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D is for Daring

Daichi was, for lack of a better word, daring.

Like his father, he had no idea just how lucky he was and he had exploited his unbelievable luck on many an occasion, including one time where he had almost been killed by a runaway cart all because he wanted to save a toy he had dropped into the middle of the road…

The cart never stood a chance…

Especially against a well aimed gear second punch from the boy's father, who had been coincidentally walking by, hoping to meet up with Nami and his baby son in town.

The power over fate came with the title of the D and Daichi was constantly pushing the boundaries of just how lucky he was.

He loved games and loved taking risks…

But he had never been one for complexity…which is why that lunch had been such a surprise to all who were present…

Seeing as the weather was quite nice for a change, Aesop, Daichi, Kuina and Oliva had decided they were going to all have a walk around Commi Island to the caverns on the far northern side of the island…

As it turned out the 'glorious cave of diamonds and jewels' was not at all how it had been advertised by their liar and instead, it had ended up being nothing more than a cold damp scar in the middle of a beautiful rock face, which opened up into a dimly lit and boring cavern.

Aesop tried to tell the group of the true magical nature of the cave, but they quickly disregarded him and decided to make the most of the rest of the day. Plus, it was lunchtime and Daichi's raging appetite meant that none of them were going to have any peace until his stomach was provided for.

Luckily, this eventuality had been prepared for.

Aesop's skill as a story teller was only bested by his skill with cuisine. Having spent many of his days stealing Sanji's cookies and sweets with his loyal accomplice Daichi, Aesop had soon developed a fine taste for food and had soon discovered that he was a natural at cooking and preparing food.

Sanji still made Aesop look like he was a canteen worker in some measly prison, but that didn't mean that the food was that horrible, merely only when one compared it to Sanji's gorgeous cooking…and seeing as Daichi didn't care what he ate as long as his stomach was filled, he was quite happy to sit down with his friends to enjoy Aesop's latest culinary test: a picnic.

Overall, the food was tasty enough for the group (except for Oliva, who insisted that it was possibly the best food she'd ever tasted, once more bringing Aesop into a state of flustered joy) and it satisfied even Daichi's large appetite.

"Ah!~" Daichi gasped with joy, leaning back against the grass and closing his eyes to gently take in the beauty of the sun's rays "this is the life~"

"Yeah!" Aesop shouted in agreement, flopping down beside Daichi on the grass "Sun, sea and my three best pals~"

"What could be better?" Oliva questioned as she gracefully lay down next to Aesop, joining the group in looking up at the sky.

"Absolutely nothing" Kuina commented, allowing herself to fall backwards onto the grass with her sister, staring up at the blue sky like everyone else. Both Oliva and Aesop nodded in return, whilst Daichi, however, remained completely still, as if in thought.

"I mean, the cave was a bit of a disappointment" Kuina admitted with a shrug, before casting a glance towards the long sprawling coastal path which they had travelled along to get here "but this view more than makes up for it"

"And that picnic was amazing" Oliva agreed, once more making Aesop smile widely.

"Think nothing of it" the long nosed boy said, attempting to make himself seem calmer than he appeared "after all, I enjoyed preparing it as much as you loved eating it"
"Maybe I could help prepare the next picnic with you then?" Oliva offered with a flirtatious smile. Immediately, Aesop looked like he was panicking and tapped his hands nervously on the ground, searching for an answer.

"Y-y-yeah, maybe…" he said with an awkward laugh, before coughing loudly, ignoring the look Oliva was giving him "so…er…what do you want to do now?"

"…Er…have a nap?" Kuina suggested, giving a loud yawn. Her older sister and Aesop both rolled their eyes at this, knowing how much Kuina loved her afternoon naps.

"No, I mean something we can ALL do" Aesop said with a sigh "I don't know, we could play a game or something like that…"
As soon as the word 'Game' had been spoken, Daichi had sprung up from his laid back position and flashed a wide grin at his friends.

"You know, we could play some poker?" he suggested to their surprise.

"What?" Kuina asked, suddenly losing all interest in sleep at the boy's suggestion "you want to play a card game?"
"Yeah, nothing too complex" Daichi admitted with a grin "just…straight up poker. You guys in?"

Daichi was clever.

