Jeff smoothes down his blazer a final time before knocking on Nick's door. He flicks his hair off his face and smiles as the door opens, letting out an appreciative whistle when he sees Nick's suit.

"You look... wow." Jeff falters, leaning in to kiss Nick's cheek. "I got you this."

Jeff holds out a red rose, grinning as Nick takes it happily, slotting it into his button hole and straightening it perfectly.

"I know it's cheesy but... I liked it. And now we match."

Jeff gestures to the white rose on his lapel before holding his hand out for Nick's.

"I don't think it's cheesy," Nick says as they walk down the corridor, Jeff swinging their hands between them.

"Yeah, you do."

"Yeah, I do." Nick laughs, "But I still like it."

He pulls Jeff's hand up, kissing the back of it softly, smiling at Jeff over their knuckles.

They reach the main door, Jeff slipping his fingers from Nick's, grabbing Nick's coat and holding it out for him, then wrapping his scarf around Nick's neck. Nick looks at him curiously.

"What? It's cold out..."

"I'm glad you care."

Nick smiles, taking Jeff's hand and leading him out of the door before he can insist on a hat and gloves too. Jeff pulls Nick over to his car, holding the door open for him, and then reaching into his coat pocket as Nick sits down.

"Close your eyes." Jeff says, dangling a black silk scarf from his finger. "I'm blindfolding you."

"Kinky." Nick laughs, shutting his eyes obediently.

Jeff leans in, wrapping the scarf over Nick's eyes, tying it tight behind his head, brushing his fingertips over the back his neck. Jeff moves closer to whisper, breath warm against Nick's ear.

"You have no idea."

He kisses Nick's earlobe gently before he pulls away, shutting the car door and walking round, settling into the driver's seat and starting the car.

They start to drive, Jeff talking to fill the silence, chattering nervously about nothing, glancing over at Nick every few minutes, Nick's fingers drumming against his knees. Eventually Jeff trails off, concentrating on where he's going, and Nick takes his chance.

"Why, exactly, am I blindfolded?"

"Because I don't want you to see where we're going until we get there." Jeff laughs as Nick sticks his tongue out. "Which we have. Stay there."

There's a moment's silence before Nick hears the door open and he's pulled out carefully, Jeff steadying him when he trips trying to get out of the car blind. Jeff laughs, kissing his cheek as he leans in to pull off the blindfold.

"Ta da!" Jeff flicks the scarf with a flourish. "I'm taking you for dinner."

Nick smiles broadly, looking around the almost empty car park, the small restaurant in front of him lit outside by fairy-lights strung through the trees around the door. Jeff grins, linking arms with Nick and walking him through the door, helping him off with his coat as a pretty blonde girl waits by the entrance into the dining room proper.

"Hey Jeff." She waves, two menus already tucked under her arm. "Got your table ready, like you wanted it." Her eyes flick to Nick and back and she smiles, raising her eyebrows.

Jeff and Nick follow her over to the tiny table in the corner in the restaurant, surrounded by candles, lanterns hanging from the ceiling around it. Jeff grins, turning to kiss the blonde girl on the cheek.

"Thank you, Jenny, it's perfect."

"I'll leave you two alone." She laughs, "Call me when you want to order."

Jeff pulls Nick's chair out for him, then scampers round the table, sitting down in his own seat and propping his chin on his hand, smiling happily across the table at Nick as he looks around at the lanterns.

"Are those... the lights from Tangled?"

Jeff nods, grinning.

"I got you something." Jeff ducks down and pulls out a neatly wrapped present from next to his chair, holding it out for Nick to take.

Nick laughs when he sees the Peter Pan wrapping paper, opening the package carefully, folding the paper and placing it next to his plate on the table before looking properly at what was inside.

"Jeff! A Flynn Rider Sword!" Nick laughs, pulling it out of the plastic packaging and brandishing it at Jeff. "En guard!"

Jeff grins, his chin resting on his hand once more, watching Nick turn the sword over in his hands.

"What does this button... Oh awesome!" Nick cries, pressing the button on the hilt of the sword, his mouth dropping open into a grin as the clash of swords sounds out into the room.

Nick flicks the sword through the air a few times before tucking it into his bag, beaming at Jeff.

