Blaine kicked off his shoes as soon as he was inside and marched up the stairs. He was so happy it was the weekend, because he and Kurt had an amazing date planned for tomorrow, and Blaine had been looking forward to it all week.

"Hey Alex." He called into the open door of his sister's room as he walked past.

"Heya Blainers!" She called back cheerfully.

He sighed heavily. He really did hate that nickname; he always found it incredibly patronizing. But his older sister and Kurt seemed to love teasing him with it, and they used it at every chance they got. He opened the door to his bedroom and stepped inside. He dumped his bag next to his desk before collapsing onto his bed. He looked around his room for a few minutes, unsure what to do next. After some deliberation, he reached over to his bedside table and picked up the latest copy of Vogue magazine; it was his guilty pleasure.

After a few articles, Blaine found himself bored with the magazine, so he dropped it onto the floor and sighed. He could probably get started on his homework, but the curriculum at McKinley was so much easier than at Dalton, he knew who could easily get it done last minute on Sunday night. So instead, he fished his phone out of pocket and started to scroll through his contacts, looking for his boyfriend's name, when suddenly, his phone started to go off in his palm. He jumped from the sudden noise, and then stared at the unfamiliar number on the screen for a few moments before pressing 'Accept' and raising it to his ear.


"Blaine," A familiar but strained voice said, "it's Finn."

"Oh," Blaine had never really talked to Kurt's stepbrother that much, "Hey Finn, what's up?"

"It's Kurt. He's in hospital in Lima."

Blaine immediately bolted upright at Finn's words. His mind started to reel with all the terrible, horrific possibilities. Maybe he was beaten up, maybe a car hit him, maybe he's in a coma, maybe he's dying…

He felt his heart rate speed up, and he had to remind himself to keep breathing.

"What happened?" Blaine barely heard himself say over the blood pounding in his ears.

"He… he tripped down the stairs. Can you get here?" Finn asked, anxiety obvious in his voice.

Some of the tension in Blaine's body relaxed, but only slightly. There were much worse things that could happen then falling down stairs.

"I'll be there soon."

Blaine hung up and shoved his phone back into his pocket. He yanked open his bedroom door and raced down the hallway. He sprinted past his sister, who was searching in the fridge for snacks in the kitchen.

"Whoa whoa whoa, where are you speeding off to?" Alex laughed.

"Hospital." Blaine said quickly, not looking up from where he was hastily trying to put his shoes on.

Alex whirled around to face him, her smile vanishing as she did so.

"What? Why?"

"Kurt." Was all Blaine said in response.

"What… what happened?" Alex said, trying to keep her voice calm, so as not to freak out her brother more than he already was.

"Fell down stairs." Blaine replied, standing up and walking out the front door. He barely heard his sister yell after him, "Call me when you get there!" as he stepped out into the late afternoon air.

As he turned the ignition and sped off down the street, Blaine could barely focus on the road ahead of him. His stomach was churning, his palms were sweating and his whole body felt weak. The car felt too warm, too small. He gripped the steering wheel tighter and willed himself to calm down. He tried to convince himself that Kurt would be fine, but no amount of reassuring chanting seemed to work. Nothing could remove this worry and fear; it felt like a dense cloud surrounding him, suffocating him.

Blaine arrived at the Lima Hospital parking lot about 45 minutes later, due to some speeding. As soon as his car was parked, Blaine took off for the entrance of the building. Blaine hated hospitals. The last time he was in one was when…he shook his head furiously. No, he wasn't going to think about that, not here, not now.

When he walked into the waiting room, he quickly spotted Finn's large, hunched form sitting on the far side of the room. He was staring down at his hands resolutely, his right leg jiggling up and down. Finn looked up as soon as heard Blaine's footsteps approaching him. His faced seemed to relax slightly at the sight of curly haired teenager.

"Where is he?" Blaine blurted out immediately, not really bothering to deal with pleasantries right now.

Finn didn't seem bothered, he just pointed down the hallway to the door at the end.

"Can I see him?" Blaine asked, nervously fiddling with his hands.

"He's still sleeping…" Finn started to say, but he trailed off when he saw the worried expression etched across Blaine's face. He nodded, stood and gestured for Blaine to follow him. The two walked off down the hallway in silence.

When they entered Kurt's room, Blaine's eyes widened in shock at the sight before him. Kurt looked so vulnerable and tiny on the large, blindingly white hospital bed. He had a large, dark purple bruise on his right cheekbone, and Blaine could see a glimpse of another on his shoulder.

Blaine swallowed the lump forming in his throat and hesitantly stepped towards Kurt's sleeping form. He placed one hand over Kurt's and he used the other to sweep Kurt's bangs off his forehead. He hadn't even noticed that Burt and Carole where also in the room, until Burt spoke.

"He gave us a hell of a fright."