Usually, in any other circumstance, his friends would never have agreed to play a card game with Daichi, for two simple reasons. Daichi was lucky and he loved gambling. Originally, his love for gambling had been created through a weird mix of Nami teaching Daichi to appreciate money and Luffy teaching him to constantly seek out ways to test his skill.

Poker was one of Daichi's favourite games and so far, he had never lost a single game. He had even managed to beat Robin (especially when the woman had actually began to play fair, not using her ability to spawn body parts so that she could see what hand he was using) and that in itself was an achievement.

Luckily, the overall good mood his companions seemed to share coupled with the good weather and Kuina's competitive attitude easily worked in his advantage.

In a matter of seconds they had begun playing and, quite quickly, the game had seemed to have become very interesting. Kuina's poker hands were incredible, ranging from a royal flush to even holding all four kings. Oliva and Aesop generally had mixed luck with their hands…but Daichi, on the other hand, was pathetic. Every round, his hands were the most worthless hands you could ever imagine. For someone who usually had the luck of the devil, it appeared that Daichi had been abandoned and the worse he got, the more confident the other players became.

After an hour of playing, Aesop and Oliva decided that they had become bored of Kuina winning and gave up. Kuina shrugged and moved to put the pack away, when suddenly Daichi's hand lashed up and gently smashed down onto the deck of cards. The tips of his fingers met hers and for a brief second, Kuina felt a tingle run down her spine.

"One second" Daichi murmured "how about we play one last game?"
"Daichi, it's over" Kuina simply replied with a sigh "Aesop and Oliva are bored and it's about time we start heading back"
"One last game" Daichi repeated "I'll make it worth your while…"

Now this definitely enticed Kuina's interest and the green haired woman leaned forwards in interest.

"What do you mean?"

"It's simple" Daichi said with a grin "if I win, you have to do something for me but, if you win, then I promise that I'll buy that new sword you've had your eye on at the markets in town" Immediately Kuina felt like leaping for joy.

"YOU MEAN YOU'RE GOING TO BUY ME THE MISUTO NO KEN?" Kuina squealed with delight, her eyes sparkling bright with ambition. Daichi nodded.

"Possibly…if you can win one more game..."

"YOU'RE ON!" Kuina announced boldly, sitting back quite patiently as she waited for Daichi to cut the deck. By now, Aesop and Oliva had become interested in the personal duel between the two friends and whilst they were standing up and preparing to leave, they still watched as Daichi shuffled the deck quite vigorously, before handing out the cards to each player. In a matter of seconds, five cards found themselves resting in front of Kuina and the green haired girl snatched them up greedily to examine her hand.

"The Queen of Hearts, the king of Spades, the king of Clubs, the king of Diamonds and a two of hearts" Kuina thought to herself with a laugh "he's dead meat. There's no way I'm going to lose this with the luck he's been having, I won't lose to…" It soon became clear to Kuina that Daichi had not yet moved to pick up his cards. Instead, he was sitting there, quite calmly, watching her with a smile on his face.

"What?" Kuina asked, realising that Daichi was up to something. The boy simply shrugged in reply and winked. Kuina was confused by the boy's attitude and, after a nervous cough; she decided to address her concern.

"Why've you not looked at your hand yet?" she asked with a tilt of her head. Daichi replied by simply tapping the back of the cards on the ground and smiling widely.

"I…I just know I've got a good hand" he replied simply "And I know I'm going to win…" For a moment, there was complete silence.

Then, Kuina burst out into loud and undignified laughter, shocking both Aesop and Oliva into paying more attention.
"You're not even going to look at your cards?" she asked with a sly grin "you're doomed"

"Why don't you come at me and find out then?" Daichi replied, resting his chin in his hand and staring deep into Kuina's brown eyes, the smile on his face never fading for an instant. This stunned Kuina a little and for a moment, Daichi's confident state seemed to shock her to silence.

"…Y-you're bluffing…" she muttered, shaking her head at the dark haired boy.

"Like I said, find out for yourself…" he replied, gesturing to the cards on the ground with a laugh. Kuina found herself shaken slightly by Daichi's defiant offer. The boy had no idea what was in his hand and yet he was sitting there in full confidence that he would win.

