Hello guys! So here is the promised sequel to Back to The Past. I already have a vague plotline, but be warned...If you want a huge, action packed, scary and thrilling episode that involves all of the characters fighting aliens, then you have the wrong story. Like I said in my previous story, this won't be an action story, but more fill in chapter type story. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

This is a sequel to back to The Past, but it can also be read alone. The main things are that, like in BttP the 10th Doctor and Rose are a couple. Rose has been raped by her old abusive ex Jimmy Stone, and she and the Doctor have finally managed move on from that. Just as the TARDIS leaves the powell estates, Jack comes running and just misses them.

Main characters: 10, Rose, jack and the Torchwood team, and possibly Pete an Jackie.

Notes: This happens after Doomsday, but jackie is still living in the original universe because her refusal to leave Rose. The parallel Pete is also living with her.

Disclaimer: I However much I pray, beg and scream i cannot own Doctor Who. I wish i did.


A blue box. Just wheezing out of existence. Barely a shadow.

Not many people would have seen it. The perception filter would have hidde the sudden materialising affect. And the sudden disappearance. People could have walked past the blue box everyday and not have noticed it. They wouldn't have noticed it fading into thin air either.

But he did.

A man wearing a heavy backpack, with a fizzing jar containing a hand in it. Dressed in a long RAF coat from world war II. And running. Running so hard.

He just missed it. One second he was sure he could make it and the next second he was standing on the very spot, the police box gone. Drifting somewhere in the vast expanse of time and space.

Jack bent over, gasping. Just because he was immortal now, didn't mean he could run like a champion athelete. He had just run a marathon. And he had been so close.

He cursed, his disappointment evident. To think, had he been a second earlier he would have made it.

He fished the jar out of his rucksack and checked it. It no longer glowed, it was no longer warm, it just stayed still in the liquid, suspended. Almost like it was mocking him.

The world was cruel.


He returned to the rift in Cardiff two days later. Angry, slightly bitter, but most of all extremely disappointed. The cheers that greeted him as he entered the Torchwood hub via the invisble lift did not reflect his current mood at all.

„Jack!" Gwen squealed when she saw him, and rushed over to hug him , hard. He smiled softly and kissed her head. „Hey" he said. „Did you miss me?"

„Course we did, you twat!" Gwen laughed. „We had no idea when you would finally come back. Did you takeof those things in London? I still don't get why we couldn't come with you."

„Yeah, London is taken care of" Jack said, trying to sound as bright as possible. „I didn't get there in time, but the problem already went away. They took care of it".

„Well we should tell everyone you're back" Gwen said and went to call Owen, who was ordering pizza.

Jack nodded and went to his office, to put the hand away. He needed to cheer up. Didn't want his team asking too many questions.

He put the hand back on the shelf and emptied his rucksack. Then he sat down on his chair and looked through all the files someone had left on his desk.

There was a knock on the office door. „Come in!" called Jack, pasting a smile on his face. Ianto stepped in. „Hello Jack" he said.

„Ianto" jack greeted, brightening up just slightly. But Ianto still saw the pain in his eyes.

„You didn't find him, did you?"

Jack nodded, all pretense of cheeriness gone. Only Ianto knew about the Doctor. Well, he had known about the Doctor, seeing he had worked at Canary Warf, but he also knew how Jack felt about him and about some of the travels he had been on with him and Rose.

Ianto pulled Jack in for a hug. Jack took comfort in the gesture. He needed consolation and comfort.

„You should go and say hi to the others" Ianto finally said. „Or I can tell them that you're tired and that you'll see them tomorrow. They are going to go home soon."

„Nah, I'll go down" jack said, following ianto out of the door.

He took one last glance at the hand as he left the office.

It was still mocking him.