Jeff places the mug of coffee onto the table in front of Nick before taking his own seat opposite him at the table they're sitting at in Dalton's coffee lounge. The room's busy, but Jeff can hear Wes and David bickering even over the general chatter that echoes around the high ceiling. This is definitely one of Dalton's perks. He spoons two sugars into his tea, then sips it and pulls a face, before adding a third, his spoon chinking against the china mug as he stirs it in.

"Your hair's wet."

"I know," Nick sighs, staring into his coffee cup, "I took a shower to get rid of all the foam that was stuck in it. I was all sticky the whole way back from that... warehouse or whatever it was."

Jeff grins, watching him over the edge of his mug before looking around. The rest of the Warblers have disappeared off somewhere, probably to practice four part harmonies. Again. He sips his tea before speaking.

"What's in there? Sea monkeys?"


"You're staring into your coffee like there's something super interesting in there."

Nick just shrugs, finally looking up at Jeff, his damp hair sticking to his forehead, drier patches already starting to fluff up at the back of his head. He mumbles something into his mug as he takes a mouthful of coffee.

Jeff sets his cup down, leaning forward over the table.


"Blaine got more numbers than me."

"He always does, he's the lead soloist, he gets ALL the numbers." Jeff says, "We always audition, it's never gotten you down before and you meant phone numbers didn't you?"

Nick nods sadly.

"He got about seven of those girls' numbers and I didn't get a single one. Even you got two."

"What do you mean'even' me? I'm sexy, I'm attractive and I'm not helping, sorry..."

"You know that's not what I meant... I just... I haven't been on a date in ages now. No one wants to go out with me."

"Of course people want to date you! Why wouldn't they want to? You're adorable!"

Nick drops his head down onto the table, groaning.

"I don't want to be adorable! Even... even KURT is sexier than me."

"That's not true, you're just as sexy as Kurt! At least you can dance seductively..."

Nick laughs half-heartedly, then drains his coffee mug, placing it on the table before standing up.

"We should probably go and find the others, we need to pr-"

"Go out with me."

Nick sits back down heavily, staring at Jeff across the table. Jeff's resting his head on his arms where they're crossed on the tabletop, smiling up at him.


"Go out with me." Jeff grins, "Please?"

"I don't..."

"Let's do it slowly, shall we? Go out."


"On a date."

"With you so far."

"With me."

"That's where I lose you."

"I'm not saying it again, Nick." Jeff laughs, sitting up and leaning back in his chair, drumming his fingers against the table.

"But... I'm not gay, and you're not gay..."

"I kinda am..."

"You're gay? Why didn't you tell me?"

"How didn't you GUESS? Anyway, it didn't seem like a big deal. And in any case, I'm not gay, I have 'non-gender-specific crushes and attraction'." Jeff replies, his fingers making airquotes as he speaks.

"You're bi then?"

"Well... not really... I... yes, let's just stick with me being bi for now." Jeff laughs, bringing his tea up and taking a sip, pulling a face when he realises it's gone cold while they were talking.

"But... I'm not gay."

"Do you not want to go on a date with me? Don't you want to see my legendary pulling power?"

"Legendary in that, like most legends, it doesn't really exist?" Nick grins, flicking a sugar packet at Jeff.

Jeff sticks his tongue out.

"Ok, how about this; I get five dates with you, to convince you that people DO want to date you. I get to woo you." Jeff grins, watching Nick carefully for his reaction.

"Are you serious?"

"'Course I am."

"You really want to date me?"

"Why is that so hard for you to believe, Nick? You're cute..."

Nick can't stop himself from smiling at that, looking back down at the table, fingers toying with his teaspoon. He can feel Jeff watching him, waiting for his response.

"Why five dates?"

"Five's my lucky number." Jeff grins. "Hopefully."

"Ok. Five dates, that's it."

Jeff jumps up, punching the air before noticing Nick laughing and composing himself.

"Awesome! Ok, so, meet me tomorrow morning, out by the main entrance, ok?" Jeff says happily, beaming.

Nick nods, grinning back, waving to Jeff as he practically runs out of the coffee lounge. He looks down at the table, still smiling, before realising Jeff's standing opposite him again.

"I meant to say, meet me at nine." Jeff nods, before walking away.

It's only a few seconds later when he creeps back, much to Nick's amusement.

"Forgot my bag." He says sheepishly, picking it up and spinning round to leave, almost walking into one of the seniors.

"Sorry!" he yelps, jumping out of the way and heading for the exit.

Nick covers his mouth with his hand, laughing. He reaches down to get his own bag, and when he looks up, Jeff's there again.

"and my wallet..." Jeff says, slipping it off the table and disappearing out as fast as he can, shaking his head at himself.

"Oh Jeff..." Nick mumbles, following him out of the room, "What have I gotten myself into?"