The look in his eyes was bold and determined and as much as Kuina wanted to take him up on that offer, she found herself silent, simply watching the cards which Daichi had placed face down.

"He's bluffing, he has to be" Kuina thought to herself "you can't have not even taken a peek at your cards and BE this sure of yourself…"

"But…but what if he has got a good hand?" a soft timid version of her own voice called out in Kuina's mind "he doesn't know what hand he has…but neither do you. He could have more than your three kings…"

"Impossible" Kuina replied to her own thought "he…he can't…he must be bluffing…he has to be…but…then why is he so confident?" Kuina's head was running in circles, contemplating all of the possibilities. The hidden hand had suddenly become a much bigger and much unsure threat.

She wasn't sure which made her more nervous, the fact that Daichi refused to pick up his hand or the fact that he was still smiling widely, confidently content in his victory. The threat of the unknown and Daichi's calm disposition were beginning to make her question herself.

That intense stare of his was making her feel a little lightheaded…

No! She couldn't let Daichi toy with her like this. He was just trying to intimidate her and it had worked for a second, but not longer. Slowly, she reached across to grab hold of the middle card in Daichi's hand.

"By the way…I never told you what I'd get from you if I win" the raven haired boy suddenly announced, causing the green haired girl to jump.
"You're not going to win!" Kuina replied.
"When I win…" Daichi continued regardless, ignoring Kuina's voice and now staring at her face "I want you…" he paused for a moment, as if building up more tension. Of course, Kuina fell straight for the boy's bait and leant closer towards him.

"What?" she said in an almost growling tone. Daichi chuckled, however and leaned in closer in return so that his mouth was now mere centimetres from her ear. As he spoke, the warm breath caused Kuina to blush…and she turned an even darker shade of red when she realised exactly what Daichi had said.

"When I win, I want you to go on a date with me"

Slowly, Daichi pulled away from the green haired girl, a new smile resting on his lips. Kuina was silent. Her face was a deep red and her mouth was hanging open slightly like a fish. Daichi didn't say anything more, however, and just kept smiling at his prey, ignoring Oliva and Aesop's murmurs of confusion and surprise.

"…y-y-you…" Kuina stuttered "y-y-you want…to…go…on a…d-d-d-d-d"
"Date?" Daichi whispered in a low husky tone "it's not that hard a word to say Kuina, I bet Haru and Chika can pronounce it easily"

"...A-a-are…are you serious?"
Daichi's expression answered her as his lips twitched slightly into a focused frown.

"I'm not going to joke about something like this…" he muttered, almost hurt she had suggested such a thing. Kuina felt an aching pain in her chest at the look Daichi cast her but now, she could no longer find the energy to speak.

Such a question…such a possibility…she hadn't thought about…

Okay, yes, she had thought of it before…lots of times…too many really.

Kuina had been aware about her growing feelings for Daichi for a long time. It had started off small but the more they were together and the more he would smile at her like she was the most precious thing in his life had made her start to doubt her own willingness to have Daichi be her 'friend'…

She had considered on many occasions trying to be more than that…


What kind of guy asks you out during a poker game?

Where was the bright red sunset on the horizon?

Where were the fireworks in the background and the flowers and the chocolates?


Though Kuina commented against the shouting in her brain, that she too liked to gamble and she LOVED adventure…

"…You mean it?" she asked again after a short pause, a small smile growing on her lips at the prospect which the boy opposite her had suggested. Daichi nodded once again, though this time he looked quite irritated.

"Yeah, I just said that I was being serious. You're not one of those girls who plays hard to get, are you Kuina? Because we all know that you're not going to be able to keep that up for long with me" he mumbled to her in an annoyed tone. Kuina laughed loudly at the last comment, her cheeks now fading slightly to a pinkish colour. Never the less, with a confident smile, Daichi grabbed hold of the two cards either side of the middle card and without looking, flipped them over. Four aces now stood either side of the mysterious forbidden card. Slowly, Daichi's left hand pulled the card up off the ground, still hiding what was on the card from view. Then, with an even wider grin, Daichi held the card forwards to Kuina with a wink.

"I think this might belong to you…"

It was the king of hearts.