"That's so cool, thank you."

"You're welcome, Eugene."

Nick laughs.

"Does that make you my Rapunzel then?"

"Seven a.m, the usual morning line up..." Jeff sings.

"Shh you, get back in your tower, I'm choosing what I want to eat."

Jeff laughs, picking up his menu and holding it open in front of his face, peeping over the top of it at Nick. He's studying the menu intently, running his finger down the list, and his hair's fallen into his eyes where he's dropped his head. Jeff sighs softly, smiling.

"You're gorgeous."

"Huh?" Nick asks, looking up from the menu.

"You, are gorgeous."

Nick smiles slowly, his eyes lighting up. He reaches across the table, taking Jeff's hand, running his thumb over Jeff's.

"So are you."

Jeff blinks, a little taken aback, before laughing, squeezing Nick's hand gently.

"What's funny?"

"Nothing, I'm just..." Jeff smiles, biting his lip. "I'm just really happy."

Nick smiles back at him, and they're still gazing at each other when Jenny appears round the corner, notebook in hand.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." She says as the boys turn to look at her, "But can I take your order?"

Jeff laughs, slipping his hand out of Nick's for a second so he can actually look at his menu. The boys order and Jenny disappears again, glancing at Nick and then wiggling her eyebrows at Jeff. Jeff grins, turning back to Nick.

"So, is your entire family involved in the catering industry, or just your dad's side?"

"I never said she was related to me..."

"She could be your sister, Jeff, you look exactly the same!"

Jeff laughs, flicking a piece of his napkin at Nick, then taking his hand again.

"She's another cousin."

"How many do you have?" Nick smiles, leaning forward on his elbow on the table.

"Well..." Jeff starts, grinning at Nick as he describes his family, from his brothers and sister, to his eldest great aunt.

They're still chatting about it when Jenny arrives, placing a plate of food in front of them both. She dips in to whisper something to Jeff, who hits her arm, laughing, before she leaves them. Nick pushes his fork into his pasta, moaning softly as he tastes it.

"Well that noise was... interesting." Jeff says, eyebrows raised, his own fork halted between the plate and his mouth.

"This is so good... How are you not incredibly fat?"

"Sheer talent, as always." Jeff grins, tucking into his potatoes.

They lapse into silence as they eat, occasionally catching each other's eye as they reach for water. Nick's just scooping the last of his pasta sauce into his mouth when he feels Jeff's foot sliding up his leg. He looks up at Jeff, who's staring down at his plate, the hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. Nick grins, hooking his ankle around the back of Jeff's foot, pushing the toe of his shoe just inside the hem of Jeff's trousers before tugging Jeff's leg, laughing softly as Jeff jerks in his seat.

"Ow..." Jeff pouts, shaking his hand in the air.

Nick reaches out, taking his hand and pulling it to his lips, kissing it gently.

"There, better."

Jeff smiles, watching him, only looking up when Jenny peers round the corner into their little nook of the restaurant.

" Oh...kay..." Jenny grins, "I have a knack for coming in at the worst moments but... we're closing up so..."

"Thanks, Jenny" Jeff says, slipping his hand from Nick's hand standing up to hug her as Nick pulls his coat on and collects his bag from the floor. "I'll see you next week."

"Obviously!" She laughs, leaning against the wall as Jeff puts on his coat and takes Nick's hand again.

They walk together to the door, and Jenny holds it open for them, closing it softly behind her, before opening it again with a smile.

"I mean to say, you make the most adorable couple. Like, ever." She laughs and shuts the door, the light behind it clicking off as Jeff calls after her.

"We're not a cou-"

"Yes, we are." Nick says so softly Jeff barely hears him, turning just as Nick's lips press against his, his eyes fluttering closed.

Nick's lips part under his, sucking his bottom lip gently as Jeff's hands slip down to rest around his waist, holding him closer until their chests are pressed together. Nick tilts his head, tongue flicking over Jeff's lip as he tugs it between his teeth, pulling back.

Jeff's staring at him, the biggest grin on his face, lip a little red from the bite, his neck flushed, breathing quickly.

"We're a couple." Nick says again, smiling back at him, intertwining their fingers and pulling him gently to get him walking back to the car.

"Yes, we are."

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