled.

"They grow up so fast don't they?" she asked sadly. Luffy's eyebrow rose at the question and then, he realised that Nami was sniffling, almost ready to cry "Do you remember when Daichi was that small and you were the one chasing him around?" Luffy nodded, squeezing Nami tightly in an attempt to reassure her.

"What's got you like this all of a sudden?" he asked, seeing tears silently falling from her face.

"I…I don't know, I'm just being silly I suppose…" Nami replied, reaching to dry her tears "nostalgia always gets to me…" Luffy was already on the case, however, gently wiping her cheek with his finger.

"Come on, don't think like that Nami" the dark haired man whispered soothingly "just because they're all growing up that doesn't mean we should be sad. We should be happy for them. Think about all the adventures and all the fun that's out there in the world for them to have." Despite Luffy's words, Nami still remained a little upset, watching sadly as Daichi continued running after Chika and Haru "…just because they've grown up, it doesn't mean we won't be a family anymore either" Luffy continued "No matter what, we're always going to be together aren't we?" for some reason, these words struck a cord with Nami and she turned around to look Luffy in the eye. He was almost on the verge of tears too.

"Always?" she asked him with a hopeful smile. Luffy laughed at the question and gently pressed his lips to her forehead, before pressing his forehead to her own.


Luffy and Nami's children:

Monkey D. Daichi- 13 years old

Monkey D. Chika- 5 years old

Monkey D. Haru- 5 years old

Zoro and Robin's children:

Roronoa Olvia-14 years old

Roronoa Kuina- 13 years old

Usopp and Kaya's children:

Aesop (come on, like I'd call Usopp's son anything else)- 13 years old

Sanji and ?'s children:

Kenichi- 6 years old

On the subject of Sanji's kid, who do you think the mother should be? (I haven't really decided who to pair Sanji with so I'm just throwing it out there for you to vote on)

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