For a moment, all of those present were speechless. Aesop watched the proceedings with wide eyes, still not understanding how such a revelation had come about. Oliva was observing her sister's bemused and somewhat mesmerised expression with interest, giggling at how the usually confident and independent swordswoman had been easily been left dazed and disarmed.

Daichi and Kuina were not aware of the presence of anyone else, however, merely staring into each others eyes. Slowly, Kuina shuffled forwards. Daichi inched closer to her as well. Their lips were mere inches apart when…

"You cheated didn't you?" Daichi laughed loudly, flopping back down onto his back as Kuina's statement caught him totally off guard "that was how you knew you wouldn't lose, wasn't it?" the green haired girl continued "you knew what cards I had in my hand? This is a marked deck, isn't it?"

"Come on!" Daichi yelled, coming back up into a sitting position "I thought that was really romantic. I worked on that plan for…well, all of five seconds really…" Kuina sighed quite loudly but never the less, smiled back at Daichi.

"…How…long have you wanted to…" she started to ask curiously, only for the dark haired boy to interrupt her immediately.

"A while…a really long while..."

"Then why today?" Kuina asked, placing both of her hand on her chin and leaning closer towards the daring teen "why did you ask me now? Why not before?"

"I was waiting for the right time" Daichi replied simply "you said nothing could make today better…I disagreed and thought doing this would make this officially the best damn day ever. What do you think?" Kuina paused for a moment, leaving Daichi looking at her in worry.

Had he messed it up?

Did she not feel the same way?

Despite how confident he had been before, Daichi suddenly felt nervous as Kuina started to giggle.

"Alright then Daichi" she finally said happily "pick me up at six and we'll see just how good this day can get…"

"It sounds to me like you're excited about the idea of going on a date with me, huh?" Daichi commented with a wink "how long have YOU been waiting for me to ask?"

"Why don't you just stop talking about it and start making up for lost time?" Kuina asked in return, beginning to close her eyes slowly. Daichi followed Kuina's lead, leaning forwards as well, gently closing his eyes and smiling softly…

"Is this really important flirting that can't wait until later or can we finally start going home now?" Aesop suddenly called, interrupting the two before they could kiss. Daichi sighed loudly and heaved himself off the ground as he realised that his peaceful moment with Kuina had been well and completely shattered by Aesop. Kuina looked up at him as he rose, some sorrow detectable in her face at being interrupted.

"Excuse me whilst I go kill him…" Daichi growled through gritted teeth, turning to glare angrily at his best friend, before giving chase to the liar, who was already running away with yelps of fear. Oliva laughed as Daichi dashed past her in pursuit of his target, before turning to look towards Kuina, who was currently picking up the cards that Daichi had left scattered on the floor.

"He's definitely an impulsive one…" Oliva mumbled as she bent down to help her sister tidy up, seeing as Daichi was quite preoccupied with finding Aesop and teaching him the meaning of pain "I mean, that came out of nowhere…"

"I don't think I mind how random it was" Kuina admitted quite honestly, holding the King and Queen of hearts in her left hand and smiling down at them affectionately "at least it'll mean things will stay interesting...and as surprises go, this one was definitely a pleasant one"

"You know what dad's going to do when he finds out that you're going out with"
"I don't care" Oliva nodded in understanding. She couldn't really argue against that. This wouldn't be the first time Kuina ignored her father and it surely wouldn't be the last. Slowly, the two sisters stood up off the floor and Kuina slipped the pack of cards into her jean pocket and patted it to check it was in place, before strolling happily after the boys.

"Are you really going to go on a date with him tonight?" Oliva asked suddenly "It's a bit short notice isn't it…and seeing as you've been friends for a long time, it might be a bit awkward you know?" Kuina stopped for a moment, taking in the words Oliva was saying before nodding and looking up to the sky above.

"Yeah…I know what you mean…it'll definitely be a new experience for the both of us and a bit of a gamble for it to actually pay off" she said, before turning round to face her sister with a smirk.

"But then again, Daichi isn't the only one of us who's daring. Is he?"

