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The scanner confirmed she was pregnant, but she hadn't been with anyone since the Doctor since Mickey. She went through all the travels together in her head, wondering if she had picked up some sort of alien pregnancy. They had visited Clom, gone to a tiny little holiday planet for a while and saved a few civilisations. Then they had gone to Jackie's when that whole ordeal with Jimmy had happened, and then they had visited a planet called Jayas, where-

Rose felt her blood run cold. Visiting Jackie. That had been almost exactly a month ago. And that was when Jimmy had raped her.

Rose wanted to scream as realisation came. Jimmy hadn't used a condom. A pregnancy between a Time Lord and a human was impossible. But a pregnancy between to humans was very possible.

Rose started to shake, her bottom lip trembled and she was now truly staring to hyperventilate. She didn't want Jimmy's baby. The man had abused her for so long and she at last thought she was free of him. But now she was carrying a piece of him around in her. His child. Rose began to cry in earnest.

The Doctor whirled around as he heard Rose begin to cry, in loud and uncontrolled sobs. He dropped the scanner and was at her side in an instant, trying to figure out what was wrong. He already felt extremely guilty, he should have been comforting Rose instead of distracting himself with test results. He put his arm around her, and wiped the tears from my face. After a while she spoke up.

"He raped me" she said shakily. "He never used contraception."

It took the Doctor a while to figure out what she meant. Like Rose had done before, he went through the last two months in his head, and when he remembered Rose's reunion and visiting Jackie his blood turned to ice.


He had hated the bastard before.

But now he could easily have killed him.

Hadn't Jimmy brought enough misery to their lives already? Rose was still plagued by the nightmares he caused her; the Doctor would wake up and find her shaking beside her. But now he had impregnated her with his child.

She would always have to carry a bit of him around with her.

But if it wasn't his child, did that mean that she would stop travelling with him? She would need support that the Doctor might not be able to offer her, and would probably want to go home. And stay there. Possibly for good. The Doctor really didn't want that. But if he wasn't sure he could bring himself to love a child that was half Jimmy's.

He shook his head, seeing that Rose was still crying and instead gave her his attention. She needed more comfort than he did now. He sat next to her on the examination table, and seated her in his lap, putting his arms around her, stroking her hair and wiping away her tears. She barely noticed.

She was numb and shaking. It being Jimmy's baby complicated thing so much. She was certain that the Doctor wouldn't want this baby, he hated Jimmy. How would he feel now that she gave birth to Jimmy's child…unless. No. Rose shut her eyes, trying to make the thought of abortion go away. She had always been against abortion before, and this baby was completely innocent and didn't deserve to die. It couldn't help that its father was a cruel rapist.

"I am going to ask the TARDIS to initiate a full scan okay?" The Doctor said after a while, hoping that Rose would hear him. She still hadn't responded to him.

"That includes the gender, how healthy it is and the like." He added, slightly more loudly, seeing Rose still hadn't responded in any way. He was surprised he could speak. He felt numb and frozen.

Rose nodded numbly. She could barely make out what the Doctor was saying; there was a huge roaring in her ears. She still cared about this baby, but she was shocked at the fact that she was no permanently going to have a piece of Jimmy with her.

The Doctor took a deep breath and asked the TARDIS to initiate a full scan.

The TARDIS scanned Rose without her noticing it and the results showed up on the scanner on the bedside table. The Doctor felt his throat constrict as he picked it up and read the results.

He was numb. He couldn't even move.

Rose sat in his arms, tears still running.




The scanner beeped again, but the Doctor ignored it again, still utterly overwhelmed by the results.

This confirmed it.

Rose was pregnant.

And the child was half Time Lord.

It was his.

The Doctor could have cried with happiness.




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