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Chapter 1


Three in the motherfucking morning.

When was the last time I was awake at three in the morning? Never. Why in the hell would I be awake at three in the fucking morning?

Who decided Starbucks shouldn't be open at three in the morning? Why should the Starbucks baristas get to sleep in when I can't? I spend my fucking day saving their asses and they can't even supply me my cup o' Joe? Whatever, next time one of them are in danger and in need of my assistance I'll tell them I don't open for another three and a half hours.

Fuck this. The double doors of the Portland Police Department swung open and greeted me with the face of my smiling head detective.

"Ah Bella, you-" His words were cut off by my glare, but of course he continued, because he is just that big of a jackass. "-look chipper this morning."

"What? I get up at three in the morning and you can't even give me a hello?" I snapped.

"Hey calm yourself; you're the one that wanted an assignment."

"You're the one who so desperately wants my foot up their ass. Don't tell me what to do."

"It's my job though, sweetums."

"Sleep with one eye open because I swear to you, if you messed up my sleep pattern, I will be using your balls as my nightlight." I snatched his coffee cup out of his hand and chugged the remains.

"Seriously Bella? Do you want this case or not because you're working on my nerves."

"Emmett here's the deal, if you don't give me the case, Mom will have to come down and identify your body."

"What? Now you talkin' about my Mama?" He looked thoroughly put out; I put my hand in his face and walked away.


"Why am I here so early?"

"We need you to start almost immediately. And you just look so beautiful in the mo-"His sentence stopped with a fist to the chest accompanied by the hefty sigh I let out.

"Just tell me what this is about."

"Leah and Jacob Clearwater-Black, they are the target of Victoria Hunter's husband." Ah, the late Victoria Hunter the single most famous serial killer of our generation. Forty three people were murdered at her hands.

"Her husband?" He nodded and slid a folder into my hands.

"She, as you must have heard, was killed once she was caught killing one of her kidnapped victims three years ago. The officer that shot and killed her? Jacob Clearwater-Black."

"So he's out to what? Get revenge?" Another nod on Emmett's part. "Where do I fit into this?" Emmett had kept me stationed in the office for the longest, his attempt at 'keeping his little sisters ass intact' as he had so eloquently put it. And now he's involving me with a stalking case, which could become dangerous at the drop of a hat?

"We are sending you in under cover." I balked at him and he smiled.

"Oh you won't be alone honey, you Mrs. Cullen, will be going in as the wife of a mister Edward Masen."

"Nope." Shut that shit down.

"The only way you'll be getting this case is if you go in as a married woman."

"I'm too young for marriage."

"Twenty eight isn't that young."

"What if he's a douche?"

"What if he is?"

"Unless you have a pot of coffee behind your back, don't fuck with me." It was way too early.

"Well look the only way you're getting this case is if you marry him, douche or not." He handed me a file, With Edward Anthony Masen written across the front of it, inside information, that it was way too early for me to read. A wedding certificate, a picture of my future home, the deed and a full biography on my future husband.

"And" Emmett got on one knee and pulled a ring from his shirt pocket. I kicked the shit out of him.

"I'm done with this, get back to the case." I muttered snatching the ring from his hand and tossing it onto the wooden table.

He smirked as he passed me two more folders, one containing a picture of a lovely Native American woman, the other of a very handsome Native American male.

"They are a married couple and your neighbors until the case is settled."

"So what? I'm supposed to act like June Cleaver, with a complete stranger, and babysit my neighbors?"

"Look you have been on my ass about getting a case for you and now your bitching about the case you got? You know there were plenty of other people the chiefs considered and I begged to put you on this case, because I know been way to over protective, and I thought you would be really excited and thankful," he took back all of the folders that he had given me and the ring that sat on the table "but I guess not. I'll tell the chief we can assign this one to someone else." He started to put everything into his work bag.

"Emmett, look I'm sorry, it's early and you're putting a lot on me right now, and it's early…" I stood from my seat and walked around the table wrapping Emmett up in a hug.

"When does all of this start?"

"Twelve o'clock today."

Keep in mind that this is three in the morning; Bella won't always be so crass :) But it's three in the fucking morning haha. Should we continue?

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