And D is for Date

*Knock* *Knock*


"Hey Uncle Zoro, is Kuina…"


"…Well…that was better than I'd expected…"

Monkey D. Daichi gave a large sigh and once more, straightened his black bowtie. He had expected the world's greatest swordsman to slash him up the instant he had knocked on the door but, miraculously, Zoro had managed to hold back his killer intent and had merely retreated back into the house. With a loud sigh, Daichi took his hands out of his tuxedo's pockets and, once more, knocked on the door.

There was a pause.

There was shuffling.

The door opened…

"…You're just as tenacious as your dad you know?"
"Yep" Daichi said with a nod. Roronoa Zoro glared down at Daichi for a moment, still remaining in the doorway. Despite how Daichi had grown over the last few years, the thirteen year old was still not as tall as the swordsman and Zoro revelled in this fact.

The boy was currently dressed in, what looked like, a very expensive and well made suit. Knowing Nami, however, Zoro assumed that the suit itself had been stolen.

Finally, after a moment of waiting, Zoro lost his patience and made his move. He stepped out of the doorway, closing the door behind him. Daichi sighed and muttered a curse to himself. He had hoped to avoid this…but now, it looked like he had no choice…

"I'M GOING OUT WITH HER NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!" the raven haired teen interrupted, glaring up at Zoro with all the rage he could muster.

"You're a good kid…"
"YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STOP ME! I'LL FIGHT YOU, I'LL KICK YOUR ASS AND…" Immediately, Daichi stopped mid-rant and stared up at Zoro in disbelief.

"I…I'm sorry?"
"You're a good kid" Zoro repeated with a sigh "and I can tell that you really…care for Kuina"

"More than anything in the…"

"LET ME FINISH" Zoro insisted, holding a hand up to silence the brash youth. Daichi instantly bit his lip, allowing Zoro to continue speaking "I know that you care for Kuina…and I know that you're going to take care of her…because if you don't, I'm going to castrate you with Wado"
That was why Daichi liked Zoro. He was blunt and to the point, choosing not to linger on the less important bullshit he often heard from others.

"I am going to take care of her" Daichi replied simply "because…" for a moment, he paused and hesitated, almost as if he was afraid that the words he was going to say would cause the world to explode "…I…I love her…"

"I loved her first" was Zoro's quick counter "from before I saw her face, I knew that I loved her…and it's going to be hard for me to let her go gallivanting off with some cocky little brat from down the road…no offense"

"It's kinda hard not to take offense to that uncle Zoro" Daichi mumbled with a small grin. Luckily, Zoro didn't seem to have heard his complaint and continued on speaking.

"I'm just looking out for my little girl" the swordsman concluded "she and Oliva mean everything to me"

"Of course, I understand"

"No, you don't" the words were spoken not bitterly but more as an observation made by the swordsman's keen eyes. However, noticing Daichi's shocked expression, Zoro decided to break the awkward tension with a small smile.

"Not yet anyway…maybe…when you have a daughter of your own, you'll see what I'm going through" Despite this comment, an awkward silence still lingered between the pair.

"…Er…I don't think I'll be aiming for that on a first date sir…"
"DAMN STRAIGHT YOU WON'T!" Zoro shouted, suddenly unleashing all his bottled up rage in one burst. For a moment, Daichi could have sworn he saw Kitetsu shimmering in the dark.

Luckily, it appeared to just be a trick of the moonlight…

That is until the flower which Daichi was keeping in his jacket pocket mysteriously fell to the floor.

If Daichi hadn't been scared before, the beheading of a poor innocent flower clearly showed that Zoro was not one for patience or joking.

"Hurt her and I will not hesitate to slice you into pieces little man whether I have to beat Luffy to do it or not" Zoro mumbled as he turned on his heel to face the door.

"I…I understand" Daichi simply responded, nodding to the green haired man with a smile "I'll look after her, I promise"
"You will" was all that the greatest swordsman in the world uttered, before he hesitantly pulled open the door to his home. As he went to enter, Daichi followed cautiously behind, ready for Zoro to attempt to decapitate him at a moments notice.

Luckily, this did not happen and, against his better judgement, Zoro even held the door open for Daichi and allowed him to walk inside. The black haired teen gave a nervous nod before continuing on inside.

All in all, Daichi was surprised by what happened next. He had expected a similar lecture from Robin about her daughter's safety and other such matters as he walked slowly along towards the living room where the raven haired woman sat reading comfortably on the sofa wearing a dark pink jacket with a light purple shirt.

