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Liz was asleep on her cot in the shed on the abandoned property. Coyote was awake, watching her sleep. The good news was that she wasn't having a nightmare and screaming in her sleep. The bad news was that he was beginning to think he was acting a bit like an obsessive teenage boy watching her like this. They were staying in the mortal world not only because of Liz's training, but because Liz wasn't exactly well-liked on Avalon at the moment. Coyote thought it would be best to stay in the mortal world to avoid Oberon after Liz conned him into giving Puck's powers back. Liz was completely sincere with her wish, but Oberon thought that it was part of a bigger scheme. To what, Coyote did not know.

Coyote had a sense of foreboding. But it was not directed at Liz. It was directed at Peter Maza. Coyote got to his feet and shivered. This wasn't good. There was danger in Manhattan. He had to go see what it was and see if he could do anything to stop it.


Coyote looked down and saw that Liz had rolled over and was awake, propped up on her arms and staring at him with blurry brown eyes.

"I'll be back," said Coyote. "Can you stay by yourself for a little while?"

"Yeah," replied Liz. "Where are you going?"

"I'm just going to check in on your grandfather," replied Coyote. "Go back to sleep."

"Mm, 'kay." Liz lay back down and was soon asleep again, snoring cutely.

Coyote walked outside and turned into a whirlwind, disappearing into the day.

In Manhattan, Peter was on his way home from work. He needed to stop for gas before he arrived home.

Peter got the gas for his car and went inside to pay for it. He came back out to see a man in a hooded sweatshirt sitting on the hood of his car.

"Hey! Get off there!" said Peter.

The man stood up. "You're Peter Maza, right?"

"Yeah, what about it?" asked Peter.

"I've been looking for you," said the man. He extended his hand. "The name's Carson."

Peter absently shook his hand and felt a prick in his palm. Before he could think of what could cause it, his legs buckled and he fell into the man's arms.

Carson's chuckled. "Perfect."

Coyote arrived a minute later. He had a feeling whatever what about to happen already happened. He materialized on the curb and began to look for Peter. He saw his car and looked in the window of the gas station.

"Where are you, Petey?" asked Coyote, now becoming worried.

"There you are," said a voice behind Coyote.

Something stabbed Coyote in the arm and he let out a cry. Iron, he thought, feeling himself rapidly growing weak and sleepy.

Carson caught Coyote in his arms and dragged him off.

"This is just too easy," Carson laughed.

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