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Inoue Orihime was air-headed, and tended to zone out often. She was extremely naïve and far too clumsy for her own good.

But she was also smart, and had the class standings to prove it.

She knew when a relationship was doing more harm than good.

She and Ichigo had been going out for several months now, since a few weeks after the Hueco Mundo incident. She loved him, truly and deeply, and he, somehow, had returned her feelings.

But it was taking a toll on him, and she could see it.

Hueco Mundo still haunted her. At night, Aizen was there again, Ulquiorra was threatening her again, those arrancar girls were attacking her again. The spiritual pressures of her friends were disappearing again.

She would wake up, screaming, and her reiatsu would skyrocket. Ichigo would be there in minutes, ready to save her from whatever threat was there. When it turned out to be nothing, he would hold and soothe her until dawn.

These late night excursions to protect her from nothing were showing. He was tired, he had bags under his eyes and his grades were slipping. She told him he didn't need to come anymore, but it didn't matter. He came anyway.

It's the kind of person he was, she thought. Ready to throw himself away for the people he loves.

Orihime wasn't going to let him throw himself away for her.

Breaking up with him wouldn't help; he would still show up to save her, no matter what. He had done that when Soul Society branded her a traitor, hadn't he?

No, what she needed to do was disappear. Go somewhere she could hide, blend in, and not be found.

She could protect herself from hollows if she needed to.

If I can't, that's just natural selection at work, isn't it? She mused, a small sad smile quirking up the corner of her mouth.

She disappeared that night.

Ichigo and Tatsuki had both rushed to her apartment, concerned that they couldn't feel her presence.

Her apartment was neat and tidy, with few things missing. Just her suitcase, several outfits, money, and her beloved portrait of her brother, according to Tatsuki. Her stereo was still on, playing a single American song on repeat.

Neither Ichigo nor Tatsuki had the heart to turn it off.

Two notes sat on her table, addressed to Ichigo and Tatsuki, respectively. Ichigo took his with shaking hands, afraid of what he would find.

Don't feel bad. This isn't your fault at all. You did nothing wrong.
Please don't try to find me.

He fell to his knees in her apartment, still clutching the note tightly.

"Don't leave me," he moaned aloud, not caring that Tatsuki was right there, or that there was no way for Orihime to hear him. "You can't. I love you, Orihime…"

The song continued playing softly in the background.

The world is coming down on me and I can't find a reason to be loved

I never wanna leave you, but I can't make you bleed if I'm alone

You put your arms around me

And I believe

That it's easier for you to let me go…

Poor Hime. And poor Ichigo.

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