The pirate prince felt a large lump in his throat as he had stepped forward, remembering the stories his mother had told him about Robin and her powerful strikes in subduing marines. Her Hana-Hana fruit was a force to be reckoned with and as brave as Daichi was at facing the impossible, he still felt a shiver down his spine remembering exactly what Robin was capable of. She did join the crew as an archaeologist and, more importantly, an assassin and talents like that did not just so easily disappear…especially when someone was going out on a date with her daughter.

To his surprise, however, as the demon woman looked up at him, observing him with those dark blue orbs as he approached, she began to smile. Immediately, Robin had sprung to her feet, almost as if she had been preparing for this moment all afternoon. Before he could blink, she was standing in front of him, smiling that usual intimidating smirk down at him.

"Well now, Daichi, I see you're here to pick Kuina up…and looking quite dashing whilst doing it I must say…" after the comment which led Daichi to turning as red as his father in Gear Second, Robin immediately began studying him, nodding approvingly on his choice of attire. It had not been Daichi's choice to wear a tuxedo on that night but his mother had insisted.

"If you're going to take the girl out for meals at a fancy restaurant, then you're going have to look fancy yourself, instead of wearing your usual scruffy atture" she had said. Daichi hadn't really minded the idea of taking Kuina to an expensive place.

His mother had taught him to pick pockets at an early age so it was easy for him to retrieve the funds he needed in order to pay for a full three course meal for both of them and if it made Kuina happy, all the more reason to do it…

Unfortunately, wearing a suit was not one of Daichi's favourite hobbies and even now, despite the compliments Robin was showing on him, he felt extremely nervous and out of place. The black bowtie and the white shirt collar were too tight, his white dress shirt made him feel silly and the tuxedo jacket was slightly too big for him, trailing down just a little bit above his knees. Luckily, Robin appeared to think he looked suitable and, if she did, then hopefully Kuina would to...

Why did the sudden mention of her name suddenly make his heart beat faster?

"Er…where is Kuina anyway?" Daichi suddenly found the courage to ask. Robin chuckled softly in reply and pointed out the door to the staircase.

"I'll go get her. You stay right here" she said with a smile, before dashing off away. Zoro attempted to stop her from leaving, but failed as Robin quickly weaved around him and dashed up the stairs.

And so began another session of long and awkward silence…

Zoro had already said everything he needed to regarding 'the boy' and Daichi didn't really feel like making snarky remarks to the greatest swordsman on earth whilst he was in striking range so the two merely stood there for a long while not speaking, but instead staring at one another, attempting to analyse the others thoughts. It was almost as if the two were talking without exchanging words.

Zoro would nod in Daichi's direction. Daichi would shrug in return.

Zoro's eyes would glance over towards the door. Daichi would roll his eyes in agreement.

Daichi would smile at the swordsman. Zoro would instantly break the boy's spirit with a shake of his head.

The raven haired boy sighed to himself and tapped his foot nervously on the floor.

This had to be the most awkward moment in his life.

"…So…where are you taking her?" Zoro suddenly asked, looking away from Daichi.

"Oh…I'm, er, thinking of going with Kuina to, er, the Baratie" the boy replied, suddenly becoming very interested with the pattern on the carpet. Zoro eyebrows rose.


"Yeah, I called a favour with uncle Sanji and he's arranged for Zeff to have the restaurant nearby enough so I can just take Kuina on the waver"

"That old chef's still going strong?" Zoro mumbled in confusion. Daichi nodded "well that's a…hang on a second, what do you mean you're taking Kuina on the waver?" Daichi paled considerably as Zoro's hand grabbed a firm hold of Kitetsu. If the sword had legs, it would have been jumping for joy at the chance of carving someone new up for a change instead of the same old logs and steel planks Zoro found lying around. As it would happen though, luck was on Daichi's side.

"Alright Daichi dear, you can come out now!~" Robin's voice called encouragingly from the stair landing. Almost immediately, Daichi bolted to the door, barely dodging Zoro's arm as it lashed out to grab him. Soon, Daichi was safely standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up towards Robin and Oliva, who were standing together at the top of the incline. Zoro reluctantly joined the boy, unable to kill him anymore due to his wife's watching eyes.