Blaine looked up and saw that Burt was looking at him, studying him carefully. His brow was furrowed, but other than that, the man looked reasonably calm.

"Carole, Finn and I were all watching TV, when we heard lots of crashing, and then a loud thump. We went to the stairs and Kurt was there at the bottom, unconscious. We all freaked out of course, and rushed him to hospital straight away. But don't worry, the doctor said he should wake up soon. He's got a couple of nasty bruises and he hit his head fairly hard. But he'll be fine; he should be getting released tomorrow morning." Burt said gruffly.

Blaine nodded and moved his eyes back to his boyfriend's pale face. The room was silent for a few minutes, save for the beeping of the machines and the ticking of the clock, when Finn's stomach rumbled loudly.

Carole laughed knowingly, before pulling her purse out of her handbag and handing some money to Finn.

"Go get something from the cafeteria, and take Blaine with you." She added, smiling sweetly at the shorter boy.

Blaine was about to protest, and say he couldn't possibly use her money, but the kind look in Carole's eyes made him think twice. He simply shot one last glance at Kurt, before turning around and following Finn out into the hallway.

The two boys didn't speak as they made their way to the cafeteria, or when they collected food on their trays. Only once they had paid, and sat down at a table, did Finn decide to speak up.

"So… How long have you and Kurt been dating now?" He asked, clearing his throat awkwardly.

"A few months." Blaine replied, not being able to stop the small smile that appeared on his face as he spoke.

It quickly disappeared though as he remembered where he was, and why. Blaine looked back down at his plate of unappealing hospital food. He could feel Finn's eyes gazing at him, but he ignored his staring and attempted to eat his "spaghetti."

"You know he's gonna be fine, right?" Finn blurted out after a few more minutes of silence.

Blaine looked up, but saw that Finn had ducked his head, and suddenly found that the food on his own plate was the most fascinating thing in the word.

"I know that." Blaine said steadily, "Kurt's a really strong person."

Finn nodded, "Yeah, but like, you seem really on edge."

Blaine squirmed slightly as he chose his next words.

"I'm just… not very fond of hospitals." He said vaguely.

"Why?" Finn asked, not picking up on Blaine's obvious discomfort.

"Bad memories." Blaine said, prodding his food with his plastic fork.

"Like what?" Finn asked again curiously.

Blaine rubbed the back of neck and sighed. He may as well just tell him, because it didn't seem like Finn was going to just let this go anytime soon.

"Well… at my old school, before Dalton," he added quickly, "there was this dance. I had just come out and… I invited my friend, who was also gay. And three guys beat the living shit out of us." Blaine made sure kept any and all emotion out of his voice as he spoke, as if he was speaking about something as light and simple as today's weather. "I had to stay in hospital for a week before I was released."

Finn's eyes went wide, "Oh my god, dude, I am so sorry. I had like, no idea. I'm sorry." He stuttered.

Blaine shrugged, trying to stay casual, "It's fine. It was a long time ago."

Finn reached over and patted Blaine on the shoulder, "I've always got your back at McKinley. I won't let anyone pull any crap like that."

Blaine smiled, "Thanks, man. I appreciate it."

Finn nodded, and pulled his arm back. Silence fell over the two again as they finished their meals, but this time it was different. This time it was a lot more comfortable; they didn't feel the need to fill the air with idle chitchat.

As they stood up and placed their trays on the deposit stations, Carole came rushing through the cafeteria doors.

"He's awake." She was all she said, and then she turned around and was speeding off, back down the hallways.

Blaine felt like a huge weight had just been lifted off his chest because of those two little words. Blaine and Finn looked at each other for a second and grinned in relief, before they raced off after Carole at a fast pace.

When they finally reached Kurt's room after a walk that had seemed a lot shorter the first time; Carole went in first, followed by Finn and then Blaine. Kurt was sitting up in bed smiling as he talked to his father. That little smile, even if it looked a bit tired, made Blaine's heart soar. Kurt really was okay.

"How are you feeling, sweetheart?" Carole asked when she reached Kurt's bedside.

Kurt shrugged, but quickly realized that wasn't such a good idea. His face contorted as he hissed in pain and everyone in the room simultaneously grimaced.

"Ow. Okay, not going to do that again." Kurt said with a light laugh, gingerly placing his hand over his sore shoulder.

"Oh sweetie, are you okay?" Carole asked again.

"Yeah, I'm just a bit sore." He replied easily.

Kurt's eyes flicked to each of the worried faces surrounding his bed. When his gaze landed on Blaine, he shot him a blank look. It made Blaine's stomach churn and his heart clench, but he reached out and took Kurt's hand in his own.

"Hey." Blaine said softly.

Kurt raised an eyebrow and looked down at their clasped hands, then back up to Blaine's face. His next words made Blaine's blood run cold.

"Do I know you?

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