Authors note: I know this series isn't popular but I don't really care. I have an idea for it.. So.

Melanie watched as Jazz's van faded away in the distance before turning and walking to Kevin.

"Jazz broke up with me."

"Oh. Geez, Mel, I'm so sorry." Kevin said cautiously.

"He said me and you are perfect for each other and he wanted me to be happy. With you." Melanie said.

Kevin smiled and whispered, "That can be arranged." And he pulled Melanie in for a kiss.

I could end this chapter right here.. But I need to stop writing short chapters.. so let the story go on.

The next day:

Melanie walked over on Jinx and asked Kevin, "What's our workout schedule for today?"

"Warm him up by jogging around the track twice. Then give a 3 furlong gallop before letting him open up into a 7 furlong breeze." Kevin instructed.

He watched Jinx trot around the track, then move into a gallop when Melanie signaled. They did their 3 furlongs before Melanie let Jinx go. Kevin timed as Jinx flew the 7 furlongs, ended them almost to quickly. Melanie jogged him back over to where Kevin was standing, a smile on her face.

"No antics today." She said.

"Yep. Your time for the 7 furlongs was amazing. It would definitely be a black letter workout if we were at the races. Tomorrow we'll do a half mile" (A/N - I think a half mile is more than 7 furlongs but I'm not exactly sureā€¦)

"Ok." Melanie said, dismounting.

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