"Presenting Roronoa Kuina" Oliva called with a smile, before stepping aside. At the sight of Kuina, Daichi's jaw promptly hit the floor. Luckily, he closed his mouth quickly as Zoro once more began to fumble with Kitetsu's handle. Unlike usual, Kuina's hair was no longer tied up in a ribbon and now reached to just below her shoulders. To Kuina's irritation, her fringe, which had before Daichi's arrival had remained mostly well behaved and had kept it itself away from her face, had instantly flew down at word of his arrival, meaning that part of her face was now obscured by a few loose stands of hair.

The green haired girl was currently wearing a dark purple dress which descended just about below her knees and was held in place by a single strap which hung over one shoulder holding it in place. Bright red in the face, Kuina slowly made her way down the stairs, being careful not to trip over her high heels as she moved ('How can anyone walk properly in these things?' she thought to herself as she went). She found herself looking away from Daichi's stare as she descended down to his level.

Of course, she hadn't expected the boy to drop onto his knees and proclaim her a goddess…but she wasn't exactly prepared for him being completely silent either. Daichi, after all, could be quite the loud mouth and the fact that he had suddenly become so quiet unnerved her a little. He was just looking at her and in that moment, all of the swordswoman's instincts deserted her. She could not read this opponent.

"Does…does he not like the way I look?" she thought, trying to get some piece of information from the dark haired boy's face. Unfortunately, she could retrieve no clues as to what he thought and, as she was growing slightly irritated by this, Kuina decided to nervously address the situation.

"...So, how do I look?" she asked with a smile, finding the balance and the courage to even give a little twirl as she reached the bottom step. Daichi, however, just didn't know how to reply. He was used to seeing Kuina as the tom-boy, always ready for a fight and the kind of girl who'd never be seen dead in a dress like the one she was wearing…

Yet, here she was, looking almost like an entirely different person. The only thing that reminded him that he wasn't going on a date with someone else was that the girl in front of him still had her dark brown eyes, bright green hair and, most notably, the same confident smirk that created butterflies in his stomach…and it was the sly smirk on her face which encouraged him to reply, in order to keep that smile as large as he possibly could.

"Wow…" the smirk on Kuina's face grew considerably wider at this comment as she finally realised that Daichi was utterly speechless at her appearance. Noticing how the pirate prince was gawping at his daughter, Zoro roughly nudged Daichi, who finally spluttered into life "…you…you look…just…perfect…" Kuina's bright red cheeks turned even darker at this comment and she could feel a giggle bubbling up in her throat.

"You look pretty good yourself" she said with a laugh, studying the strangely neat Daichi "you clean up nicely…"
"…Is that a compliment or are you saying I'm usually quite scruffy?"
"Don't ruin the moment" Kuina whispered with a wink. In a flash, she had lashed out a hand and grabbed Daichi's own before dragging him towards the door "don't wait up guys!"
"Wait a minute Kuina! I haven't got pictures yet!" Kuina shuddered to herself as her mother called to her from atop the stairs.

"Mum, can't we do this later?" she asked, grabbing hold of the door handle and tugging it down as hard as she could. The hand which sprouted in front of her face out of the door's woodwork confirmed her worst fear that such an activity could not wait for a moment longer.

With a sigh, she turned round and glared at her mother, still tightly clutching Daichi's hand to the boy's utmost satisfaction.

"Can we make it quick? We can't lose the reserved seats" she pleaded.

"Actually, Sanji said we could come round any…" Daichi began, before Kuina angrily stomped on his foot, promptly shutting his mouth.

"Don't encourage her" Kuina whispered through gritted teeth to her date, feeling rather flustered as her mother approached with the family camera in hand.

"Alright then, huddle up you two, I need to get you both in the picture" Robin encouraged with a smile. Before Kuina could object to such a thing, Daichi had shuffled in closer towards her and was starting to smile.

"Come on, let's just get it over with if you don't want us to spend all night here doing a photo shoot?" Daichi muttered into her ear. Kuina blushed uncontrollably in reply and simply wrapped her arm around Daichi's own arm, before forcing herself to smile. Quickly, Robin capsulated on the moment, snapping a photo. The instant the flash faded, Kuina immediately shot back towards the door, dragging Daichi with her.

"Well, it's been good, but I and Daichi are going to go now!" she announced to no dispute.

"This is a good photo" Robin called after her, examining the newly produced photos with a smile "you two make a cute couple"
"BUT NOT TOO CUTE!" Zoro added, glaring at Daichi as Kuina finally opened the door and sprang outside, dragging her date with her.

"Have fun you two!~" Robin shouted after the two with a grin.

"KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF BRAT!" Zoro added, almost pushing his wife out of the way to sprout threats at the retreating couple.

"Bring her back alive" Robin responded calmly.


"Twelve" Robin coolly commanded, ignoring Zoro's hotheaded yells.

"Ten- thirty"

Luckily for Daichi and Kuina, most of these yells fell on deaf ears. As soon as they were off the porch, Kuina had broken into a run and Daichi, no longer content to being dragged along like sort of pet, quickly began sprinting along as well. In a matter of moments, both Kuina's parents and her home were out of sight. Eventually, the two did finally slow down once they were far enough away from the house to no longer be seen or heard. They chose to sit on a nearby rock for a moment to rest, both panting heavily as the strain of their sprint finally caught up with them.

"Sorry about that" Kuina finally mumbled, looking down at the dirt in distain "mum can sometimes be a bit…"
"Overbearing?" Daichi suggested, checking for stones in one of his fancy black shoes that were now covered in dust.
"Yeah…and dad can be…"

"An idiot, yeah" Kuina replied, turning to face Daichi with a smile. Daichi let out a loud chuckle, before giving his date a similar look. Slowly, the black haired boy stood up from his spot, offering Kuina a hand as he did so. The green haired girl gently took the hand and pulled herself up off the rock into a standing position.

"So…Baratie, eh?" she asked with a smile, remembering Daichi's comment about Sanji.

"Yeah, I was thinking we could pick up the waver from Franky, since he's been repairing it for my mum and then we can just sail off over there" the pirate prince explained. Kuina nodded slowly in confirmation and with that, the two began to start walking along in the dying light.

"Daichi…you do realise that you're still holding my hand right?"

"Not at all" Kuina replied, moving in closer so that her head was resting on Daichi's shoulder as the two continued onwards.

As they moved along, a single eye that had been staring at them from the rock disappeared. Robin let out a loud sigh and turned towards her husband.

"Well what?" Zoro asked, glancing at his wife.

"If we stay this far away, my Hana Hana fruit won't be able to keep a watch over them. They've just passed out of my range. I'm good at observation but even my power has its limits" Robin explained. For a moment the green haired swordsman that stood beside her paused in thought. His brow furrowed and the scar over his right eye twitched nervously.

"…Let's give them a bit of privacy, eh Robin?" the black haired woman's eyes widened at Zoro's request and she turned to him with a perplexed look on her face.

"You don't want to keep an eye on them?" she asked "I thought you were the one who said you didn't like the idea of Kuina going on a date unsupervised…especially considering whom she was going out with"

"No, I do not" Zoro simply responded, only answering Robin's first question. The raven haired archaeologist blinked in confusion but her lips quickly formed her a small genuine smile.

"So then, you trust the idea of Daichi being with our daughter?" Robin inquired "Well, I must say that I'm rather proud of you Zoro…"

"Don't get me wrong!" the master swordsman suddenly interrupted "I don't trust the brat at all. He's the product of a pirate king and a witch. Who knows how crafty he is"
"Zoro…" Robin sighed.

"BUT" Zoro quickly continued "I trust my daughter and now, she is old enough to decide what she wants and she's strong enough to look after herself. If she wants to be with this…boy, then I won't stop her from being with him…I damn well won't like it but I won't stop her…" Robin couldn't help but smile at Zoro's words. Slowly, she stepped closer towards him, bringing his arm around her waist.

"They do say that if you love something, you should let it go" she whispered. Zoro simply nodded. A simple silence followed this as the two parents stood together on the porch, watching as the sky slowly darkened and the stars began to twinkle in the night.

"…I think they'll make gorgeous grandchildren"
"Robin, please don't ruin the moment…"

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